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  1. you understand that i have played wot for 5-6 years and that it has undeniably played part in running my mental health down the gutter right? i dont make sense on a more srs note tho i prefer meds because they all overperform for me, heavies and even some TDs have much more enjoyable gameplay but im just a much better MT player since the last 30k games or something are 90% mediums if you’d include the 50b among them.. ppl like carbon are good at everything and you have some ppl that clap my ht dpgs pretty hard but get clapped back in meds ive been drifting away from armoured gameplay entirely lately (nato meds and paper tanks mostly) because that’s where i relatively perform the best 50b/e50m/leo1 etc are tanks that right now i dont see anyone beating me in (busy with finals rn tho so am very rusty as gametime lately is low), 50b perhaps if Val has a go at it as he’s probably the best player on this forum right now but he plays armoured gameplay generally and destroys my dpgs there, and watching him play there isn’t any server variance either, ANZ server small AF but the gameplay looked just the same with small differences (both good and bad so it prob evens out) i just capitalise on my strengths, sure spamming nonstop chieftain/279 only will get me higher DPGs but relative to other players im just better at playing without armour, while other players are better at leveraging armour than i am i’ve always liked using the map to dick people over rather than relying on micromanaging, and then mobility is much more valuable than armour, but my way is not the best way to play the game i think. but i refuse to become a meta slave and i play the game how i want to, and it’s honestly not a handicap since i cherrypick tanks that let me play that way rather than playing meta tanks unconventionally
  2. Nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope
  3. there is a giant design issue within the core game that sadly wont go away open areas that use terrain rather than buildings are intended for mobile tanks, but with it obviously comes arty since they won't be able to hit fuck all anywhere else (except for pilsen cuz LUL hit by arty inside buildings xd) so the corridory shit just shafts mediums and lights even more because they'll be the only thing for arty to shoot at literally no reason whatsoever to play lt/mts in 2k19, and for every map designed past 2014 this issue stands.. the newer maps all have only one open area where arty can reliably hit without having to aim between buildings or pixelshots so i'm honestly just considering moving away from meds entirely since there's just so many maps now that you get handicapped in gameplay simply because arty is a hard counter to what wg wants medium tanks to do, lights can get away with spotting stuff on some of these maps and dodge arty with mobility but mediums really suffer from arty on the newer maps the previous iteration of kharkov had this issue too, and the new one will as well the old kharkov north area was actually decently made, the issue with it was that it was the only place arty could fire so any exposure made it insanely hard to trade well, and while i haven't tried this one yet (so won't comment on the area) the minimap tells the same story.. even if the area was decently designed it'll automatically turn sour whenever arties are involved.. the good thing about this map specifically is that it seems to be almost half the map at least, so you might just be able to not get shot at as much by it if you limit your exposure (also a problem with meds though, combat range is too close to not get lit to fire and with sub 10s reloads you'll be permalit pretty much everywhere on the map unless you snipe at the buildings) im also not a huge fan of some the building placements but i'll probably check it out later and see if the terrain might soft nerf some of the long range firing lines with hard cover but it's wg so i wouldn't hold my breath also just by looking at the minimap i found broken hulldown spots already XD
  4. didnt like stb way too much to keep track of to utilise the tank properly, it's a mess to play well.. much like strv gameplay it takes so long to get used to that it's just not worth the investment for me.. it probably has its moments but im just not gonna put it in the effort on the leo side of things though i already liked it a lot in this meta (wierd i know) and it was massively overperforming for me, might just replace 50m and 50b for favourite tanks in the game if it makes live.. leo1 already kinda took the e50m since e50m isn't considered armoured anymore, and having a gun accurate enough to reliably not even be able to miss is something i really value calling leo 5k dpgable if it hits live
  5. unless you’re actively trying to improve (basically treating the game as you would school etc) then there’s no reason for a feelsbad
  6. your stats for your amount of games are pretty promising, the average player never climbs further than you already have so that's a good sign keep at it bud
  7. TL;DR: Ask yourself where you can safely be on the map while playing to your tanks abilities. Where you can be in relation to your team safely while still being able to contribute to the game. In the Emil I'd imagine it's any position where you can deal damage, use your turret but not get pushed. Next step would be including a way of falling back in case you misread the situation and can get pushed. One step further would be doing it in places where you have the ability to go dark and some vertical cover against arty and the ability to rotate unspotted. As you get better at a tank you can keep adding things like this as the previous ones become natural. For learning to be fun it needs to in a field where you enjoy. You either enjoy things because you're naturally good at them or you find them interesting enough for the learning process to be worthwhile. Maybe I'm wrong but that's just the way I see it. There are psychological implications in everything, it is the study of the mind after all. If you managed to climb up the standings in one field the odds are you're able to do it too. Jordan's baseball career was a bust but you have League players role-swapping and remaining world class where the entire game plays out differently. Bale played left back in Spurs and being good at it before swapping over to an offensive position. While you're playing the same game you are doing it with everything else being different but the set of roles and the football on the field. A lot of the qualities overlap obviously, but the meta is entirely different. People are able to do it because they find it enjoyable enough, or enjoy being good at it enough to keep pushing. Most people never leave silver in League no matter how much they play, just like the average WoT player with 100k games is still average after subjectimg themselves for so much of the game. Other people are great at every game they play because improving is an important part of the experience to them. WoT and LoL are the only online games I've been bad at but still kept playing and improved. That is me by all means. Being good = fun. I think it's more that fun comes out being good than something being fun naturally makes you improve though. Sort of related but is more about League/IRL: EDIT: MODS PLEASE FIX THIS POST I CAN'T EDIT ANYTHING AND SPOILERS BROKE AGAIN
  8. 4UW18Aw.jpg?1

