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  1. the 6th sense directive is pretty useful if you're not comfortable with the tanks camo values yet, if you're poking at 400m without bushes it's pretty hard to tell if you're going to get spotted or not against certain tanks (or peeking blindly) and the extra second gives you a full second to react, with aimtimes being around 2-3 seconds it is actually a pretty difference between taking a shot and not taking one however once you get more comfortable with the tank in question, specifically it's vision/camo ability the directive is close to useless, just like 6th sense becomes much less useful, but short of BiA and repairs i'd still rate it more important than anything else you can skill anyway so there's really no point in not using it having done a handful of marks with atrocious crews (0 skill tier 9 crews mostly before you could get crews to decent levels without having to actually grind them out) you get used to not using sixth eventually and if you simply just avoid crossing risky areas it isn't actually so bad being without it, high alpha bush campers become a problem and you need hard cover almost all the time to keep dealing damage but i thought the experience would be much worse than it was i also thought this was a bug a while back but it's honestly an overestimation of your ability to tell if you're spotted or not, mostly you're permaspotted or just got shot before it triggers, if you die 2,9 seconds after getting spotted it feels like you should've been spotted but don't, at exactly 3 seconds the sense triggers as your tank blows up, think about if this only happens when you die or if you can physically spotcheck with hard cover or camo math because i found that this issue was 100% ignorance on my end and no bug at all
  2. guess first two weeks of this change is the time to 3mark the 279 before the MoE changes go live
  3. t32 suffered the same fate as the 110 and that was a better tank at almost everything in my eyes outside of knifefighting (better than it with small gun, worse with large) 110 had gun handling going for it and a stronger beak but a complete lack of troll armour and in a meta where aim spread was far more centered so that honestly didn't matter much the 110 walked a pretty fine line in terms of relevance but as soon as it had its strengths questioned it fell of a cliff harder than anything in the tier (panther 88 and t343 excluded)
  4. i mean to be fair carbon was doing 3k in the 110 back in the day.. it was good it just didn't have the characteristics to stay relevant with how the game developed.. i did enjoy the tank back then but i'd certainly not enjoy it now pretty sure garbad ranked the 110 above the is3 which was just never true at any point
  5. personally found the armour to be close to useless, not that the armour layout is bad (it isn't) but for how effective the armour is you rarely actually get to use it the playstyle means you rarely ever show anything but your turret anyway so i found the armour on the hull to be overkill, i'd much rather have it stripped of it and better mobility values instead (which aren't bad either, but the tank would benefit much more from that than the armour imo) gold value pretty much killed the enjoyment for me though, going from an m60 with 350 heat to this made it painfully obvious how much impact it has for my gameplay still a 7.5/10 tank though for me, after the 3mark i just ran out of steam to keep playing it
  6. I only use shift. Max FoV and I have x25 turned off along with the sniper mode locked to the shift key so I can zoom in 3rd person with force without going into snipermode. Not only that but I haven’t used any zoom but x8 in sniper mode for well over 3 years. Other people might but I have absolutely no use for any other PoV than x8 in sniper. It works up close and it’s zoomed enough to hit shots at max range. if that’s an issue for some I’d argue their sense is too high, but if it works it works. I also have my arcade/sniper senses on the same tick for seamless switching, but that’s probably more of a me thing rather than a good thing
  7. not that bad of a grind compared to some of the other stuff.. 3-4 sessions for 80-95
  8. z0KoZk0.jpg?1


    1. _Steve


      congrats c-mon

    2. echo9835


      That's not a Churchill GC

    1. kariverson


      I've never actually wanted anyone else play but you, I'll make you my first :D Thanks

    2. kolni


      it's above average but not a string of killer games or anything, just what i thought was couple games of very good decisionmaking

      got the 3mark next session but that one was much more up and down in quality :P 

    3. Ham_


      wtr rating is so alpha


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    well i guess i have a fanboy, cool

    always good to school ur fans to show who's boss

    1. Haswell
    2. _Steve


      you full time relapsed? I am disappoint

    3. kolni


      nah, just over the holidays

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    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      at least all the shitters who bought it with bonds are dropping the req's :bigdoge:

    2. echo9835


      as a shitter with bonds, I do my best to help

  11. it was my first game with the top gun lol that was probably the dumbest thing i've ever done in my wot career once i got the top gun i started enjoying it, you could play exactly the same way like with the stock gun but with straight up better performance cuz u can pen anything and deal relevant damage for the tier i had very many sub 1k games cuz 1 mistake kills this thing but also very many 3,5k+ games because once you could get it to snipe without taking attention it just straight up murders everything
  12. I'll jump in and up the incentive a bit, with some tougher requirements though http://wotreplays.eu/site/2804997#teams 75 EUR on Paypal from me, no strings attached (has to be posted here on Wotlabs though) to the first person who can beat my top damage Churchill GC game (in damage, if that wasn't clear). *no platoons, no rigging (i'll check) *PM me if you were able to do it and we'll sort it from there *Expires the same time as this contest
  13. We were two for most of it, and three for some of it. I wish I could be more precise but I’m talking out of memory from 4 years ago. The other guy is blue, the third was unicum but not super unicum then. Better than most but nowhere close to the 3 tier 10 tryhards pubstomping tier 8 with SMM tanks you make it out to be. Much better platoons have tried and failed. Yeah it has traits to use, but you conviently forgot that despite all of that people still couldn’t ever get the tank to work on a larger scale, most traits it’s had for more than half its lifetime (probably more but I don’t wanna have to fact check on my phone). It was in fact good imo, best in tier good but you needed someone around you to keep you from getting swarmed, then it did well. Unreasonably so. X3N4 played it alone, did much better than I in terms of well every stat but winrate. He thought the same, that it was fucking busted. Not that everybody else sucked. It’s easy to put it that way when you already know where to look. Funny how everyone else missed it all this time. All I’m saying is that it needs to be balanced too, the rest you can chalk up to being bored and probably going into it more than necessary
  14. I just lost a pretty long reply to this due to my phone dying and luckily it saved one reply at least but I don’t quite have it in me to rewrite it so I’ll be brief: The game has aspects that cannot be reasonably measured so stats will be wrong from time to time too since they can’t take everything into consideration. The KV-5 thing is super specific (requires a platoonmate, good mechanics and strong decisionmaking) so obviously the statistics won’t show them since those games’ll get totally blurred out to any tracker or data collection. Yet I was able to shaft 750+ (15x amt of games) people over that had close to no chance of winning their game against me because it could fill that specific so easily. Not that it was anything fancy gameplay-wise, it really just was easy and any group of super unis could probably have done it as long as the KV-5 player could make sure he didn’t die early and be useful on every map. That part was pretty much key. It’d a huge balancing issue and game-breaking but completely off the stat-radar I just think that it’s a whole different story when a KV-5 goes from pretty meh at best to best in tier with a platoonmate and an unconventional playstyle compared to the standard triple IS-6 platoon back then which had a statistical explanation to why it did well. Those 750 people had no chance of reasonably winning their games, which is pretty fucking busted. A platoon is busted anyway, but not quite to that degree even with the most OP thing you can think of today
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