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  1. 14/30 games on Fjords/Erlen today... what the actual fuck wargaming

    1. hazzgar


      This is more and more common recently. Really not fun for 3 marking. I get 3 mark variation but going +/- 7% in a day is a bit silly when you get 2 maps over and over again. 

      Also are you constantly getting the same spawn? I remember getting only north spawn redshire for 2 months. 

      I remember getting 4 Karelia defense spawn in 6 games when I was marking t-92 like a month ago. Ironically the results were not good because my teams all went to the sides and 0 tanks covered mid as the new meta for losing defense.

  2. Uni work officially submitted and only grammatical/small math errors that need fixing for a passing degree in data engineering.. so I've got a lot of time on my hands now. 

    I decided to commit back fully, only playing tier 10. Tier 9 is still the same, 4kable- but tier 10 is very different since I really quit maining the game. I came back to check my level - and mark the new rewards (Chief was a bitch but 279 was fkn easy lmao no clue what that fuzz is about) and then AFK until I had some free time again usually for about a week every 2 months of stuff I can focus completely on things like this,  it's too much freshware to play every now and then so playing in bursts always does the trick for me - but now my games have been so infrequent lately the past year that there are 3 maps I still have absolutely no clue what to do on, parts of maps I literally haven't visited or can even orientate firing angles at, and mechanically refining still needs work. Decisions made that can only be assumed as lapses of complete intellect happen and my awareness has gone down to roughly 10% slower. Lead preaiming predicting (a third step to pre-aiming where you predict your shots needed lead for as much aim time to happen as possible between swapping aim dot positions is a skill that I can still do on reflex and sometimes all the other parts are also there - not just all of them simultaneously like they used to. Doing this status mainly to mark the date of the commitment so I can go back to it and see the the progression of how long it'll take to get that good at T10 again - estimating about 3 months until 5K DPG on the non OPs but holy shit man, tier 10 is hard now. The difference between tier 9 and 10 (which used to be the closest) is now the one most far apart. looking forward to the grinding process, it's limit testing for now a while until the limit testing turns somewhat reliable into consistent which requires a pretty extensive game count. Wonder what it'll end up being.


    What I'm doing is the 7th 907 mark to start, spamming until completion (starting at 65%). It's not as good as it used to be in the games current state so it's going to be harder than ever. I've played heavily past week purely limit testing (yoloing ilke a fucking monkey in the 907 with iOptics and directive since I had like 500 of them from event to see the possiblities. 5k combined even in this meta with 530VR is still fairly easy to hold, but I now went back to iVents and rammer directive to see which one progresses more quickly. (I decided to spend 600 bonds on demounting the iVent and use bounties for this so I can swap playstyles at will)

    Everything but Carro/that WZQ and 777 and E6 have been done,  and I can't get my hands on the WZQ/777...  

    Now I'll stick to one account only btw, makes tracking so much easier. It's on this account I've done all the hardest ones and have everything important but listed above, which have all the CW rewards marked but E6 and VK72, I've done half the T10s on the acc already so it's a great starting point for pure tryhard.

    I guess this is my job now for 3 months.. cool ... been a while since it was :D 



  3. a 47%wr W1321bounced 6000 off of his turret off of me spammng gold and minrolling.......

  4. what if u could have duplicate tanks in the garage to rotate?

    i'd love to have a secondary instead of having to wait for a game to finish

    2 907 and PTAs so I can just grind without any downtime whatsoever....  sounded great until I realised this just made botting up a tech tree a whole lot quicker



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    2. ikitai


      That is why I have both types of 13-57.

    3. Panzergraf


      We need a Schwarzpanzer 58 Black

    4. kolni


      i also only exclusively play single tanks, use the death timer to fiigure out improvements

      went from a shtiter to a 5k player in a single stream today in that process

  5. so the e100 turret is just unpennable now? 907 heat 23/17/2 flat

    1. Panzergraf


      No, mine definitely still gets penned by both HEAT and premium APCR if presented flat.

