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  1. Got this as a wot comeback gift for myself. Quite nice but the dpm seems somewhat low considering the alpha and penetration and the suspension nodding so much with even small motion is a surprisingly annoying feature. Worth the money for me but seems to be more geared towards actual scouting and less for doing damage which leads to some bit sad games when map and mm say nope.
  2. Problems with AW are multiple and quite obvious. I love Obsidian to a fanboy levels but their lack of experience when it comes to this type of game is clear. Slow progress, back and forth changes, sloppy project management and constant overhauling of same features stick out and the level of fucking up that has gone to the economy of the game is borderline comical. My.com isn't really helping though, they seem to have been very eager to try and make money out of the game and they've pretty much fucked up every single event possible and at times seem to be doing their very best to drive away pla
  3. First impressions on this after 22 games would be pretty much summed up with "Holy shit who the hell thought this was a good idea?" But I guess the obvious answer is something along the lines of marketing department and Serb's space station fund. Feels even more of a tier 10 tank at tier 9 than e50 and should clearly have either 200 something pen ap as standard round and/or gimped gun depression or something. Right now the only real downside I can think of is me as a player getting over confident and doing stupid shit.
  4. I actually preferred emil 1 over 2 for their tiers. Sure the turret is weak against high pen guns but you are tiny and have reasonable mobility and better shaped hull for peaking over ridges. It is very easy to show the tip of the beak on emil 2 which is pretty good way of negating that turret armor. In related news the turret sides are still kinda shit and the longer reload is pretty bad as well. Finished emil 1 with 106 mostly solo games with 75% winrate, 2535dpg and 1303xp average without using any free xp. The grind was quite pleasant and the tank didn't feel weak at any stage though a lot
  5. This feels a lot like smaller CDC with worse mobility, view range and accuracy. I'm seriously considering playing this with the 105.
  6. This thread was amazing. Not since the SIMM threads of AW forums of last spring have I read such gold... I think I should sleep more. Rip recents though thanks to my whole e50 grind being in there.
  7. If 2.0 is successful launching on steam instead of the craptastic mycom launcher might be very good. Steam only works if your game is good enough to not get stomped by the community though. So yeah I wouldn't hold my breath about that but there certainly is some hope left.
  8. @Stige I'm still fairly certain most of your issues come from trying to play MBT like wot heavy and refuse to adapt to not being top tier which both are doomed to fail. Having played wot quite a bit over the last few months I daresay being bottom tier is much worse in wot in most tanks, especially if you are grinding with shit crews etcetc. In AW the high mobility and generally good capabilities of vehicles enables players to do things on a completely different scale even when facing higher tier opponents. Most problems are pure and simple l2p issues. MBT meta is also the best for all cla
  9. AW is better than WoT by quite the margin as far as the gameplay goes. Content is still very limited though and population isn't exactly great either even though most of the issues that drove people away have been fixed. Not to mention how the balance 2.0 is a huge question mark and can, and probably will, change everything to the point where it is essentially a completely different game. Arty change is great but like others have said not enough or soon enough to fix anything on its own.
  10. Some high level glops gameplay.
  11. Yeah this upcoming patch is going to mess the meta up big time, more so than any patch up to this point by far. Will be interesting to see to what direction though.
  12. Some thoughts on how to play non-top tier mbts. This is probably as close to a tutorial as I can make.
  13. Clicking some red tanks in one of the more specialized vehicles available in Armored Warfare. I hear this is so bad of a vehicle that it was the only premium in game the famous Garbad rated 1/10.
  14. Here's one platoon Leo2A5 game from yesterday. The team does the worst lemming train I've seen in a long time but turns out the red team feels much the same way and insist on fighting us instead of getting a free win. Comms included and much fun was had. For me at least, wot offers nothing that comes even close to this.
  15. Ok this'll sound rude but this is largely a l2p issue. T90MS is more than capable of dealing damage and making game winning moves against tier 10s. I'll answer you better at murobbs since writing the same message twice seems kind of pointless.
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