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  1. I been running around in my old type 62 and having fun with it, I hadnt looked at its base pen for a long time because when I saw it only had 145 pen I nearly spat out my tea.... I have been penning just fine (relatively) in it so dont have much fears over 170 ap pen
  2. I dont quite get this given the awesome that is the 55a, unless the missions for this are along the lines of "log in for 30 days" I cant imagine many working hard for it....
  3. Overall win rate? Between 24-25k battles but then again it took me 15k battles to realize I could transfer crews to my prems without retraining.......
  4. He copy and pasted the same thing to me which made me actually believe it was some sort of uber bot and script designed to respond but no, hes just that much of an imbecile.
  5. I always knew you guys were cheaters......
  6. This seems so familiar..... get more evals in man/make them write the eval.....
  7. Thank you all, joining Relic main, they said they had been looking for a Chi Nu Kai player of my caliber for a long time......
  8. how rude.... now back to t1 and toon me now its installed
  9. I dont know when CWs 2.0 is turning up but Im kinda miffed that I missed out on the 907 as was on a break from the game when it showed up so would like to get myself organised for the next campaign reward tank (cue it being a tank I dont want) with a clan thats likely to win reward tanks, though Im happy to be carried I like to think that I am able to contribute. So this is the part where I sell myself right? Well Im salty, crabby and a big crybaby, I lack the inclination to statpad wn8 and though I like to do damage my personal meta is winning games. Im adept at being carried by genuinely goo
  10. Sometimes you just need to break from watching the numbers and enjoy yourself, its hard to do that when you are setting certain bars to maintain wn8 in every game as when the cancer comes a calling it pisses you off twice as much. Personally I like to share the pain, I platoon for company, to have sounding boards there while I whine and a lot of the time my wn8 is low as I work towards getting them damage more as most people I toon with are working on the marks while my personal meta is just winning as I have accepted that I am not good enough to triple mark real tanks and I dont have it in
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