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  1. ElusionNZ

    Building a Counter Strike PC

    Im sorry, But no. Ive made scripts and programs for csgo that control recoil. If anything fps effects the rate of fire and that is the only place that I found issues with making it run on everyones PC. But even then the amount that it effects it is next to nothing. Sure it is enough to give you an edge at global but anything else it won't matter. Only thing that has any real noticeable effect on recoil is the tick rate of the server and that again effects firerate. I agree with you on the feel of the game and movement feeling different at lower than 150/300 fps, Sure you can not "see" it but you can feel and you know that your aim/movement is off. Ive played fps games at a high level for near on 7 years I know when the fps is below "x". - - I play csgo @ 300 fps on a 660ti, You can run the game at 300fps on almost any build. If you are going to get a 960, Spend that little but more and get the 4gb card. Its worth it.
  2. ElusionNZ

    No beer, But have vodka.

    Bump, Looking to get back into the swing of things.
  3. Congrats Bun, Hope you heal up quickly. Kinda disappearing off the face of the earth but I've had a busy few months I had a motorcycle accident just road rash and a lot of bruising I had full leathers on so nothing really that bad. I've also gone official now so I have a script for my HRT and no longer getting it from In House. Ill be getting laser hair removal soon and thinking about going full time for the snow season (3-4 Months).
  4. ElusionNZ

    What's your personality?

    Yep... Seems about right.
  5. ElusionNZ

    [ON HIATUS] Giving your avatars santa hats! :)

    Flavio said something about wanting the font in front of the hat, Made this quickly. ty for bike hat <3
  6. ElusionNZ

    i liek arty its cool

    If you are going to shitpost can you at least try?
  7. I was on the development team for the snowboarding team so it was not set in stone that I would ever be going to the Olympics anyway. Im not going to give up on snowboarding, I will continue to become better at it but it will be hard getting used to not having as much wight to throw around when I need to. Down to 55KG/120lbs now, Being 165CM and riding snowboards that are 175-185 doesn't help either. Lucky alot of it comes down technique, I stress myself out way to much about this. ^_^
  8. Well that was a long read.... Not like I can ever get to sleep anyway. 7:50 am now ;_; I never noticed this thread when lurking the forums on my phone at work. Out of all of the gaming communities, This is one that I least expected to be supportive of people like us. I put off my transitioning in the hope that my dysphoria would go away so that I could continue with snowsports but it got to the point where I just couldn't take it anymore so here I am now throwing away any chance of going to the Olympics so that I can be happy with who I am as a person. This isn't just for trans-people, This is for anyone. Make yourself happy with who you are as person be for you try to please others.
  9. Just simple, Been using this desktop for awhile.
  10. Looking to get back into clan wars again more than likely long term, I can call but haven't in a long time. Active 3-5 days a week. Useful tier 10s. BC-25, T57 Heavy, E100, T-62a, Leo 1. Non clan wars tier 10s. BatClicker 155, IS-7, IS-4, M48A1, E50M, Object 268, JPE100. GWE100 Stats Overall WR : Bad Overall Wn8 : Bad Recent WR : Worse Recent Wn8 : Damage farming shitter Past Clans Iron Wolves, -MLP-, RedSky, Foxey, PING. I can also be really bad@forums if needed. Yes I know that there is a sticky.
  11. Looking for good players! A good player is someone who can work well in an organized group and listen to commanders in battle. Stats only give a general idea of how the pub match could possibly go. A good player is someone who is willing to work with possible better players to improve their own game play and listen to others when they make a mistake. Stats give an idea on the current skill level of the player, so what are we looking for...? What we are looking for: -1700+ overall WN8, 2000+ recent WN8. -3+ useful tier 10s ex. 140/62A, BC25, Leo 1, T57, E5, E4, IS-7, WTE100, Object268, Object261/CCGC -2-3 days for Clan Wars, only currently looking for platoon/skirmish players at the moment until we get more for CW -Decent stats in those tier 10s with over 100+ battles in them (can you play your tier 10s properly?) -The ability to listen to the commander of the battle, whatever they say, goes -The ability to play in a team, disable tanks, don't just shoot for damage -Willing to learn from better players, some specialize in tanks you may not be good at. -No drama please -Don't be stupid -Abuse pubs How to join: -Join us at: ts.spoonhub.tv -Contact either ElusionNZ or Ocknon in game -Message us on the forums -Message us on this post! -Don't be scared, the worst thing we can say is 'no' Who are we? Ocknon and I have been playing for a while, both were in beta and played in top clans since release and would like to give this clan thing a shot. What do we want? Join us and find out!