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  1. dpm has got to be the most overrated stat in the entire game

    everyone uses it as the most important one but the situations where you actually use your dpm to the extent of the same gun with worse dpm not doing the same amount of damage in the exact situation is so rare that it's really one of the most negligable stats in the game

    accuracy>dpm because you can rely more on it than you can on your dpm that depends on accuracy in the first place

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    2. Assassin7


      Oh does it? Rip. Ok uhh.. STB VS AX? 

    3. mati_14


      @Kolni because i'm pretty sure you are referring to tanks like E50/E50m which do not have amazing DPM but great accuracy and both can output +4.5k avg easily, but those tanks can only do it cuz their armor AND mobility is good enough to hold the lack of DPM, Leo meanwhile, mostly rely on its accuracy and but tanks like STB/430 can still perform better just because of the high DPM, I agree that DPM is pretty overrated but accuracy only comes in hand when you have another good thing in your tank.

      another example would be M46 vs Leo PTA

    4. kolni


      Uhm PTA>M46 or did the PTA get nerfed again ?? :doge: ??


      I dont think it's fair to compare a tank that clearly doesnt work in the meta to one that benefits more from it than most, and remember that Leo1 used to be considered the best DPG farmer in the game 4 years ago. 

      The tank you'd be able to compare a Leo1 to is the CAX because they have different gun traits but still very similar in playstyle, but a 430 is different in every way. I used STB and E 50M because short of armour, some of the NATO-ish meds play incredibly similar. 

      If you'd compare a 140 to the 430 or 62A to 430 my point is already made for me

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