    2. hazzgar


      Now it's RNG dependant though for some reason I think RNG got worse recently. I get fully aimed shells go more often to fuck knows where on 0.3 tanks and even my m60 with 350mm heat has issues with flat angle e100

  6. the Kunze Panzer... somehow this wound up in my garage lol

    Kinda like it? Feels like the tier 8 RU in terms of damage capability, 4k is super easy for that platform

    what I don't understand is why they gave it siege at all.. I've tried it but I have literally never gotten use of unless it is shooting down at someone in a ditch without having to drive down there myself (Redshire middle basically)

    Pretty sure they could remove it and this would play identically, totally pointless gimmick?

    1. echo9835


      Wargaming school of balance strikes again!

    2. churchill50


      Personally, I would have preferred they didn't give it siege mode and given it better accuracy instead.

      The siege mode is absurdly situational, but better accuracy is always nice.

      I've been thinking of picking up a Bounty IAU just for this thing. Not sure about giving up Vents for it, but really the only real issue with the gun is the base accuracy, which makes it frustratingly unreliable. With that being the case, I think the improved accuracy from IAU would probably be more beneficial than the slightly better reload from Vents.

  7. BLjolv5.png?1

    didn't think i'd ever see wot top page again

    1. ZXrage


      All those games and there's WoT with 1k viewers, what happened lmbo

    2. Bobi_Kreeg


      How much did they pay for top page advertisement?

  8. I have some thoughts about winning/losing. It originates from Chess, been playing a lot lately. A game mostly, about precision than anything else. In Chess, you are neither winning or losing until a mistake is made. The mistakee is the loser, but the opponent doesn't win. He loses, but the opponent doesn't actually win. He just capitalises on a mistake. There is no RNG there, so precision is what matters. Higher precision means playing better. 

    WoT has RNG, but the same thing applies. You are in limbo until a mistake is made. How quick you are at spotting them is what makes a good player. A good example is the 7v7 Ruinberg defense. This was so hard to win as an attacker as you can hold everything fairly easily. Same as GMs in Chess - everything holds and results in a draw. 


    What about thinking the other way? That you are always winning until you make a mistake? I think it results in super heavy aggression. These are the types of people that fight their way to the top. And the other side - where I am. Passive approach - always in limbo until something shifts the balance in either favour. That's about precision. The former is about mechanics. Obviously they blend, but I think it's interesting to at least entertain the idea that my way of play is flawed, even if it ranked number one at one point. 

    I basically never take unnecessary trades in Chess to try and  keep the board as complicated for as long as possible, mistakes are easier to make there. In WoT - mistakes happen every second but you physically cannot move to capitalise in time on all of them. I'm just curious if there's a method of being there for more of them. So I'm going to play like an asshat to push that limit and try to improve it (WoT). I want ways to push the limits and this is an idea I want to explore..

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    2. kolni


      I think you misunderstand. I'm not talking about rushing in and dogfighting like a CW battle. I'm interested in if the knife's edge could be sharper. The method of sharpening that blade is what I'm interested in, and I think it might be worthwhile to look in new places. 

      Do you ever really know your mechanical limits until you push them to the brink? Knowing means precision, which is what I'm looking for. This is an area I used to be incredibly good at, but with playing less I rely much more on thinking to beat my enemy. I can still win every 1v1 I will ever come across on even ground, even some 1v2s - but 1v3s? No way. Doing them might be bashing my head against a wall, but upping the difficulty might lead to higher efficiency in those 1v1 and 1v2s that I can win in the long run. 

      I think I've mastered tempo as far as it goes, and mechanically I'm about as strong as RNG lets me. Decision making as well, but there's still something that makes me feel inadequate in games. So I'm going to try and find that needle.

    3. GehakteMolen


      Ah, you mean more in a personal way, and less in a meta way.

      Well, i was always of the opinion, that by forcing the enemy to do something, you can force an opening, since, if they have to do something, there is a good chance they will fuck it up, so you can start ``a chain of events`` Especially when they are not in their camp spot yet, and they cant fall back on basic gameplay (like red shire aim for the crossing at start) many people are simply terrible in improvising, or getting out a self dug sh*thole.

