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  1. what happened to the schlong
  2. no this is not new content and it's kaneAAAA all over again
  3. I mean for something more recent.. just watch Floyd dodge/tank hits until the other guy tires out as he starts going on the offensive, that's been his gameplan for most of his career and it is working great Speaking of Tyson, he's a real good example of how a boxer can win on sheer strength alone (even though he didn't win all his matches that way) but how many people can really get that good technique on their strikes, he had the best hook out of anyone so ofc he can fuck people up hard with landing hits but that ain't gonna work for the average gym boy with 20-inch biceps stepping in the ring For a boxer with insane defensive skills (but sadly lacking on the offensive end) Wilfred Benitez is deffo somebody to look up, 3time champion at age of 22 (through weight switching, but still)
  4. u can keep the td shit i dont do that
  5. finally got my controller, and this is my first set on a controller instead of PC.. pretty satisfied

    135bpm+ techno btw :doge: 

  6. 105kg > 75kg amphetamines are good
  7. yeah but i have pretty much all your dpgs beat so who's really the champ here
  8. anyone on EU with a fresh PTA (0 battles) and improved eq to put on it wanna let me play theirs? :doge: 

    you'll probably get number 1 dpg eu in return for it :doge: 

  9. LDE0SKd.jpg?1


    this was the easiest 10k+ game i ever had? just sit back and watch 10k dmg just drive into me sort of XD

    1. TheMarine0341


      Fuck it, I'll watch it m8

      Yeah they had no mid control, no scouts, and neither team was overly aggressive. Farming simulator

  10. game still playable but you got to stick to the right tanks, if you meta slave you can sort of enjoy it i am not though but luckily leo1, 50b and m60 were already my 3 favourite tanks to play even before the m60 and leo1 were buffed so i still get enjoyment out of playing tanks i like
  11. v5GFWD6.jpg?1

    dealt and spotted  2/3 of the enemy teams HP pool in dmg on my own lol :serb: 

    1. WhatTheSkara


      This shows prok is still the best map in the game <3

  12. would you rather put salsa on chinese food or soy on tacos
  13.  streaming m60

  14. playing this platooned made it real easy to earn points, im the only one grinding from level 1s and they're all playing tier 3 so i'm almost always last (6 division points and around 115 reward points per game) which means that grinding everything up to level 3 takes longer than getting the reward points) just by looking at it using the small gold option really lines the grind up better so you end up completing both at the same time which is pretty useful since you can't spam the mode until you're done when playing east ironsides at level 3, yolo into the open and die on the field so u spot all the big tanks as a kv1, u'll spam out so much dmg and everyone can line their artystrikes up that you can basically win the two last rounds on any map in less than 30 seconds
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