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  1. wonder when we'll hit the point where more russian premiums exist than other tanks in the game
  2. didnt get stb to 5k dpg :( 

    i guess this is what plebs feel like


    would you rather have 90%wr solo or 6k dpg every tier 10

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    2. churchill50


      I'm not entirely sure of my answer, since both would be nice.

      But, that question has made me wonder what kind of winrate 6k DPG would get you.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Probably not much higher than 4-5k. Win rate has a pretty high drop off due to factors outside your control.

    4. kolni


      speculating here but: i only think that's true for tier 10s (even though they are implied in op, there's others obv) 

      in tier 10 the HP pools become so large that you can shave off 10k HP off the team in a few seconds as a light tank (Mali super aggressive bush that you could take when enemy team had no light - when that mm existed) and still lose the game. i have literally had this very thing happen to me more than once

      i think at one point HP pools are so large that they simply don't matter but decisionmaking is entirely what decides a game 

      15v15 and decision making between them almost always means that the most cohesive teams win, but still the winrates really stagger at 70 in tier 10, that's still 30% of the games where almost no player manages to carry through the terrible decisions of their own team

      in tier 9 i have made the 80s solo with skoda t50 on several accs but very few games are real carries top damage game , it's mostly reliably having a teammate around to eat shots while i clip, but with tanks that i will singlehandedly decide games with (every 8th or so in the PTA) and generally play a much bigger part in damage wise, on average my WR is still at 72(+/-2) in all the good tier 9s  and 70 is where almost all the t10s i can top dpg charts are at too

      i think when the hp pools get smaller but some guns perform at a similar levels you get a higher ceiling in solo winrates

      80 in progetto, borrasque, renegade and vk looks likely with 3k+ dpgs in them 

  4. this is great, not data i'm interested in but this type of stuff really showcases problems with the game in a very clear way and i think you did a very good job of showing it kolnis stamp of approval
  5. ICpnWV3.png

    my october library is pretty much all mellow loops and trance bangers, who knew 92trance'd make a 2020 comeback..,. i'm loving it at least

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      I've been reliving 90s goth rock. Fits the mood

    3. kolni


      i do almostentirely electronic music, could upload mylibrary as there's hidden gems and club hits in almost all genres outside of big room edm since 2012

      its like 12TB of mp3s though so i'd need a server...

    4. kolni



      here's my profile of the stuff i bought this year

  6. i dont think i've been this bad since like 3 years.. ruinberg reallythrew me off damn not at all the same map


    felt so uncomfy and my shift key is sticky (beer) so pressing it is much more difficult but like that shouldn't be enough to throw me off this hard jesus christ what happened to my hands and brain while i was gone

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    2. RedwoodOriginal


      Try to unplug your keyboard and wash it with water, let it dry naturally.

    3. kolni


      like.. july? came back to 3moe 279 when i noticed it had dropped so did that for a day tho but rust is real bad still

    4. kolni


      nevermind, found my groove after some trial and error

    1. mistervanni


      nice, with all the streamers marking it recently, show us some vids :D too

    2. kolni


      was done a while back, just forgot to post it, replays not eligible :/

      am only playing off stream for now... i really suck now so would rather focus on me and me alone

