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  1. i think it's time, 2012 came calling and it's time for a global fucking HE ammo nerf

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    2. Kolni


      honestly the game would be better off if they just straight up removed the round from the game, it serves no purpose anyway but remove yet another layer by dropping the need to aim altogether

    3. Raj


      I think it's an alright mechanic, because sometimes you can use that skill to punish someone who sticks out their track for too long for example. But type 5 is actually aids, hits tanks for like 500 damage regardless of where it hits. Plus, you can take health away slowly from a kranvagn while using something like a sconq where otherwise it'd be broken op.

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      What they really need to do is grow a pair, remove arty from the game, and rework HE shells using the stun mechanic so they do little damage but can be used to stall a tank that would otherwise be unstoppable like a hull down T29. If you could slowly whittle down a tank in an invincible position they would no longer need the brute-force balancing mechanic of arty to keep a T29 from hitting 70% win rate.

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