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  1. Maybe 150mm wasn't the caliber, but barrel length vOv
  2. Without a contract, a word is worth as much as the hot air it rides on.
  3. Can't quite put my finger on why, but I don't feel this is going to be the holy grail. Whether that's me just not expecting anything good to come from WG anymore at this point or really something that irks me about the proposed mechanics, I can't tell.
  4. Except that your mods are only local and thus nobody can see what you are seeing. Well of course nobody can see your crews anyways, but please don't tell anybody, otherwise this parallel business-model isn't going to finance itself, because it couldn't feed off stupid.
  5. They've got to be fucking kidding me. From the newest round of "Let's shit on the CVs for the lolz": Let me translate this: It is now impossible to spot a silenced DD and attack it on your own at all. And because we are total dickheads, you T8 carriers, who are already in the wost possible spot, will now get your planes shot out of the sky within a single second by a Minotaur that you can not even spot anymore, before it's FlaK-explosions destroyed your entire squad. What!? The!? Fuck!? Are!? They!? Thinking!? That they additionally shit on the attack aircraft by nerfing thei
  6. And it isn't even a bad tank in those circumstances, isn't it?
  7. That was what people have been calling for for a long time, when we still had the old MM-system. Argueably, it was the only thing we needed, more classes beyond heavy-medium-light. Wasn't that the system that literally weighted light tanks as heavy as heavy tanks? Wasn't there some silly twist in there?
  8. Allegedly queue-times and more "fair games", where you are not the only low tier tank in the match. EU never had a problem with the former and the later was something that was so rare to happen, that I can't even remember it happening once to me even once.
  9. True. Their flip-flopping on reacting to issues raised by the community never cease to hit me like a brick. On the one hand, they take literally years to "gather more data" and then don't do anything or something so minute, that the effect can only be observed under a microscope. On the other hand, a clear-cut issue is adressed by blanket nerfing everything in even the remotest vicinity of the issue within a week. This company is so frustrating.
  10. I edited my post to hopefully more accurately convey what part of the post I am refering to. Sorry. I have no doubts that what they did on the SEA server is more fun and would be for EU and NA as well. I just have my doubts that they are implementing the same system here or that whatever they end up creating will have the same effect here.
  11. If it were, we'd have it by now. The mere fact that we don't have it yet, over 3 months after they announced that they want to change something, is telling.
  12. "Them". I strongly urge everyone to not argue about CVs at large, when it's specific setups that are a problem. Hakuryu can do that and this needs to be adressed. No other carrier can. Graf Zeppelin can zoom around at 260 knots for 20s, no other carrier can do that. (Ironically enough, the only thing that makes Graf Zeppeiin's dive bombers at least semi-useful is it's ability to zoom through the DPS-zones for a drop *and* make it out alive for maybe a second go around, something which no other carrier really can and something that really needs to be adressed soon, because torpedo bombers are b
  13. Haven't had that yet happen to me, to be honest, though I wouldn't be surprised if it does, because the AA effects manage to slow down even my computer (GTX 1080 Ti, 64GB RAM, Ryzen 7 1800X) when things get thick. And well, you can still dodge, you "just" reset your aim. A thing that many people miss though is, that you can also apply "airbrakes" to your planes, slowing them down. That gives you some time when trying to react to AA-explosions, but I get what you are saying and remember many encounters with unspotted Atlantas throwing 6+ explosions right in front of me.
  14. Avoid flying into the black clouds (FlaK-explosions from long- and mid-range AA). Those are the main reason for loosing plane-health. Outside of those explosions it's "only" damage over time, which is far more endurable unless you are in overlapping AA-circles or doing dive bombing in the core zone. The worst possible combination are ships covering each other with their long- and mid-range range FlaK (about 5km to each other). The more I think about it, the more useless dive bombers are. The US gets HE dive bombers, which you can reasonably use against DDs, but AP dive-bombers (Enterprise
  15. Oh dear. The Graf Zeppelin is so going to either get nerfed or never to be sold again. The combination of having planes that run at 260knots and being able to boost for 22s gives a really nasty potential for early spotting and damage application. Having a flock of torp bombers running amok in your spawnzone 30s in is no joke. Also, I love doing dive bomb attacks in that thing, I wish the divers were more survivable, not just on Zeppelin, but every carrier. You spend far too long getting into dropping range and within core AA-DPS zone, especially with any sort of AP-bomber due to your natu
  16. Oh, I get it now. The Zeppelin indeed has the slowest attack aircraft. What I missed was "attack aircraft" doesn't apply to divers and torpers as a group-description anymore, but specifically refers to the rocket planes. They are the slowest on tier and WG is using the Ta 152 for the divers and the torpers, because they are by far the fastest divers and torpers of the tier and even the fastest planes in the tier at all, when boosting. They've switched that around from every other carrier. Nice, so no rocket hunting DDs early on in the Zeppelin. Interesting prospect, especially when doing a tor
  17. Just noticing a few things: Those are not F4U Corsairs, these are F6F Hellcats, Wargaming. Come on, you had the correct planes on this ship before, why the change... Sigh... Nothing screams rushed development more than things like that... Why exactly are we using the fastest single-piston-engine german fighter of WW2 as a torpedo- and dive-bomber on the Graf Zeppelin? I mean, the Jericho-trumpets are lovely, but if you insist that the german dive- and torpedo-bombers have to be slow, then don't use the second fastest-prop-driven german fighter plane of the war as a mod
  18. People complained about the AA being too weak on the test servers, because now the carriers have infinite planes and no matter how many you shot down, the carrier would come again at full strength. And over time, your AA is going to be diminished, because nobody uses the small gun mount damage resistance mod or the tier 1 captain skill that increases module resistance (though I just do not understand why, especially the module). Also, CV-AA-gameplay is really limited, taking away a rather powerful teamplay- and CV-counterplay-component while they were at it. Of course WG then buffed AA, b
  19. No surprises there. Things were pointed out, things got ignored. As usual, they went through the wall with their heads first. The new gameplay was mandated from above with no alternatives.
  20. Glad to see, that they think their users are too dumb to play. As in WoWS, so in WoT.
  21. Which sniper tanks are you thinking about? Because all the sniper tanks I can think of, also have terrible turret traverse dispersion modifiers.
  22. Boosts allow the players to play the game in a way that WarGaming did not anticipate. If you can break their corridor-think, you are breaking their game, from their perspective.
  23. Well, if it's any consolation for you, you`ll get decent pen, as well as decent DPM and shell velocity once that grind is finished. The tank will remain derpy as hell though. Accuracy is a meaningless statistic.
  24. Slowly going back? I can't remember ever having gone away from that in the first place, Haswell.
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