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  1. >absolutely smashed on various substances

    >thinks its a good idea to play wot

    >plays wot

    >still got it :jebaited: 

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    2. kolni


      Last night? Ketamine, alcohol and N20, was on the way down though since clubs were closing

      tfw u actually end up rolling on the floor laughing from oneshotting people with shitbarn over and over and it never gets less hilarious

    3. Archaic_One


      careful with the ketmine bro, a lot of that shit is made in peoples basements

    4. nabucodonsor


      Careful mixing those things together is not a great idea at all. They all combine together and potentially could block your respiratory system with a synergic effect. So practically even if you take a low dosage of each you could end up with a stronger adverse effect than taking a higher dose of only one of them. Also the combination of those could be extremely harmful for your heart and liver.

      TL;DR: drugs are bad mkay?! 

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