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  1. I too am a complete fucking idiot and support this pile of garbage.
  2. The reason western companies haven't really tried this (specifically North American, since you cited LoL/Dota 2/HotS/whatever nonsense exists nowadays) is because the market really isn't that big for tank arcade shooters. Part of the reason europe/russia have more games like this (even stuff like some LEGO-esque models from Italerie (or whatever they're called, my friend got a pretty good looking Elefant model from them)) is because tanks are a much larger part of their history. Tanks, from a civilian/outside standpoint, serve as an icon of a nation's possession of land. Considering that europ
  3. 12.8cm master race. I'm fairly certain I 2 marked the tank while grinding it with the 12.8cm and my friend played it with the 12.8 as well. The 128mm L/61 has ridiculous accuracy, ridiculous DPM, ridiculous pen and even good damage. The 15cm certainly is interesting, but it loses its charm from the Rhm, where you're no longer facing itty bitty tier 6 tanks that you can 1-shot. Every tier 7 medium can tank the hit and some tier 7 TDs can. The 12.8 just had paralyzing DPM and I think it's really the best gun in the game.
  4. I cannot increase my budget. I'm thinking about just getting 8gb @ 3000mhz instead of 16gb because I really do not want to go over 1000.
  5. I'd rather keep the current tower and even think I'm gonna stick with 8GB of RAM. The motherboard has 4 RAM slots, so if I need more ram, I can just order another stick.
  6. Updated with some suggestions. Just in case the link doesn't automatically update, here it is.
  7. So, after working during the holidays, I accumulated enough money so that I feel comfortable building a PC. Here's the link to the pcpartpicker build. A few notes on the build: The cooler is $27, but pcpartpicker doesn't know where to find the price for some reason. The GPU also is displayed at 400 (which is retarded and I will never pay for) but that's at OutletPC and not Newegg (priced $270 however, it's out of stock and will wait until it becomes in-stock). Thoughts? Edit: I was talking to a friend about the wired NIC card and he says it's unnecessary so I'm scratch
  8. The game is chained to being relegated towards a casual playerbase as a result of WG introducing flavor of the month lines, Type 4/5 gun changes and more. I also agree that a game will always need a casual element in order to teach the game, however WG is trending more heavily towards a casual audience with recent changes and trying to claim that the Type 4/5 is hard to play (which is bullshit). I'm sorry I didn't address your points but I want to remain on topic. Overall, the QnA proved that WG is not interested or doesn't know about the potential that a competitive scene has. By extension, t
  9. I don't think you quite understand. This game is designed for the casual player. The 95% who just get home from work/school and want to blow things up. How does the game cater towards this is: 1. RNG. Shell dispersion. Shell damage (in the extreme, it's 25% which is far too much on even 400/490 alpha tanks). Shell penetration (again in the extreme, it mostly notably impacts tier X, where 260/270 pen in the norm). 2. Pay-to-win aspects. Gold ammo is regularly the better round to use, regardless of if it's HEAT. Tanks like the 252U, T26E5 and to a degree, the Skorpion G. These tanks ar
  10. Tier X is really kinda a culmination of ideas. You need to know your tank (since usually the tier 9 is the training-wheeled version of it), you need to have knowledge of restraint (due to high DPM and high alpha tanks floating around) and also aggression (since players are usually more aware at tier X so it's a little harder to open up with aggressive maneuvers leaving smaller opportunities). You also need to have knowledge of the bulli (since tier X is so strong compared to tier 8). To specifically answer question 1: The best way to learn is to play. This goes for many things, but practi
  11. One battle is really shitty evidence. It's like saying "The Defender is underpowered because I got matched up against a bunch of Tier Xs one time and only got 1500 damage" or something silly. In other news, good job. I'd like to see how the WZ-111 fares in tier X MM without gold. That would be interesting.
  12. Yeah, Obj 268 v4 is just retarded. 462 VR with just optics, 492 with BiA, Sit Aware, Recon (and optics). This thing can see as far out as the M48, but with 750 alpha and 3000 DPM easy. And yes, they did nerf a whole bunch of TDs VR (I think it was 1 or 2 years ago at this rate). However, what baffled me with that patch was how the FV183, T110E3 and JPE all needed the same VR as the Grille, more than the 268, and yet more than the Strv 103. This tank in particular I fully expect a VR nerf.
  13. King of the Sea is the closest to a competitive mode that WG has acknowledged (CWs are such crap, I have no idea why they didn't just do tier 8). Here is a link to the King of the Sea 4 semi-finals, game 1. I also think that tier X is a terrible place to put CWs, as CVs aren't balanced, Conqueror isn't balanced, AA stacking isn't balanced, Yamato lolpenning everything isn't balanced, etc. It wasn't your opinion, I was voicing my thoughts on how CVs should be changed regarding vision. Take a look at the KotS video I linked to see what CVs are like in a competitive matchup (Don
  14. That will generally only work to stop strikes. Flanking ships are usually going to be in the open, where you don't even need to strike a ship to kill it (since a majority of your team will simply turn their guns and focus it down) so you will just hover a plane outside the AA range and then your team kills it. The only real exception to this would be Akizuki, which is one of the few (if only) ships that can fire their AA while unspotted (which WG wants to get rid of). Then, to make that distraction play, you have to open up with your guns (unless you're torpedo-boating around the map, which ge
  15. I was specifically replying to the first part of this sentence. Yes, they severely cripple ships in pub matches, SPECIFICALLY because of their loadouts. I could (and still can not) tell if you were referring to pubs/comp and assumed comp. My thoughts on competitive CV strikes have already been addressed so I won't go into the details again. I will do my due diligence (I specifically didn't reply to the vision-based portion because I didn't see anything wrong with your assessment) and address the vision of CVs. I do agree that CVs need changed for spotting. I don't think air-spotting shoul
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