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  1. 2KoEStO.png

    HE ammo best ammo

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    2. hazzgar


      I suck at finding camping spots so I suck at this tank. I have no clue bout firing lanes. I want to watch your stream but it's soooooo boooring.

    3. kolni


      It took me about 150 games to really get the hang of the gameplay, 50 more to master it. 250 games in and 4k is easy, 4,5k is manageable and 5k sessions are doable as long as you get maps that work on lanes or crossfire rather than simple pushes and counterpushes (like Fjords, Sand River and Highway). The req for the shitbarn for 3MoE is about 5K combined. I spammed 52 games at 4,6k DPG and 600 assist today and currently sitting on 94% at the mark. 

      You don't really have to camp in this most of the time, but aggression is non-existent. The tank is mobile enough to work any spot a medium tank normally would, with the drawback of its size and gun handling that needs to be taken into consideration. You also have to consider that while constant firing in this is really good for racking up damage if you actively try to find HESH pens then 3 shots is all it'll take for a good game so being out of the fight searching for something better is a very valid option. AP is also totally worthless, with the gun handling it's just so much better to go for center mass and actually hit your targets. E 100 turrets and Types are the only thing AP is good for, other tanks like Maus and JGPZ with their turret and superstructure respectively are really hard to hit and pen unless really up close so just HESHing the turret for a reliable 700 is much better option. 

      You can basically play the bush in mid from south on Fjords, the pocket from north on Mines, the city in Ruinberg and all that stuff just as well as any other tank would. The difference is that you will always run a higher risk and always get shot at first but you need to expose much less and can be much more picky about when to poke. If you can't stand camping or don't know stuff about lanes then go somewhere where you can poke for shots but where they can't push you. Mobility plays a big role as you can actually take some decent positions early for shots. It's also perfectly fine to trade in the tank, as long as it isn't Types or other FVs you're almost always going to win the trade anyway, and if not then just give it some time and they will start to shift their focus eventually. 

      The key to the tank personally for me was to be patient. There's no need to camp, but also no need to rush things. 




    4. hazzgar


      Well yeah on maps where you have cover I dont camp in it but you Sand River with 2 arty you camp like a fucking boy scout since you get spotted at max distance and everyone focuses you.

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