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  1. It’d be pointless Airfield and Abbey is perma ban worthy in any tank anyway
  2. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the 48%er who doesn't realise that engaging a tank in its preferred terrain is a bad idea. The T29 is the first tank you'll come up against when climbing the tech trees that has situations where it's almost immune to taking damage. Pubbies don't consider leaving it alone and doing something else a viable option, so it's too simple to play and too strong as a result. It's honestly overdue, even if the tank gets outperformed by a good player in many tier 7s. Even the AMX M4 45 was stronger for a good while IMO but it's so hard to play right that it'd neve
  3. Random drug screening at work: (false) positives for EDDP, Buprenorphine and Fentanyl (all very heavy painkillers) together with the prescription stuff I have

    I was legit spiraling down a "my life is over" trip wondering how I'd explain this one.. result was sent to lab analysis for further investigation and thank god they could see that parts of the profiles necessary to be legitimate were missing.. those were some rough fkn 3 days of hellish anxiety knowing i didn't do that but thinking i was going down anyway


    1. Ham_


      this is literally one of my nightmares damn

    2. Folterknecht


      In Germany we had an underground neonazi "terror group" (2 men + 1 woman) causing havoc some years ago ("NSU"). After they were dealed with their DNA suddenly surfaced in a murder/rape case concerning a prepubescent girl. The press ofc went amok, after a few weeks it turns out the same laboratory that handeled the terror group also worked on the murder/rape case of that girl.

      They ofc had nothing to do with the murder/rape.

      Respone from the legeslative? Hot air - no requirement for independent verification.

  4. Second half of the game is very good decisionmaking IMO in the interest of winning but doesn't 1 line feel a bit too passive in this tank right at the start?
  5. I tried this for just a couple games on account that had it, and since I've been playing mostly Borrasque the gameplay wasn't all too unfamiliar. I didn't have the idea of trying IRM on it (seems to band-aid a decently big problem to a better extent than whatever equipment piece you dropped was worth in game in theory) so I came out at about 2500ish as well but I only did 8 games. Needless to say I'm not the player I used to be, but I didn't feel that the tank was the problem in my games as much as me making poor decisions. Armour is totally useless, if you know how to play tanks like AM
  6. yeah m46 vr actually gets stuff done in tier 9 max battles so an optic loadout for those situations is probably the only other loadout besides full gun spec that may come in useful so i think it's a good second loadout if you're going to carry one, sacking the rammer for it always makes me yikes a bit but i think it's the least useful equipment piece for a VR/snap patton (like it used to play before 357). im not sure what the rld ends up being but i'm guessing you can keep it at 8s? im guessing if you're all in on the m46 this is how i would do it, more mobile good vr without nerfin
  7. played some 50-ish games on the weekend after a very very long break.. (i have like 20 battles in february otherwise break since august last year)

    apparently i can only play chieftain now as i could 5,5k that no problem for 30 games but lord heavens if i try to play a medium tank and die with 2k every other game :eww: 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. koel76


      @kolniI came back and can't even manage a 50% WR anymore 

    3. Assassin7


      I cant even make purple anymore, havent for a while. Too rusty and dont play enough.


      It also doesnt help that every time I come and play a few games of WoT, Ive been playing war thunder so much the last year that Im defaulting to WT controls and it makes WoT feel weird lol

    4. Expendable_Lad


      If it helps I'm slipping a few points from my overalls and I play all the time! 

  8. I've done a 140 in 80 games. 4,9K DPG/1200 assisted. I can tell you right away that your stats are on the low end for being able to do this one. If you don't feel comfortable racking up damage with a gun like this coupled with armour that only works if you know how to work it this is just not your tank at the moment. You need a good grasp on how to second line without drawing attention and how to rack up a decent amount of damage without using HP at all to do so early on. Playing a tank like this comes with it's share of problems but dealing damage is not one of them. Unless you get swarmed by
  9. Guess WG will look to be hiring personnel or step on the brakes for development coming forward for a while. To be honest I think the game has been on an upward trend since the EBR bullshit where, short of some maps, most of the changes and additions have been positive. There's also the possibility that WG thinks they can keep their workforce as almost the entire worlds game devs have learned how to work remotely now, and with the main offices just being a PR thing outwards which is necessary. I understand the importance of sticking to your guns when it comes to ideals but not keeping the
  10. Right click replay > open with > worldoftanks.exe Doing it once should make it default to doing so in the future
  11. Yeah looks like my circuits are overloaded, I'm going to try using more than 3 outlets with extension chords for PC/sound equipment/DJ gear. It's 3 monitors (picture), PC, audio interface, KORG synth, 2 monitors (audio, pretty power hungry) and DJ mixer + decks running from the 3 outlets I have in this room into extensions (PC/2 monitors (video) - DJ mixer, synth, audio interface, 3rd monitor - audio monitors) into the most even distribution I could think of between them but might try and pull some extensions through the living room into here that's on a different circuit and see what ha
  12. Hoping for the best for those in Ukraine.. seen some pretty wild footage I’d rather unsee tbh

    1. orzel286
    2. Vindi


      I hope that I won't have to go to the eastern front (Hungary) and everything will settle before it can start an international crisis...

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