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  1. don't miss up on this amazing opportunity gents
  2. i actually think i'd rather be launched out of a conqerour cun carriage mortar
  3. anyone wonder how srs this game used to be?

     just read this and watch how seriously people took a clan to be



    compared to now XDDDDDDD

    1. LamaLeif


      Used to be? are you implying people don't take games this srsly today in 2019? some people will always be up in arms about this stuff, other just won't gaf and do their best to steer clear of any bullshit no matter the game and date, it's human nature.

  4. https://youtu.be/Q3zMfcMdflM i have no idea what is happening with my mouse in the video tho sometimes it is not in the right spots lol idk maybe im just tripping when the cax and leo1 rotated from 1 line on steppes you should have rotated into 1 line to keep the game going because then you would have tank advantage and could prolong the game since you had teammates to reset and that you were going to die if you didn't move anyway
  5. lol why would u remove those maps? even on slow heavies they are literally maps with plenty of free damage i wish i could disable everything and limit my map pool to 2-3 instead, much better system
  6. Streaming


  7. a High Caliber/Game ratio would be just as accurate in skill measurement as any other WoT metric

  8. M103 isn't even bad Old HD E5 sprocket meme still there and poking 45 degrees (between frontal and sideways) trolls the shit out of literally everything as long as you don't expose the cupola on your turret. Gun is also absolutely insane 3marked one in 41 games, but now that tier 9 MM isn't as good and me being a little more rusty means I won't do that well again, I won't do the M103 again though since I have absolutely zero interest in playing it again after doing so well last time Also have like 7 tanks to do right now so M103 won't be one of them
  9. 263 replays as requested by @Haswell and @SIRJ4MES. Murovanka game is 2580 damage and 453 spotting (wouldn't load in analyser). 4121 average DPG. It was a very good session. Played first 5 straight and then I took some breaks to keep focused, Rift Rivals is on so honestly I was kinda distant. My meds kicked in too so I do some pretty stupid things because I just lose my focus and start thinking about whatever lol https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0glh8y5bk3vqsdd/AAAnNnsiaEyj5D934D190S0ba?dl=0 - replays Karelia was kinda weird, I thought it was a cool way to break the game open though and I'm glad I tried it. Redshire 430 has the most insane RNG I've seen since I started playing the game The 263 sucks now, gun is just too derpy and its too susceptible to arty. This was just a decent session with some luck.
  10. im back, doing object 263, waffle4, t100, 907, 277 and tvp replays will be answering gameplay questions again if there are any first 5 posts with a replay link gets reviewed, YT vid with commentary - can be public or private if you want to
  11. 0YiWCis.png

    get on my level

    1. LamaLeif


      You're quite popular within the asylum.

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