      (like how 90% of the arty player has no idea what to do late game in td mode, they simply never live long enough to be alive in the end and are toally clueless)

      ps: However i think offensive play, aka forcing the enemy to make mistakes, is next to impossible nowadays, your playstyle, of beiing passive, seems to be the superior play now (on most maps and in most situations) except with Ebr, there you can still win by offensive play (once in a while, so far my ebr-90 games are glorious wins, or tragic defeats)

    4. M4A3E8sherman


      This is likely one of the reasons why breakthrough tanks are so hard to balance - they change the dynamic of the game by allowing more proactive action, meaning you are no longer dependent on the enemy team making obvious mistakes in a stalemate.

      You can try to balance them by cutting back in the areas where they are strongest, which often results in them being unastounding in any role, or in the areas where they're just ok, resulting in what is often an unfun and one-dimensional tank. Introducing reasonable weakspots without going overboard would probably be a better idea, but WG is obviously reticent to actually do that

  9. back again :eww: 

    carro 45t a lot of fun tho, sucks it has games on it already but gonna push 5k on it

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    2. kolni


      Depends on what your goal is


      1. 907

      2. STB

      3. 140

      4. Carro. 

      5. 430U



      1. STB

      2. Leo

      3. 140

      4. 907

      5. Carro

    3. lavawing


      8 hours ago, kolni said:

      Depends on what your goal is


      1. 907

      2. STB

      3. 140

      4. Carro. 

      5. 430U



      1. STB

      2. Leo

      3. 140

      4. 907

      5. Carro

      I'm honestly surprised the STB-1 is so high but then again the other L7 meds haven't been megabuffed like it has

      8 hours ago, Bobi_Kreeg said:

      STB, 907, 140, UDES, Carro.

      We obviously disagree on Leotard. :) It has great firepower, great mobility, but not having any armor anywhere on it is..

      Damaaage whore :microdoge:

    4. kolni


      M60 just barely didnt make the cut

  10. yeah i'm done with wot as well - EBRs are just running too rampant for this game to have a single enjoyable possible game anymore so I'm not going to push it

    will still be here every now and then - bye for now

  11. uhm... tier 8 is laughable


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    2. LetsMakeTheMagic


      I hate T8.

      Bourrasques gun is nerve wrecking.

      Progetto makes no money.

      Skorpion makes money but it is eternally unfun to play.

    3. M4A3E8sherman



      I find Renegade pretty decent, it's prolly not as fun as the meds or as good for money making as the Skorp but it's somewhere in between in both respects

      The bigger problem is just the game in general and all the retardetry that comes with it

    4. LetsMakeTheMagic


      I tried the Renegade on a friends account. I find the cupola not even to be the biggest issue. The gun drives me nuts. I can't seem to hit any fully aimed shots if I don't run coke. 

      The E75TS is often considered the worse Renegade but it clicks more for me tbh. Wouldn't buy either of them though.

      I forgot the 703 II which is decent. Only weird thing beeing the switching reticle when it switches guns. 


  12. nPPw4yA.png

    not happy with the performance but i found out my baby got nerfed :sad: so i'll take it, for on stream with mic i normally play much worse... so i'll take it considering i came back just a few days ago

    1. ProxyCentauri


      Cool! I will watch it as replay. 

  13. playing tanks again - so funny how the instant i turn on stream i potato entirely but off stream it's like.. almost back to normal 

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    2. kolni


      yeah i quickly went back to thinking "yeah this was probably not a good idea"

    3. LetsMakeTheMagic
    4. crapcannon


      Between the clown cars and all the new hull down monsters I've bounced and missed more shots than I care to admit after coming back.

  14. since when did the fcm get FOTM status? what changed it's still xp pinata to play against

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    2. GehakteMolen


      yeah, FCM seems even more rare as CDC

    3. churchill50


      I went back and tried mine again lately due to Equipment 2.0. Even with Bounty V-Stab + Bounty IRM, the gun is infuriating.

