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  1. 4ppf9bq.png

    yup - it's busted

    1. mistervanni


      that 1900 avg xp over 5 games...

    2. kolni


      had a 2,1k XP Leo PTA avg over 9 games :serb: 

  2. plenty of 7v7 games today streamed, some esl teams and players

    1. mistervanni


      watched some, did u play too?

  3. 187 games since my last prokhorovka

  4. spamming 907 with iOptics and optics directive i can safely say 

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> damage equipment on 3/4 maps

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<< on every other map

    (map rotation luck makes the mark much easier with this setup, but 6k averages get much harder without the gun being as reliably OP, instead of 6k-6k-6k-5k-4k-8k game streaks it is 3k-3k-12k-6k-8k-0,5k

    markable both ways, one is easier if you are good, the other if you need luck

    with optics loadout you are pretty much forced to let pilsen and abbey through because you can pick up so much easy spotting on them, bannable maps left are basically fjords, overlord, empires border, minsk, kharkov or airfield

    also a HUGE playstyle difference when you have an extra 60-70VR more, no russian med can ever outspot you in a bush, stuff like mountain pass, fishermans bay and murovanka become literally a free wins just by going places and not even firing

    prokh is give or take, i'd rather have the better gun to hit the hill shots over being able to spot some of the 1 line stuff from mid unspotted

    malinovka is only without lights, otherwise it's worse


    (gonna be testing other tanks as well later on, btw Designated Target is the third best PERK after Sixth and BiA)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sapros


      So when do you pick ivents over ioptics? Thinking of tanks like 430u/277/a5/Chief. 

      Also what would you say it's generally the best equipment directive? 

      Thinking stab or vents if using ivents?

    3. kolni


      vents on almost everythihg

    4. Sapros


      ivents + vents directive then? how'd you rank directives in general? 

  5. wait for a 500mm ufp and 150mm thick side armour

    with mic and cam, commentating a lot i guess

    1. echo9835


      Interesting to watch you play.

  7. sgvLANB.png?1

    starting to think i was created for this game

    1. Haswell


      I'm starting to think everything you touch will get nerfed.

  8. this was a good jam, didn't use my mixer so was kinda weird having isolators instead of faders

  9. 8fO2t66.png

    literally more damage than the rest of the team combined?

    who needs teammates pt 2

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. kolni



    3. echo9835


      you should have done more :doge:

    4. ZXrage


      2 hours ago, kolni said:


      if only there was a sad react on this forum

      damn 1k xp on a loss

  10. kolni

    IS-2 Shielded

    IS-2B Shielded B - Black skin without the camo value and no ability to put on - 99EUR bundle
  11. sbc9pBQ.png

    who needs teammates

    1. kolni


      10k would've been half the teams hp lmao

  12. Fuck I’ve been made
  13. just show them my sig they'll probably explode

    fnatics new mid laner

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