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  1. There's virtually no repercussions for sharing your account unless you're competing in tournaments since it's definitely against ESL rules, but in game you can basically share however you want but that if your account has been shared and gets stolen you are very unlikely to get support to help you recover it. You are allowed to have several accounts Don't share your info with people through the WoT client or anywhere you have your WoT account linked to though
  2. Kolni


    i honestly dont like it, tank is broken beyond belief dont get me wrong but holy shit it fucking sucks to play, gun tradeoff is not worth the mobility/armour of it to make it nicer than SConq in randoms, speaking of which was already a tier 12 tank, now there's two
  3. It's not ignorant. Maps are not designed to handle this type of mobility. But whatever dude, you have fun playing a game with tiny ass vehicles flying 60m everywhere spotting you with zero counterplay because you can't hit them because of how bloom works :^)
  4. Apparently 60TPs get an extra 200mm of armour on their LFP when they're played by sub 50%ers, two full 50B APCR clips bounced off of it back to back, didn't hit UFP or beak, just straight up LFP bouncing straight on, it is actually not possible according to tanksgg but I guess the game'll bend its rules to fuck me over like normal

    1. sohojacques


      I hate RNG more than I hate arty.

    2. hazzgar


      I bounced my BC25T clip off BC25 . FULL CLIP. He wasn't moving that much. So yeah it happens. 

    3. kariverson


      Well when you're playing against shitters you have to calculate -50% RNG for you and +50% RNG for them. They have to keep them playing somehow. 

  5. This is a topic instead of an update simply because there isn't a thread on it yet and sharing information could be good on these mechanics so was thinking that it could be a general thread for this mechanic in particular. I don't actually have anything of value to share besides some trivia on how they coded it. I was watching Niall play the EBR, and if you activate the boost mode mid-air your speedometer increases but you don't actually accelerate. Obviously you shouldn't, but it does mean that they used IRL mechanics of a speedometer similar to cars where your speedometer is linked to your tire rotation, and that the km/h increase is because the tires don't have resistance during flight so they simply rotate faster. Also, boost on aggressive slopes and you'll easily clear 50m in air, you can make it from the Glacier ship into the water on the south side which is over a 150m jump to clear. This is absolutely ridiculous. At range these tanks also move too fast that to hit a shot with a slow shell velocity (E 100, FV4005 and so on) in x8 sniper mode your turret either moves too slowly, your bloom resets because of how aggressively forward you have to aim to lead, or you have to aim in x4 because your lead has to be so much that you can't actually see the tank in x8, and close up your turret rotation doesn't hold up to catch them. More gamebreaks, at least you make arty players quit arty by yoloing them into quitting the class altogether since nobody'll be able to hit you for shit. On test server I've made it to arty alive and killed it without the enemy being able to shoot me while driving straight through them all with some minor turns. There's also supposed rumours (have yet to see any myself though) that using this to boost yourself on top of buildings can break the game and make you clip into them xD 1.4 will be the patch that kills the last shred of competitiveness the game had you get stupid stuff like this, on the brightside doing races on maps and trying to do certain flips is kinda fun, but this is game is not WoT anymore when these tanks come into the game
  6. no he nerf so i won't be playing, good to know
  7. i think it's time, 2012 came calling and it's time for a global fucking HE ammo nerf

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    2. Kolni


      nope, they're just plain toxic altogether and he rounds bring nothing good to this game besides babysitting subhumans into relevance and if you don't see that then you're probably one of them

    3. Ham_


      I wish HE was like AP, and AP was like the low damage gold round

    4. Tarski


      If you can't beat them, join them? 

  8. Fear not! If your WR is below 50% 0.44acc actually means 0.22, so you will be just fine
  9. Does this mean I’ll not be #1 WN8 across all servers or not anymore asking for a friend who cares very much about internet schlong
  10. Any EU clan got spot for 2-3 accounts for the campaign? I'll be active every day, have most CW tanks etc

    only requirement is that the clan is good enough to guarantee tanks for active players


    ex-wgl player, lots of cw exp and so on and so on

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    2. Sylvansight


      ENYZM have a lot of space

    3. Kolni


      ideal is a fake and gay shitter clan

    4. Ham_
  11. This forum in two words
  12. Kolni

    Charts: What matters to you?

    WN rank in sig so I can whip my internet schlong out on the official forums
  13. Perhaps the heaviest things we bring to battle aren't our tanks, but our feelings~

    1. Kolni


      What did I do

      I don’t remember 

  14. I'll be able to help out on basically all areas when it comes to the advice. I've coached players from orange to 4k so I feel I'm experienced enough It gets trickier at the top-end though (but that's maybe 1k players total? on EU) because the mistakes are something that needs to be seen to find (macro, tilt and derping) but a statpage of a 3k wn8 player with 60 wr and one with 2k wn8 and 65 wr for example doesn't really tell you anything more than that the 3k player is boosted and the 2k one is likely just platooning because of how wn8/service record translates already, but there are obviously general pointers there too to give. They're just much harder to give concrete, useful advice to based off of only data. I don't know if WoTLabs has the data to do this but one area where I could really see this being useful is telling people which maps they suck on, so they focus on improving on them. Some general ways to play the maps could be written up (per class if you're no-lifing) and a general guideline for decision-making on them. You can do the same thing per-tank (at least T10s), it's a lot of work though and I definitely won't be able to do all of it.