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  1. kolni

    Removed Maps

    it was a hellcat game, this was back when you got results in game and not in garage, 5k dmg 3k spot vs tier 8s sitting in a bush with binos and camonet, firing at <300m not getting spotted for the whole game i literally sat in a bush for 8 minutes
  2. kolni

    Removed Maps

    i liked severogorsk (the remade one) only because that's where i had my absolutely best game out of my entire wot career, but that's entirely sentimental
  3. fucking wargaming i actually think i might enjoy this tank just let me quit
  4. kolni

    Removed Maps

    nah the beach was unplayably bad, people only went there midgame to backdoor the bases, north spawn had a little too good of a camp right at the base which is pretty problematic since you had to yolo into mid and proxy them to break it unless you won 1 or 0 line but the map had plenty of options and everything was viable, you could think your way into a good game there like you can on the better maps without taking much risk.. so i sort of miss it, same with the hidden village where you never had a bad game unless you really fucked up and then they are good maps in my mind nowadays i go beach on overlord if heavy tank or chunky td numbers are over 5 on the enemy team, then you're guaranteed a good game on the beach if you play the beach well.. you want to be where the HP is and bigger HP number tanks tend to go beach
  5. kolni

    Removed Maps

    windstorm and swamp were by far my best performing maps as a whole i did like south coast too although the map really had huse design flaws you can compare it to empire or studizanki or minsk and it's a fucking ESL tier map i am confident that the wg map creation department is the most brain damaged game dev team to ever exist in history, the people responsible for that really are single digit IQ people how they even managed to get a job doing this is absolutely fucking baffling like legit give me the tools to create maps and whoopdifucking dooo game saved
  6. I've been swamped with school for the majority of the semester so I wouldn't except muchj from me lol, i'd like to duo anytime (WLNG) on EUW,, kinda struggling with shaco since the AP bulds are not for me and the climb is real fucking slow, I'd love to play everyone now and then (add me if you want) bur you've surpassed my skill level by far i think, so i'd drag you down unless you just want company during your games.. my strengths are winning my jungle matchup hard but failing to translate it into a team lead, so i think another player that doesn't suck would help me improve a lot (no dia bs queues though, dia4 pretty much broke me in less than a month and I'm honestly enjoying silver/gold more because i feel relevant with shaco) i'm saving BE for cassio though to try the conq cass out before nerf to hopefully reach plat preaseaon... i think i'll hold you back but i'd love to play with friends trickster xD, WLNG, Saphniyar all on EUW and yamikaze Xd (eune) are my casual accs right now to get back into it.. 5 months away from playing regularly because demoted me from plat to silver again so i'm relearning -.-
  7. that people dont get the references is actually making me scratch my head
  8. yikes those are some pretty grindy masteries though.. for people that don't already average 850xp/g or more.. that's easily 2-300 games for most players?? stage 10 easily 500+ games for most players, no way they can complete the masteries in the amount of time but i guess that's why we have money
  9. i still come back periodically to see if i still got it most of the time: no, washed player but those other times... they're pretty fun again
  10. 5KmLqk8.jpg?1

    9 games and 8 chimera missions done, e50m is still bae.. 95-100% during those missions too :doge: 

    finally an enjoyable session of wot 

    1. echo9835


      E50M is love, E50M is life.

  11. i think you should schedule an appointment with a doctor to diagnose you with whatever mental illnesses you're running around with edit: scnitzel was right it feels good
  12. it's a good challenge for anyone with something to prove, they take effort and the reward is a small cosmetic change outside of the actual achievement itself which i thought was a really good addition to wot, it's a decent reason to hold yourself to a high standard in this game during the grind
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