  7. I have yet to use anything but bounty/iEquip still so my bad
  8. IRM as it’s not available anywhere else Most Bang for buck? Vents iVents + Vent directive = night and day improvement to basically every parameter, especially due to it being the only way to buff final acc
  9. Here are my thoughts during the game, I tried to treat it as if I went into the game so if the criticism's a bit a hard: Post-view thoughts: Get rid of that ridiculous 30x sniper mouse swipe memory you have. (You're looking at the minimap and orienting in the right direction is my first guess?) You miss things you never would have in arcade and I believe it was about 1,5k on map unawareness alone - even from your (not ideal) positioning. That turns this into an OK game for a loss, just on awareness alone. Kran is a good example - I would have killed that guy the first time around so he would have gotten one less clip off that game. Your E4 would still be alive and could get 1-2 more shots off, which brings me to the next thing: Look at the bigger picture more. Chain reactions need to be a part of your thought process. 9-0 was winnable this game the second the Chieftain showed mid. That's information that normally wouldn't be assumed so the average Redshire game doesn't look the same anymore. You're now less likely to win middle - but more likely to win 9-0. Redshire is about map control, as an Strv you need to think about where your best position is RIGHT NOW, not just when entering battle. I do this every 5 seconds, minimap check and brain checks get part of your muscle memory eventually too. This could have been the difference that turned this from a snowballing loss to an even fight. You are an Strv. What's the purpose of this tank? It's dealing damage. That is literally the entire point of the tank - so equip for it. When an enemy makes a mistake, unlike other TDsm you need to get more than a single shot off to make their mistake into an advantage. 0,1s matters here. No food is outright stupid - don't play the Strv if you can't afford to max it economically - it's purpose kinda defeats itself when it's not utilized optimally for it's purpose. If you played a Grille here for example. your game could have been pretty good with your identical positioning and shots you took excluding not backing up in open without a spotted 183 on the map - that can and will sometimes end your game completely. It's not often but it happens - see it coming. Positioning - I saw a potential 7k game when 9-0 (that's 2 minutes before you died and the game was over) was collaping with several two shot tanks - you didn't notice. I can't tell if I was right, but I saw a chance that I could take. These decisions is what can turn games around. Strv's are great for doing just that. The dream of tanks running into you one by one can happen here if you play it out right but your positioning didn't allow for it so the chance won't appear. I hope I gave you a better understanding of how to play this tank. You have mechanics, awareness, decision making and positioning to work on to play this tank in the best way.
  10. it matters, but hiding your stats basically tells anyone who can tell right from left that you're a player above 50% it's not as bad as having triple the digits of the next best player on your team and a FAME tag alongside it but it's there it's negligible imo, with or without - i play the same, perform about the same and the only occurence is that someone occasionally recognises me (don't hide your stats if they're below 50) i'd say it's still a buff to anyone at 60+ - xvm shitters can't tell whether you are 55 or 60 so they'll focus you just the same - just get used to it and you'll improve as a player eventually
  11. anyone willing to send me some replays of how to properly play pearl river? i've been gone long and before i come back i''d really like to be prepared 

    i don't care about skill level - if you thought you did well i'll watch it and if u want me to i can give some gameplay pointers in return PER game

    i'm going to watch them all and analyze unless it turns out to be 50+ replays - hand em over and i'll hand something back

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    2. lavawing


      5 hours ago, PityFool said:

      - North spawn seems to have a noticeable advantage in getting to mid and north brawl area first. 

      - Idk about south flank, idc about south flank.

      - I go straight to north brawl area, then rotate back through mid after winning north

      - Going mid at the start forces you into a tight choke point which enemy arty pre-aims every game, guaranteed HP loss.

      In games with arty, starting with the mid guarantees HP loss but also a good amount of easy farm in return if you have high alpha/armour/speed. It's a wash if each side has 2 arty, and not worth it if more, but the flanking fire that winning mid can give you is huge. 

      IMO the ideal opening seems to be rushing mid, getting 1-2 cheap shots off and rotating to either the town or to the heavy valley. Town is more important and should be the priority, but also means more risk.

      That said, the early engagements can get chaotic very quickly and if your team is pants on retarded you can win the town at first and still get swamped because your friendlies are hanging back at the choke point rather than pushing forward and farming the people trying to rush town.

      If the other side have much faster meds then the play becomes poke the chokepoint once or twice and fuck off back to the heavy valley. The far side feels like a TD trap and pretty pointless.

    3. 3MAJ86


      I think I have one good replay:

      and generally I had success playing in the heavy brawling zone even with my meds. Tell me what you think, if you have time to see it. 

