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  1. welp, my acc is sold

    wot's been fun but sadly it isn't anymore, i'll probably come around here every now and then but for now i'll focus on other things

    c u friends

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    2. sohojacques


      Travel well Kolni.

      Pretty impressive of WG to fuck the game up even more with 1.0. The number of already jaded streamers who gave a thumbs up to the new graphics then completely stopped playing soon after....

    3. HemanathanRX7


      I like how most of the comments are pls gib pricing values and how :^)
      To be fair I'm curious as well as to how much you got for it considering you don't have much crews or tier xs.

    4. kolni


      it went for 550 eur, which is considerably more than i spent on the reroll (not on the old acc though :serb:) so i'm okay with it, funny thing is the highest offer i got before that was 300 eur which i honestly still would have sold it for

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