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  1. well that's it - 7 years of wot and 4 of them full tryhard every single game that i managed to endure but league of legends actually broke me

    this is probably the first time ever i get tired just even thinking about video games, when they just used to my primary/secondary hobby for like.. half my life

    i still get the urge to play tanks sometimes, most times i just end up closing the client again right now but every now and then i play a game in the PTA to see if I still got it, sometimes you get an insane game off and you remember why you kept playing until the next misplay which makes me want to quit as soon as I make one

    maybe i'm just tired of gaming? i've gone from ilke 50 hours/w (2016-17 during boosting frenzy) to my standard 10 hours/w during weeklife, but now the past month my total amount of gaming is one game of league at most a day - mostly i'm in the practice tool trying to orbwalk while laning and 1v1s with friends but i've lost the will to grind

    it feels like i'm past gaming, it just doesn't excite me right now. it also sucks, because i can't really appreciate the game i spent a good 3-4 years basically doing nothing but thinking about and playing the game which really gave it a unique feeling. I don't get that anywhere else, the sense of really HIGH competition and being able to compete. That drive is also gone, which is probably what I miss more

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    2. kolni


      Yeah,my days off don't include gaming unless there's very little to do otherwise

      @Tman450 because it's a decent MOBA with large skill expression, i can literally outplay every spell in the game with Shaco, if I want to climb I play Shaco, I can play other junglers but I'm working on laning as I get filled and just lose the game because I am a plat shaco and like silvereverything else

    3. Tman450


      League is cancer, it's a far mroe toxic game than even WOT, een if the core gameplay is good

    4. kolni


      i dont give a shit about griefing players,you'll get that in every online game.. even offline games?

      ever watched the super smash melee community tournaments? offline small tight community and you'll never meet anything as toxic

      what i obv don't like is that in league the griefer gets to play again after running it down and giving away gold to enemies, but in league i also have the respawn so if i fuck up i get another shot until you fuck up enough times as a team to lose.. that is a better system than wot imo when you have REAL skill expression


      i mean skill4ltu plays with a 20cm mousepad and 3k dpi like wot skill expression is close to none mechanically, i went blue (before i got a gaming pc) playing with a trackpad

      i m gonna say it - wot is a game for people who can't mechanically perform so they have think their way to decisions

      clever design for the catered daddy coming off of work player in russia but i mean you could rid the reticle and just have the crosshair and i swear to god that half the playerbase would start missing EVERY shot at 1300m they'd otherwise hit 9/10 while ppl like stanlock, decha and the other insane aimers would hit everything with just the crosshair as a possible place to go

      good aim matters but not a lot, i can play only with autoaim (no actual aiming, to fire just using mouse to autoaim them) and still outperform most of the playerbase - which is like... ridiculous, legit no actual aiming is required to be super unicum

  2. after a 15 game losing streak while being top 3 on gold most games got me to understand that wot suffering is literally a breeze compared to the dark infinite pit of league of legends retardation teammates

  3. 3k isn't impossible to average with the right set of maps - it probably overperforms A LOT on certain maps and are among lower winrates on maps that don't suit that tank, as goes for any other tank progetto, skorp, vk, renegade and all the new shit can all perform at this level at fairly stable rates.i'm not a t8 player (they are just fodder to me) so i can't really tell balance since all i do is shoot at them and not drive them they are like ttier 8.5s t-44-100 wentup by almost 1k... lmao
  4. they also coincide with my results in tjhe tier 10 rewards, E6 being the only one I'm unable to complete
  5. the website seemsfine, but i rly dont understand how the 60tp has that target req when it'sa very average tank.. only 279s and Chief with higher reqs like wtf lucky i marked it day 2, worse stats than the req now
  6. they get their data straight from WG,or XVM meh i was kinda hoping the new tier 90 could spice things up...it did not
  7. yeah finally some tier 8s i might enjoy playing laughs in 4k dpgable tier 8 TD
  8. only had it 4-5 times so haven't figured the map out quite yet so i'll give it a few more games to try and find a solid opening instead of having to react to everything - so far i've felt out of place most games
  9. some fresh edits in there if i may say so myself

  10. recorded last weekends open air event and wanted to try some camera lense shenanigans while i was at it (really new to camera work but enjoying it a lot when i'm not behind the decks)

    more specifically a dolly zoom (vertigo effect) from a wide shot of the crowd and DJ to close range of just the DJ with a wider background of the forest (lense zooming and moving the camera in opposite directions at similar speeds) and i can't believe i actually pulled it off

    sadly the lighting wasn't strong enough to make the shot useable as the zoom wound up distorting everything but the DJ during it (as it should, but it wound up too aggressive) but man it feels cool to have pulled off some hitchcock shit 

