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  1. Wound up all-nighting for some reason (who knows) so might postpone the reviews until Monday so I'm rested beforehand
  2. gQVEfjf.png

    ah seems i still got it, had replays turned off and reset the session mid session cuz i had a shit game like i normally do to untilt but 3 games of 6k avg are missing :( 

    done without improved equips and firefighting directive, this tank is 100% 5k dpgable and the non-believers will be cleansed eventually

    its so fucking op and tier 9 MM is easy mode :serb: 

    1. kolni


      (i turned replays on and am gonna keep playing so if session still holds up i'll post)

    2. kolni


      can't believe it only took a day before i got back into shape

  3. cool kid trance music by yours truly

  4. There was only a short period of time where I would even consider myself having an edge on Barry, and that was only in some meds and mainly at tier 9s and the odd tier 10. In tier 10 he has me beat in most tanks but 907 and M60 and I just straight up thinks he is and was a better player than me by all means at most points even if my rating was higher for a while. He also has MUCH more WGL experience, this is something that people won't get these days but the amount of hours WGL players put into the game when it was profitable was insane and Barry was a favourite pick for most players' fantasy leagues during the seasons he played. This environment playing only against the best really refines your decisionmaking and he did super well there too. The guy is just great at all parts of the game and has the collection to not let the BS the game throws at you throw your temper. Sure there's some malding at points but he resets super quick and gets back into it right away. It's my favourite player to watch, we also had a lot of fun hanging out in Krakow/Katowice during the ESL playoffs.. Just a great guy in general, good stream vibes and when he puts a couple hours into the tanks he's great at them. He's much more efficient at that than me, we discussed it as I had trouble with Chief and he said the same. He needed like 500 games banked for the tank to really make sense to him as you basically have to play mistakeless to progress and that means having to learn what works everywhere on every map in rotation and situation which is just a huge timesink you have to power through. Both of us were sub 4,5k chief dpg for our first 200 games in it but as you put the time in the consistency develops and you start having those 6k sessions you need. I generally find myself thinking either "this is what I would have done" or "hmm that's an idea I should try sometime" when watching him. Compared to Stanlock for example that is just so much better mechanically than anyone else and keeps leveraging that every game, Barry generally doesn't make decisionmaking mistakes at all when he's on fire so his gameplay has this weird thing of making things like 10 players could pull off on the server, look easy. He always knows where he needs to be and what to do to make it happen and plays that part of the game better than anyone IMO. Considering that 3/7 of the core roster of the GoHard WGL team is on this list, I think it proves the point of WGL experience having an impact in decisionmaking that todays pubstars just won't get.
  5. Alright, have @Snoregasm2, @Spineeand @TheTrojanWarrior to record during the weekend, as I'll look to have them all finished and uploaded by tomorrow - then I'll take a days break or two from recording as it's quite time consuming but keep posting your replays and I will start going through them from first to last again - just gonna take a day or two off as I have decent bit on my plate atm.
  6. i've never played grand battles so was kinda weird doing analysis on a map i literally never played myself
  7. Shift because I can't go x8 -> max FoV -> x8 in on a single up-down scroll as shift is faster and x8 is the only zoom I ever use anyway
  8. Just go through my content, look at my topics and read them and you should have some ideas on improvement. My strategy is literally spamming games until I'm in shape when coming back. I spam 100 games in as tight of a period I can and then I'm generally back in my groove. It's the Kewei way and it works for me too.
  9. Absolutely! I try to keep my criticism relative to the player I'm reviewing as well as I can. As there will be more decisions I disagree with entirely on the lower end of the player skill spectrum I try my best just to play along with the decisions made and how then to make the best of them. When there are games without a developed gameplan I try to construct one for you. As I believe you can make super unicum just on mechanical proficiency alone it tends to be a bigger focus on that earlier on the skill spectrum as there will be many more mechanical mistakes made that don't have anything to do with decisionmaking. I'll only do 5, so I'm gonna exclude the last replay. They are also private, so you need to send the private link for me to download them. Only you can view them on their normal links. There's sharing options to get the private link. Or make them public/reupload them. (I'm also much, much, much harder on the "best" players as I will have to nitpick very much to find lapses in their judgment as it's obviously better and that type of stuff comes off as very flamey compared to the easier stuff) @sr360 I re-watched the video as I noticed my mic cuts off sometimes and I got some more feedback hearing my own thoughts during the gameplay. I disagree with your initial deployments - I don't know if this is because of platooning and you constructing a gameplan together but from a solo player PoV you're generally not going where the most damage is to farm for you. Your decisionmaking on the fly is very good. You react well to the unknown and don't let it throw you off. I think this is your strongest player quality. Sadly mechanics really hold you back, I think the decisionmakings in the replays come from a higher level of play than your current rating is. If you were to spam 5k games solo and had the time to do it along with just being younger and able to really refine your mechanics I definitely think your decisionmaking along with that would put you in a spot to 4K DPG+ tier 10s for sure.
