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  1. qkhP3GY.jpg

    100% MoE on E 50M, it's so weak :kreygasm: 

    1. vernl


      Obviously you've played it quite a lot after the patch, how do you find the armour holding up in HD?

    2. kolni


      I find the tank to be more reliable, extra dep means you can bait over ridges without having to turn sideways which was just asking to get artyraped, the LFP armour is noticeable against tier 8s and some tier 9s, but against tier 10s the armour seems pretty much unchanged. 

      what it did do was make it a much better bully in close ups against lower tiers (on range too, but E 50M on range is probably as good as it gets already) so if you can't sidescrape you can just turn your hull to increase your effectiveness without anything to sidescrape against, you pretty much play this tank at a 20 deg angle in all engagements or more


      it's also by far the best damage farmer in the game, i was pulling this session with what i think was the shittiest maprotation WG could throw my way and was still a 5,7K DPG session

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