      It's sad. The tank has so much going for it. 1500 HP, great mobility (51kmh top speed, 23 power/weight), DPM, pen, gun depression, view range, shell velocity.

      But it all goes to waste due to how infuriatingly derpy the gun is. 

      The only good thing you can say about it is that it's better than the AMX CDC... But that doesn't actually mean anything given how bad the CDC is.

    4. kolni


      that's kinda strange considering my memories of the FCM was mainly just arty problems and felt that the gun was good way back when it was one of the "good" credit farmers back in 2015 or something when I started getting good at the game but I guess now compared to guns like the Caernarvon or Progetto it just sucks ass

  15. kv5 is such a stupid tank but holy shit the dream MM games are fucking ridiculous how hard you can solo carry

    literally just RRR and fight 5 people head on and come out... winning

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    2. Rexxie


      they did but mostly it just fucks t6s

      kv5 is one of the most hilarious t8s in the game lol

    3. echo9835


      Get a friend in an FCM 50T to push the KV-5. Or two if you really want to go all out.

    4. kolni


      No, it's a shit tank but it is a very very fun one when it works

      (it's like a 3/10 tank)

  16. 37 game win streak in rapid chess 

    yeah i found a new main game


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    2. flare_phoenix


      qgd/kid are solid openings, if you want send me some games and I'll offer some analysis

    3. kolni


      I doubt I'll reach heights of that kind and I don't have the aspirations to, since climbing is slow I've tried playing computers and even moderately difficult ones wipe the floor with me but I wipe the floor with ~1400 players so I'm sure I'll hit a wall soon enough.. and I wonder if it'll be like League where it stops being fun when I stop dominating.. time will tell

      Yeah, looks like Carlsen's getting caught up with too though, Airthings Masters was hell of a tournament to watch

    4. ProxyCentauri


      To stay at Nr 1 in the world is f&kin hard and everybody will get some ups and downs. Carlsen isnt getting any younger
      and to stay that crisp sharp I have a suspicion you need to be relatively young. Point is- before Carlsen Norway pretty
      much sucked at chess. Sure there were a couple of obscure Grandmasters but way down the rankings. Denmark and
      Sweden have always had better chess culture. With Carlsen came this insane boost so that a lot of talent who otherwise
      probably would be doin smth else entered the chess community here. ATM we pretty much smack up both Sweden and
      Denmark- not only due to Carlsen but because another 5-10 guys also are decent. Anyway- GL with your chess

  17. The Queen's Gambit thoughts:

    Is it weird that Beth Harmon is the only person in the world I can relate to in any real way right after the first tournament in ep2 and onward? Before that I have no real relation as my parents are awesome and wouldn't trade them for anything

    Obsesssion over something sometimes is so hard to describe, like how can you convey why it draws you in? Great show, obv I don't consider myself anywhere near similar to chess players or this good at my field, but I could place myself in pretty much every situation and genuinely feel what went through her head as mine would be the same.

    Is this an elitist thing? The invincible arrogance is so familiar to me that it's uncanny, and how the tables turn when you're wrong is so spot on that I can't understand how you can manage to convey this on a screen when I have never even been able to put these emotions into words out loud - ever? Being beaten in a game of pure skill is the worst feeling in the world in my world.

    Kudos to Kaspov for legit bringing the mindset of top level competition chess in as a subject - to a tv show. Real GMs have recognised the games in the series. The games aren't total copies, but the opening theory in chess is so strong today that the first 5-6 moves of most combinations basically have a name and players typically play openings out until a variation comes along, and that's where the actual chess game begins. For chess players the actual games aren't just a duel, but a real chess game of talented players. Kaspov made variations of some of his favourite games to create the scenarios of  fictional drama, but these games are authentic chess games. (Agadmator has covered 3 of the games and it's actually high quality chess as a nod to real players to view and analyse). I don't understand chess well enough for this to matter, but to put in the effort to make sure that those who do are allowed to is just great writing. Compared to below, things like this make me appreciate content much more. Community is another show I like simply for its attention to detail, regardless of how funny it is.


