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  1. i skimmed a bit of it, most of it's stuff i pretty much had a grasp on - not the maths or the why's but pretty close to "how" i was willing to die on the hill that final acc > aim time several years ago but nobody believed me until the SConq and Grille got into the game
  2. t10 udes armour is pretty troll but it's the silhouette that is your effective armour anyway, you trade the shots bounced for shots missed and it'll still hold up remarkably well for a medium armourwise (less troll but stronger than a 907) as long as you keep your front towards what's shooting at you which'll estimate the sheer ammo fired at you to wear you down somewhere around a superheavy on average the range honestly doesn't matter much as your silhouette at that angle will always be too small for a reticle to hit reliably and this tank works best when the gun is close enough to relia
  3. I mean it’s one of the most intensive games specwise on the market, pretty much made to be visually intensive and immersive Recommended GPU to run the game at all is a 970/1060 on 1080p, up that to 1440p and settings to complement it at a decent framerate and you’re looking at a 20XX GPU to get any kind of ”beauty” from the game
  4. Save the money to wait for GPU prices to be more manageable, a 1070 could probably run 2 LoL games at the same time and AoE isn’t really a framerate sensitive game I’m waiting for more DDR5 options to drop the initial price, next gen GPU to drop the 3080 price (it seems good for futureproofing and can run 32:9 1440p which is what I’m looking for) and whatever CPU generation/mobo that makes sense to pair it up with when the time comes The entire upgrade is pretty much entirely based on that I want a G9 Odyssey monitor (or something similar) really bad and now that I’m out of uni actua
  5. play it like ”what if i were in a light tank without light tank camo” or an LT on a city map with new equipment this tank is literally worse than ever, but the requirement should reflect that as the only people playing this tank are people who need credits but refuse to buy something from wg again, which could be a small enough number that you might end up playing against your own average (check hall of fame to see how many people have at least 50 games on it this month, if it’s less than 10 you’ll raise the mark yourself while playing it which is not an enjoyable experience)
  6. Would you say the game has improved over the last 6 months? 

    I think it might be the first time the reception seems to have trended upwards for WoT since like 2014

    1. Expendable_Lad


      Based on the last few years - I've been playing more tanks in the last 6 mos than any other time in recent memory (RIP personal life). I still have a ton of "what the faaaaaa?" moments seeing 48%ers in bourrs crushing it and getting gold spammed in my 8s by tier Xs - but yeah, I feel you on this. 

    2. CandyVanMan


      I think the game has gotten better the last 6 months.

      Field mods was a nice QOL improvement, the last few maps added have been above average, recon mode or whatever it's called has been pretty nice, hell, I even like the addition of tier 9 for frontlines.

      I've played more this fall than at any other point since probably 2014.

  7. This is mostly theory since I've played very little since eq 2.0 but i stuck with single loadouts on everything that doesn't have a quality significant to warrant the bother of a second loadout which most mediums/heavies don't. camo TD's and lights definitely do and I think field mods are a huge buff to those classes but almost all mediums and heavies have such a predefined optimal way of play that unless you're very mobile with burst they all want the same things out of their equipment which is short of swapping specific aim equipment for other aim equipment i just never felt inferior going w
  8. The trick to this is zoom>aim down>W before you poke and NOT during and you’ll get it down eventually
  9. Didn’t like any of the previous ones simply because they could have been done better in obvious ways but I kept having really good games almost no matter how I tried to play them so no harm no foul.. would have tried to abuse the E6 mark through vision abuse if I realised how easy assist farming was earlier on Might see some players try the VK this time around
  10. It’s worth the time in a reward/effort ratio if you’re prepared for how gameplay looks in every ladder across every game. It’s pretty brutal if WoT’s been your only game since gameplay doesn’t look like this since people that want to compete get paired with a lot of casual players every game. In Ranked that’s not true. It’s just a total waste of time without effort so while you’ll still be paired with objectively bad players they’re going to resort to whatever method is the most effective to win. It’s been ridgeline poking as the trading pattern is straightforward and hulldown tanks d
  11. Yeah if you want big games easily that setup works, personally ran it full gun equip and sought out the tier 8s (where you can fight them without tier 10s, if not then seek the easy damage until the map opens up) in tier 10 games and for the other MM I just never had any trouble finding damage since I’m very used to playing lower alpha guns I played it as a mid-range farmer or a chokepoint with very heavy trackspam, next shot’s only 5-6 sec away so I would always go for that if I felt confident about not getting punished as a repkit is worth more than 230 damage against pretty much everyt
  12. Bofors used to be Sweden’s biggest weapons manufacturer, grew up an hour away from their main office. Pretty sure Alfred Nobel ran the company (Nobel prize guy) until they started making gun powder, used to be a steel mill before that. Company grew very aggressively due to arming Sweden during the WWs and exporting to some degree. Pretty sure BAE owns the division that makes heavy armaments now as Bofors dissolved some time in the 90s. Very typical tank for Sweden, almost everything was designed to operate on scandinavian terrain. The direct translation of Tornvagn is ”Towerwagon” wh
  13. Honestly don’t even see it as a problem, it will miss shots point blank and is as accurate as an artillery while HE splash is a lot less effective I would much rather fight 15 of these things than a mix of Progettos/Borrasques because it’s an artillery without bird’s eye.. I would rather play the Sturer Emil just as is a tier up than this thing The RNG to make this work is so bad that it’s just going to near impossible levels only to perform as a normal tier 8 and nobody’s going to get around that no matter the player
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