    lol wtf is this mark req :serb: 

    1. Enroh


      grab the moe mod and find out...its fairly accurate


  9. Short answer: Yes. It was really easy to get satisfaction out of WoT in the beginning, but it got harder and harder. Winning ESL games and playing WoT in a proper competitive setting with casting scratched that same itch pretty well when there was some real life consequences of your performance. The pressure wasn't all good though, just as you got those same highs from winning organised games, as the losses beat you up worse than normal. After a bit of much needed insight I realised I wasn't really enjoying winning anymore, I was just addicted to it. I've always been. It wasn't actually WoT I liked either after a while, I just liked being good which is why I struggled so much with quitting. I don't get anywhere near as much fun out of anything competitive as I used to, as WoT's kinda done a number on me there. It's still very engaging though. I enjoy pushing myself instead because that's a source of feel-good that'll never run out as I really do enjoy noticing myself improve. The click moments are my pleasures. Long answer: (read short answer first though)
  10. Platooning is like lowering a single player game difficulty to me. Sure, it gets more enjoyable from a casual experience but you are missing out from what the game has to offer. You wanna become better, not make things easier. Similar to smurfing in League there really isn't any value in it outside of enjoying having an easier time even if you aren't improving. Platoonerds suck but actually noKappa
  11. Short answer is that I don't. Every game is its own and I really stopped caring about winning/losing as a whole. It matters because winning/losing mean different things in the games state but short of that I really don't mind losing anymore. A winning mentality forces you onto meta tank picks that I personally don't enjoy. I'll play what I want to play, and I'll do my best playing it. If I wanted to win above all else right now I'd be playing nothing but Chieftain and T55, but since I don't I just came to terms with giving wins up to not have to be a meta slave. I like playing my E 50M, never stopped liking it and likely never will so I'll just roll with it. Map selection, tank selection and arty frequency has made it basically impossible to reliably carry games anymore though. More than ever are you at the mercy of your team when it comes to winning so looking at the bigger picture instead of your single string of games is a much better reflection of both you and the state of the game. Trying to win every game will cause you more frustration than doing your best every game. There's a distinct difference between them and I don't like saying it but winrate is a large coinflip at tier 9 and 10 these days. I have 4K DPG+ tier 9s sitting at 55% winrates with other arguably flat out worse tanks performing worse in every single other stat than winrate, but still are close to mid 80s. Winrate is getting less and less valuable as data regarding skill with every new patch that hits. That said you will almost always see 70s winrates on meta tanks from good players, it seems to be where winrate starts to heavily fall off if you'd look at the Chieftain Hall of Fame where most players lie somewhere between 68-72 around the top. So clearly you still have the ability to carry games, but with map and tank selection being a bigger factor than ever you won't be able to win as reliably unless you stick to OP of the month. I personally just said fuck it, a good game is where I played well and not one I won to me. Needless to say that I haven't captured the enemy base without the sole intention of either completing a campaign mission or the damage left not being available for me to