    (Not related outside of consistency within the rules of a TV-show itself)

    I used to do this with Yu-Gi-oh when I was a kid. Fully aware of this being a kids show, however they were adamant on being consistent with the gameplay. I played meta so I kept swapping my deck when the game was F2P on Dueling Network.  Whenever the show showed the hands of a player and I held all the pieces of the field/hands I could 9/10 times play the cards in a better way than the show which always bothered me a lot. Every spin-off until ARC-V had this problem until 1 player actually played the game like a meta player would (Reiji). That made me really happy as I learned from watching supposedly entertainment, I didn't have to study to learn and there was no rabbits out of hats to clutch a win. This character would wipe the floor with everyone in the show in a round or two if not for plot armour, but when I sat there with all the cards to piece strategy together the characters were so unbelieveably stupid except him. They literally all still are. I don't understand how the game creators can understand the game so poorly that not only do they fuck the rules up but I haven't touched it in 10 years and I would still wipe the floor with every character the show ever produced with that 10 year old deck. How can you balance cards but not know how to use them?

    (In the show someone discards a card as cost for using an ability, and the card they discard is a card that lets you draw twice for no cost (Pot of Greed, literally the only card in the game you ALWAYS play as soon as you have it). Using it in the other order is literally kindergarten things and that shows don't follow their own rules drive me crazy). Every time they show the hand of a player I go crazy because they play not only wrong but badly, so much missed quality out of stupidity from the ... creators.... 



    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Isnt she supposed to be autistic? I haven't watched the show. Iirc you were diagnosed as autistic and those kind of behaviors are fairly common. Probably why you relate to the obsessive and headstrong nature of her character.

    2. kolni


      I was pretty downed writing that, you might wanna re-read if I miswrote anything. (Fixed it a bit)

      I think she has to have something, very rarely does a person only have a single thing on their mind for so long. (I'll keep this spoiler free)

      My autism and other things obviously make me relate to things in this way (manic), but less about characters and more about logical consistency. A windshield that is differently cracked during a car chase (gets worse/better with a new shot) makes me have to turn what I'm watching off that movie. I don't think I do anything else than obsess over things, I just learnt how to swap topics for a while but loose ends don't stop bothering me until I tie them up.

      She is likely either psychotic or a savant. Psychotic episodes don't end unless they are noticed, and they aren't always bad. There's a tribute to Fischer who was quite literally crazy, wasn't long after the Spassky game he went nuts and without spoiling, a chess game in the 60s between the reigning USSR World Champion and the US champion rings a bell.. (Alma calls Benny Bobby in the show). The savant thing might be a Carlssen nod, as he is one. I just got the impression that she loves chess, but hates losing so here we are.


      (An inconsistency though)

      The one wrong thing is about her meds as they, whoever wrote that in, didn't do their research. Netflix always has to have some substance abuse or it isn't a good show in their eyes, but now they just got quite literally the key factor wrong about it. It doesn't actually matter for most of the show >(it can be anything) but very late the actual name of the substance is mentioned which makes it researchable. It's a Bensodiazepine, first one ever made. It helps with anxiety and can hinder withdrawal symptoms along with a bunch of other nifty stuff. However it's super addictive and withdrawal is deadly, so A) cold turkeying a school of orphans probably results the exact same way it does in the show, but with most of them tagging along. and B) The substance Librium kills your brains psychedelic abilities, all bensos do this. It not only clouds your mind, it clouds every perception you take in. (I take a newer version of these daily because of anxiety and if anything it makes things more boring). Never noticing the name makes this more believable, and pinpointing it has no purpose so.. why leave for screw-ups

      You can be having the LSD trip of your life, take a normal dosage of those pills in the show and you will be back in reality within 15 minutes. Psychonauts call this the benso-exit, for when the trip goes bad. Liibrium is off the market but Xanax is very similar (same class, effect etc with a few differences but it's treated for identical symptoms. What surprised me is that I googled this and found no content, yet this is something anyone who has ever worked on intensive mental care facilities should know like the back of their hand. 