  11. Yeah, I know and that's probably in line with the same time period with the big sponsors dropping the game in eSports if I'm not mistaken - not necessarily linked but that's the point where basically half of the best players everywhere just straight up quit the game when the game had no real future in pro gaming and didn't look back - at least it couldn't have been good for the forum is all I'm saying. What I meant is that with the ban there just wasn't anyone left that made a lot of well-written content left (the asshole couldn't delete his posts when he threw hissyfits so every guide was edited to some stupid GoT reference - so if WotLabs wanted to keep content the site needed rollbacks). I know Patient0, Kewei, more people and I kept that torch of making NEW (game concept content, not news.. the difference needs to be mentioned) content alive a bit more but the game was so figured out at this point and unlike Garbad that used WotLabs as a means to charge money in exchange for content compared to the official forums (part of why he was here) and that's not how anyone else made content (for free) during his stay - also to share his replays (that weren't even that good). He was a cancer that anyone that would take a look into his history (this requires complete ModCP access though and not many have that) knew that he really had to go. I never liked the guy, he was a complete idiot and many of his opinions were just wrong and when called on it he kept trying to live on past merits to make his points. X3N4 called him out on stuff like the CDC/110 where he was just a much, much better player that Garbad couldn't weasel out of being wrong and having to admit it and threw tantrums the size of Jupiter instead. Remember him claiming 110 being better than IS-3? That statement has literally never even been remotely close to true during the history of WoT. It was at least funny watching him whine about EU snipe server as a result and having X3N4 jump over to NA and literally clap Garbads stats by four digit numbers and 250 (he played NA West) ping while doing it. This has little to do with the thread - but it's a nice trip down memory lane so I thought I'd share it
  12. Nah, I think it's a topic that's very divided in opinion - I liked every game that didn't pen(oneshot) me with arty better with how it was before, but if arty has it in for me (which it did, FAME tag and XVM before anonymizer) then the current way of arty is so much more better to survive/fight. It's not instadeath - I take 3-600 HP which sucks dick and they can do it more reliably, but at least I get a warning that the fucking shitter is aiming at me for next time - similar to why ammoracks from full HP and 183s really shit the bed in gameplay - because you don't get a chance to react and save it like this entire game fundamental approach to strategy is based on. (Gather info - make a move - take in new info - readjust to new situation) and this cycle just ends with oneshots instead of having some methodical explanation to dying. I had a Prokh game in shitbarn before it got nerfed without arty, I played mid and had oneshot 5 tanks with 5 shells within the first second they were spotted and that's exactly what I mean. (That Tortoise driving up the hill getting lit for a second has his game ended, was the same for 4 other people on their team) - the shitty thing is that doing this to people feels fucking fun but the opposing end really hates it.
  13. playing with irl friends on eune right now, my fkn main got locked (not banned) cuz korean acc i bought at lvl30 and without a korean ID i can't change the age req so my plat climb just as i got there ended and Riot still won't unlock it - haven't even responded to my ticket i definitely have west accs so will try to find their info, but on EUNE (u used to play there right) i'm right now on Zueauaoso teaching an IRL friend how the game works, (he started B4 so I had to int 3 games in placements to be able to play with him) it's still summer so I only play 3-4 games per week but would deffo be up for playing together sometime! this acc's S2 but I'm dumpstering every JG matchup as Shaco every single game (i love smurfing xD) but I did that in high gold too so climbing should be quick if i get around to playing more you still playing Fiora? could be fun having a lane to play around for a change
  14. can we get an m46 patton 311 APCR gold round now please i'd like to play that tank again without rolling out on the battlefield in a wheelchair
  15. i fucking hate not being able to know how long i'm going to be spotted for now, not only is it so much misinformation you have to process but also the fact that you don't know the point when you are safe in the open while playing range games

    i feel like i have to guess if i'm still spotted now even with years on my back learning how to go dark quickly

    if this is part of the game now i really think they should add what each player runs as equipment so you can at least puzzle the possibilities together

    it feels like a fog of war

    1. PityFool


      Yea terrible gameplay decision imo. They should not fuck with spotted timer, or give us an indicator that tells you how long you're spotted for.

      Guessing should not be the only option.

    2. ikitai


      I find it funny to run a designated target crew with the directive and the new commanders vision system. That little red dot that confirms you are still spotting someone helps you keep them lit a ridiculously long time.

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