farm. Sometimes I value a win over 300 damage, but most of the time I honestly don't. When it comes to teammates you really have to understand that nobody will ever listen, do what you ask or even give the slightest nod in the right direction of what to do. They're all mouthbreathers. All 29 other players in your game are always mouthbreathers. Treat them as such and you'll stop expecting reasonable things like following up, shooting what you spot, advancing to the next engagement and so on from them. This is the most retarded and stubborn horse in history you've led to water but it's going to take more than sedating it and submerging its head to get it to drink. So don't bother. Adapt to your teammates and recognise what they are doing, capitalise on the good and adapt to the bad. If you can't push without them, and they aren't reacting then you can't push. Don't push. It's important not to overreach when the fighting settles and nothing is happening. The game state doesn't change if nothing happens, someone's going to get bored and do something eventually. Once they do the situation changes and you re-evaluate the situation with its new conditions. The exception here is when the game will end without anything happening, but then you have nothing to lose anyway so it's a sound idea even if it doesn't pan out.
  12. Ghost Town assault and Erlenberg made me pull the plug on playing other modes than standard.. map bans dont work for assault so you couldn’t use it to ban out bad maps that appear on all modes for max bans anyway..

    those two maps are just so ridiculously poorly designed that having them more often in rotation basically hold the ability to ruin my sessions alone

    i’ll be banning pilsen and minsk now it seems, as they are (somehow) even worse than the other ones i had..

    if 3 arties weren’t statistically more probable than not at tier 10 this patch then map rotation would be okay-ish with 2 map bans that you can use per tank if you stick to single tank sessions tbh, buuuuuut they are so every map from already terrible 3 years ago (Abbey and Airfield, Empire’s Border, Minsk, Pilsen, Studzianki and Ghost Town) to isn’t that bad when there isn’t 3 arties (Westfield, Steppes, Arctic Region or w/e its called now, Glacier and Cliffs even tho cliffs has sucked since 1.0 and glacier has huge deployment issues, but they both farm decently compared to the other garbage

    I looked over the maps and there are exactly 7 maps I find good, and 2 that I find good AND balanced. 2!!! Out of like 40 maps through the years lol

    Honestly tho.. Swamp, Pearl River, South Coast, Sacred Valley, Hidden Village, Windstorm and Northwest were all masterpieces made by Picasso compared to the new maps... I dont even understand how but those maps were all considered bad back then, now they stack up as good compared to the watered down competition of trying to be better than empires border lol..at least they left kharkov and stalingrad to die..


    for real tho remember old westfield? sand river assault before the ramp was added? ANY redshire iteration besides the 1.0 one, old highway before vision changes? those maps were sooo good

    fuck me i want 2014 back :babyrage:


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      was going to comment that this felt a little long for a status, then I saw the length of your recent post. 
      As you were.

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      Also - Kharkov is ace, and WG are bringing it back :p

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      Yeah I turned off encounter and assault for now too so I can get paris and pilsen banned...though I am thnking of adding paris back and blocking ghost town

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