  18. didnt get stb to 5k dpg :( 

    i guess this is what plebs feel like


    would you rather have 90%wr solo or 6k dpg every tier 10

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    2. churchill50


      I'm not entirely sure of my answer, since both would be nice.

      But, that question has made me wonder what kind of winrate 6k DPG would get you.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Probably not much higher than 4-5k. Win rate has a pretty high drop off due to factors outside your control.

    4. kolni


      speculating here but: i only think that's true for tier 10s (even though they are implied in op, there's others obv) 

      in tier 10 the HP pools become so large that you can shave off 10k HP off the team in a few seconds as a light tank (Mali super aggressive bush that you could take when enemy team had no light - when that mm existed) and still lose the game. i have literally had this very thing happen to me more than once

      i think at one point HP pools are so large that they simply don't matter but decisionmaking is entirely what decides a game 

      15v15 and decision making between them almost always means that the most cohesive teams win, but still the winrates really stagger at 70 in tier 10, that's still 30% of the games where almost no player manages to carry through the terrible decisions of their own team

      in tier 9 i have made the 80s solo with skoda t50 on several accs but very few games are real carries top damage game , it's mostly reliably having a teammate around to eat shots while i clip, but with tanks that i will singlehandedly decide games with (every 8th or so in the PTA) and generally play a much bigger part in damage wise, on average my WR is still at 72(+/-2) in all the good tier 9s  and 70 is where almost all the t10s i can top dpg charts are at too

      i think when the hp pools get smaller but some guns perform at a similar levels you get a higher ceiling in solo winrates

      80 in progetto, borrasque, renegade and vk looks likely with 3k+ dpgs in them 

  20. ICpnWV3.png

    my october library is pretty much all mellow loops and trance bangers, who knew 92trance'd make a 2020 comeback..,. i'm loving it at least

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      I've been reliving 90s goth rock. Fits the mood

    3. kolni


      i do almostentirely electronic music, could upload mylibrary as there's hidden gems and club hits in almost all genres outside of big room edm since 2012

      its like 12TB of mp3s though so i'd need a server...

    4. kolni



      here's my profile of the stuff i bought this year

  21. i dont think i've been this bad since like 3 years.. ruinberg reallythrew me off damn not at all the same map


    felt so uncomfy and my shift key is sticky (beer) so pressing it is much more difficult but like that shouldn't be enough to throw me off this hard jesus christ what happened to my hands and brain while i was gone

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    2. RedwoodOriginal


      Try to unplug your keyboard and wash it with water, let it dry naturally.

    3. kolni


      like.. july? came back to 3moe 279 when i noticed it had dropped so did that for a day tho but rust is real bad still

    4. kolni


      nevermind, found my groove after some trial and error

    1. mistervanni


      nice, with all the streamers marking it recently, show us some vids :D too

    2. kolni


      was done a while back, just forgot to post it, replays not eligible :/

      am only playing off stream for now... i really suck now so would rather focus on me and me alone

  22. anyone willing to send me some replays of how to properly play pearl river? i've been gone long and before i come back i''d really like to be prepared 

    i don't care about skill level - if you thought you did well i'll watch it and if u want me to i can give some gameplay pointers in return PER game

    i'm going to watch them all and analyze unless it turns out to be 50+ replays - hand em over and i'll hand something back

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    2. lavawing


      5 hours ago, PityFool said:

      - North spawn seems to have a noticeable advantage in getting to mid and north brawl area first. 

      - Idk about south flank, idc about south flank.

      - I go straight to north brawl area, then rotate back through mid after winning north

      - Going mid at the start forces you into a tight choke point which enemy arty pre-aims every game, guaranteed HP loss.

      In games with arty, starting with the mid guarantees HP loss but also a good amount of easy farm in return if you have high alpha/armour/speed. It's a wash if each side has 2 arty, and not worth it if more, but the flanking fire that winning mid can give you is huge. 

      IMO the ideal opening seems to be rushing mid, getting 1-2 cheap shots off and rotating to either the town or to the heavy valley. Town is more important and should be the priority, but also means more risk.