    4. kolni



      yeah the missing reward tank 3 marks are still bothering me... on that specific account I have so many that I almost feel like 3marking all of them on that account too (as of now, that would just be three extra, T-22, 907 and VK72) - im confident i can redo t22+907 so no hassle outside of vk72 that could give me trouble..

      the only reward i have left to complete personally is the T95E6, so if I do it on that acc it's like 3 rewards left per acc completed so am debating cominb back - but i have not yet done so but i just know that i can do this, walking away feels like failing and that's just unacceptable in my mind

      @PityFool thanks was pretty much this i was looking for seeing as i haven't played the map yet

      @3MAJ86 i'll look at it when i have time to spare

  12. In short words: They're additional upgrades to your tank and crew. You don't really need to get acquainted with all of them. Some of are just better than others. Bonds are a third piece of currency, it can only be earned by earning battle medals - higher rewards on higher tiers. The only directive that essentially pays for itself is the FF directive - it's not the best by any means but this is the one you can run every game on high tiers while still making profits. Vent, Rammer, Vstab directives are still king in general as primary benefits for most tanks, but some tanks with very unique traits now have the freedom to venture outside of the same old loadout. I wouldn't use any other than these on anything primarily intended to deal damage, but to each his own. The good ones obviously cost more. This is a system more reminiscent of the old silver system, where maxed loadouts simply aren't sustainable. Some directives can be purchased with credits, most of them are rarely useful though. Bonds can be earned in randoms through medals, ranked battle season placements and clan wars. Grand Battles (while rare, even when enabled) grant you more. It's a 30v30 map, so things are different. Prepare to have 5 arties shoot at you all at once again. Some missions also grant you bond rewards. Season Passes seem to do similar things, they also contain the Bounty equipment - which is the most valuable pieces of equipment you'll get your hands on in this game. The most efficient way of spending bonds is to fill the gaps with whatever bounty equipment gaps you can't fill. 10 gold dismounts is much easier to manage than 200 bonds for demounting. This means skipping directives and letting the competitive edge go until you at least have one full set that you can rotate. Bounty equipment is improved equipment that can be de-mounted with 10 gold, like regular equipment. Improved Equipment (has identical perks as the other) costs bonds. Even here you should be smart. Buy the bundles. Saving 1k bonds in the purchase of 2 modules saves you many, many hours of grinding. As you complete your sets - put them on tanks you're going to keep playing. CW meta tanks if you're into that, meta tanks for randoms if that's your thing and so on. The idea is to move your bounty equipment to enhance your edge on vehicles you're only going to play periodically. Same goes for the purchase of directives, once you decide to go full tryhard - save uip and buy the bundles that'll cut your rate. It's a tedious process but it's the right way to go. I have 8 full sets of Improved Equipment and all available Bounty Equipment - meaning that I can move those around for gold and keep my bond economy as solid as possible. A 100 game tryhard with 100 vent directives isn't exactly cheap - you're going to burn through them at a higher rate than you can be paying them regardless of how skilled you are at the game. There's no workaround. Pile it up and focus on equipment. The new equipment pieces don't have improved versions - so they rarely compete. A fully kitted RU med in every sense of the word against someone running standard equipment will greatly reduce their chances. A 907 drops 0.2 seconds of reload meaning that against an identical enemy you will be a full second ahead in RoF after 5 shots. When it comes down to dogfighting - this really is an advantage that's hard to ignore. If you are talking about the campaign missions - you should focus on the 260 ones first as these all have the same condition; complete it in a single game. The 2nd campaign is far more tedious - as you're not only going to need luck once, but several times in a string of events that after a while - will start to get on your nerves. Rewards are good though, the amount of bonds through these and season passes, and a ranked season - nets you quite a bit. A full equipment set costs 14000 bonds, and with grade A directives alongside it - you're about to spend a very long time to give you a window of absolute competition. Nobody's got better stats on the vehicle. More often than not, you go up against standard equipment. All you need to do in a clean 1v1 is to keep firing to win it. Do it smart. Save up - equipment pieces first. Kit out the one tank you know you're not going to stop playing. Wait for season passes to come around, even if you don't buy them - the bounty equipment is still up for grabs. Snag that whenever you can, I'd wager that Bounty Ventilation is worth much more than a regular piece. 5000 bonds is probably worth around 20 million credits as you can grind up that amount of silver in the same amount of time. This is the one currency that you do not make mistakes with, don't mount these pieces unless they're going to sit there for long enough to warrant the 600 bond demount cost for all of them. You're quite a bit behind in this, especially on a new account now. It'll take a while to gather as the easiest way to complete a full set is to partake in the ranked seasons and do well enough. 3 pieces can be acquaired in 2 phases. It's a grind but your tank is going to feel a lot more comfortable maxed out. M60 literally turns into a railgun with zero bloom when equipped right - which is not the case with regular equipment. Other examples aren't as drastic, but the higher you can stack your bonuses - the better chance of you coming out of the fight winning. That's how it works now. Use bounty equipment for grinding, it's as cheap as demounting regular equipment so those are the ones that you can move around more frequently without having to spend so much time when you want to use it on things you'll only be playing for a set amount of time. Favourite tanks first - Viable tanks next. Bounty stuff can be used during grinds, but spending 600 bonds isn't worth spending on something you won't be playing for less than at least 2-300 games more. If you want to tryhard then getting the equipment pieces is the first thing to do on the list, then some spares for directives whenever you really want to tryhard. When that's set you can free up these costs as you won't be running around buying more equipment pieces when all of the relevant vehicles have them filled. That's when you bet big on directives for tryharding.
  13. well that's it - 7 years of wot and 4 of them full tryhard every single game that i managed to endure but league of legends actually broke me