  10. @sr360 On the Serene Coast game I disagree with initial deployment (all the HP is going to be on the island looking at their line up and you have hulldown tanks on your team that they're not gonna be able to push) and simply not just rushing straight towards the damage pool once the hunt started. Stopping for the 430U shot was fine because he ended up poking but you wanted to cross that bridge as early as possible. When the E 100 rotated up trying to shoot you in the back you handled that well and was aware of it (I forgot to mention that in the video) and from there on there was just one poke on the SConq I would have poked further to guarantee the pen instead of 70/30ing it - but outside of those things that engagement you played flawlessly IMO., kudos! i should probably get a microphone that isn't my phone and teamspeaking myself to do this if i'm going to do this often
  11. Something to add onto the Karelia game is that you if you'd have rotated into the hill low ground, played hulldown against the VK72 (that cannot win against you in that scenario unless you misplay) let's you both find out what TDs are camping in the back and it stops the enemy team from pushing the hill back. That together with better target selection at the very end - (first shot on EBR- connecting the 260 shots which kills him, or just kill him afterwards into micromanaging the rock against the ST-1 and THEN dealing with the 430v2 would make this game look very winnable IMO. Then there's the JT in the back trying to catch up which is with HEAT an HP pinata for you meaning this game has something stupid like a 12k damage possibility as literally all your teammates sucked but they could meatshield and stall for you to deal your and ONLY your damage out. Full VK72+Full ST-1+Full JT is almost 7k already so that was a game with absolute monster potential and tanks that you can outplay fairly easily in the conditions you were in. That plus the unspotted TDs and the odd damage shots you got here and there could have made that game into one of the best games you'd ever have in my opinion, but things like that are easy to miss in the heat of the moment and everyone throws chances like these sometimes. I think this is one of those games were if you were a more selfish player in general and had more experience with soloing randoms in this meta the chance of putting your carry pants on goes up. Awareness is all in all your biggest deficit, I can tell you are a platoon player without you already having said it as you clearly rely on your teammates to tell you information that you immediately didn't notice. You really should try soloing more, platoon mates are a baby blanket that will hold you back in regards to improvement because they can bail you out of your mistakes and coordinate much more efficiently than randoms which lets you construct gameplans that only work because of platooning - not a skill you can take into randoms on your own and one you should try and work on developing during those new conditions instead. You get a much better read out of both enemy and friendly players and what they want to do and are trying to accomplish with their decisions if you have to read your own teammates constantly, without actually talking to them. It's like learning body language if that makes sense. You rely on your toonmates that you can talk to, but would you be able to understand them in their gameplay without communication? This is a super important skill for both map awareness, intuition, creativity and so on. You also lack the "go" button I've talked to everyone else about too. When you see an enemy make a mistake, you need to simply be quicker at punishing them. Don't ever let someone misplay against you and get away with it. You seem to have it when your toonmates are there to support you and you can push, but when you're playing alone without them you are much more passive and indecisive. The best to work on that is to play more solo in my opinion, but if that's not an option (some people need friends to enjoy games) you can just platoon without communicating with them. I'd say that's a baby step towards it but should still help you get better at reading the non-verbal queues of what other players are actually trying to do with their gameplay and how you can turn those into foresight and see lapses in their judgment coming beforehand and be there to capitalise.
  12. This one was stuck in processing for 6 hours... fkn YT
  13. @_pip_ Processing but should be available soon Alright, I'll record these as well and see if I can get it uploaded aswell. I won't focus as much on the mechanics then if those are issues you will have to keep working around anyway. It's easy to say "aim better" but a bit harder to actually do it.
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