      That said, the early engagements can get chaotic very quickly and if your team is pants on retarded you can win the town at first and still get swamped because your friendlies are hanging back at the choke point rather than pushing forward and farming the people trying to rush town.

      If the other side have much faster meds then the play becomes poke the chokepoint once or twice and fuck off back to the heavy valley. The far side feels like a TD trap and pretty pointless.

    3. 3MAJ86


      I think I have one good replay:

      and generally I had success playing in the heavy brawling zone even with my meds. Tell me what you think, if you have time to see it. 

    4. kolni



      yeah the missing reward tank 3 marks are still bothering me... on that specific account I have so many that I almost feel like 3marking all of them on that account too (as of now, that would just be three extra, T-22, 907 and VK72) - im confident i can redo t22+907 so no hassle outside of vk72 that could give me trouble..

      the only reward i have left to complete personally is the T95E6, so if I do it on that acc it's like 3 rewards left per acc completed so am debating cominb back - but i have not yet done so but i just know that i can do this, walking away feels like failing and that's just unacceptable in my mind

      @PityFool thanks was pretty much this i was looking for seeing as i haven't played the map yet

      @3MAJ86 i'll look at it when i have time to spare

  23. well that's it - 7 years of wot and 4 of them full tryhard every single game that i managed to endure but league of legends actually broke me

    this is probably the first time ever i get tired just even thinking about video games, when they just used to my primary/secondary hobby for like.. half my life

    i still get the urge to play tanks sometimes, most times i just end up closing the client again right now but every now and then i play a game in the PTA to see if I still got it, sometimes you get an insane game off and you remember why you kept playing until the next misplay which makes me want to quit as soon as I make one

    maybe i'm just tired of gaming? i've gone from ilke 50 hours/w (2016-17 during boosting frenzy) to my standard 10 hours/w during weeklife, but now the past month my total amount of gaming is one game of league at most a day - mostly i'm in the practice tool trying to orbwalk while laning and 1v1s with friends but i've lost the will to grind

    it feels like i'm past gaming, it just doesn't excite me right now. it also sucks, because i can't really appreciate the game i spent a good 3-4 years basically doing nothing but thinking about and playing the game which really gave it a unique feeling. I don't get that anywhere else, the sense of really HIGH competition and being able to compete. That drive is also gone, which is probably what I miss more

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    2. kolni


      Yeah,my days off don't include gaming unless there's very little to do otherwise

      @Tman450 because it's a decent MOBA with large skill expression, i can literally outplay every spell in the game with Shaco, if I want to climb I play Shaco, I can play other junglers but I'm working on laning as I get filled and just lose the game because I am a plat shaco and like silvereverything else

    3. Tman450


      League is cancer, it's a far mroe toxic game than even WOT, een if the core gameplay is good

    4. kolni


      i dont give a shit about griefing players,you'll get that in every online game.. even offline games?

      ever watched the super smash melee community tournaments? offline small tight community and you'll never meet anything as toxic

      what i obv don't like is that in league the griefer gets to play again after running it down and giving away gold to enemies, but in league i also have the respawn so if i fuck up i get another shot until you fuck up enough times as a team to lose.. that is a better system than wot imo when you have REAL skill expression


      i mean skill4ltu plays with a 20cm mousepad and 3k dpi like wot skill expression is close to none mechanically, i went blue (before i got a gaming pc) playing with a trackpad

      i m gonna say it - wot is a game for people who can't mechanically perform so they have think their way to decisions

      clever design for the catered daddy coming off of work player in russia but i mean you could rid the reticle and just have the crosshair and i swear to god that half the playerbase would start missing EVERY shot at 1300m they'd otherwise hit 9/10 while ppl like stanlock, decha and the other insane aimers would hit everything with just the crosshair as a possible place to go

      good aim matters but not a lot, i can play only with autoaim (no actual aiming, to fire just using mouse to autoaim them) and still outperform most of the playerbase - which is like... ridiculous, legit no actual aiming is required to be super unicum

  24. after a 15 game losing streak while being top 3 on gold most games got me to understand that wot suffering is literally a breeze compared to the dark infinite pit of league of legends retardation teammates

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