    this is probably the first time ever i get tired just even thinking about video games, when they just used to my primary/secondary hobby for like.. half my life

    i still get the urge to play tanks sometimes, most times i just end up closing the client again right now but every now and then i play a game in the PTA to see if I still got it, sometimes you get an insane game off and you remember why you kept playing until the next misplay which makes me want to quit as soon as I make one

    maybe i'm just tired of gaming? i've gone from ilke 50 hours/w (2016-17 during boosting frenzy) to my standard 10 hours/w during weeklife, but now the past month my total amount of gaming is one game of league at most a day - mostly i'm in the practice tool trying to orbwalk while laning and 1v1s with friends but i've lost the will to grind

    it feels like i'm past gaming, it just doesn't excite me right now. it also sucks, because i can't really appreciate the game i spent a good 3-4 years basically doing nothing but thinking about and playing the game which really gave it a unique feeling. I don't get that anywhere else, the sense of really HIGH competition and being able to compete. That drive is also gone, which is probably what I miss more

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    2. kolni


      Yeah,my days off don't include gaming unless there's very little to do otherwise

      @Tman450 because it's a decent MOBA with large skill expression, i can literally outplay every spell in the game with Shaco, if I want to climb I play Shaco, I can play other junglers but I'm working on laning as I get filled and just lose the game because I am a plat shaco and like silvereverything else

    3. Tman450


      League is cancer, it's a far mroe toxic game than even WOT, een if the core gameplay is good

    4. kolni


      i dont give a shit about griefing players,you'll get that in every online game.. even offline games?

      ever watched the super smash melee community tournaments? offline small tight community and you'll never meet anything as toxic

      what i obv don't like is that in league the griefer gets to play again after running it down and giving away gold to enemies, but in league i also have the respawn so if i fuck up i get another shot until you fuck up enough times as a team to lose.. that is a better system than wot imo when you have REAL skill expression


      i mean skill4ltu plays with a 20cm mousepad and 3k dpi like wot skill expression is close to none mechanically, i went blue (before i got a gaming pc) playing with a trackpad

      i m gonna say it - wot is a game for people who can't mechanically perform so they have think their way to decisions

      clever design for the catered daddy coming off of work player in russia but i mean you could rid the reticle and just have the crosshair and i swear to god that half the playerbase would start missing EVERY shot at 1300m they'd otherwise hit 9/10 while ppl like stanlock, decha and the other insane aimers would hit everything with just the crosshair as a possible place to go

      good aim matters but not a lot, i can play only with autoaim (no actual aiming, to fire just using mouse to autoaim them) and still outperform most of the playerbase - which is like... ridiculous, legit no actual aiming is required to be super unicum

  14. after a 15 game losing streak while being top 3 on gold most games got me to understand that wot suffering is literally a breeze compared to the dark infinite pit of league of legends retardation teammates

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