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  1. B9GD9xF.jpg?1

    85-95 in 9 games.. lol

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    2. Snoregasm2


      Thanks for uploading. I really liked how you played Mines - that map is fucking cancer at higher tiers but you managed it really well. Do you often go to that hull down spot? Seems a great place for a Russian med.I really noticed how you approached the end game (stage 3/4) - you were a 1 shot the entire time, but you still actively pushed and hunted damage. Your movement towards the hill completely neutralised the Swedish TDs whilst allowing you side shot on the Type 5.

      I also noticed that you never 'pushed' early game, i/e/ you didn't risk your HP for key spots. You basically played PvE - where your team went, you used them, but you didn't let the team use you. E.G. on Prok you took what damage was there without needlessly risking yourself spotting. When your team pushed 1/2 line you followed, and put yourself more at risk as it was now stage 2. As soon as it was clear it was a lost flank, you noped right out of there (very impressive - I find it hard to retreat from there once pinned down). But you still showed balls - I would never rush the Kragnvan knowing that the Skorpian was camping at the back. You even missed your first shot but still killed both.


      On Lakeville, I was amazed how you dealt with the Chinese TD who rushed you in the middle. It's not that you killed him, it's that you did it taking 0 dmg whilst ensuring that enemy in the middle got 0 shots on you (you only took splash from arty). The level of micro is insane, and probably can't be replicated, but I still wanted to call it out. Later on, as with all the games I watched, your assist damage comes almost by accident - you're hunting damage and you get spotting damage as you do it - you're not actively scouting or spotting (again, treating it like PvE and doing your own dirty work without necessarily relying on teammates).

      Sorry for the long comment - i intend to replay properly to your high level gameplay topic. 

      If anyone else sees this, watch the replay pack.

    3. kolni


      I'd say that the Studzi game was almost all luck. My initial thought when they started proxying me was that my game was over (at like 94,5 at the time so a little pressure that got into my head right off of the bat) but noticing how many people we had in the back I knew I was safe at least. No way they could push me as long as I sidescraped the Cent and eventually forcing him to overpeek. The issue was that I was stuck though, as long as they kept proxying me I wouldn't be able to do anything. Luckily they got bored and started taking damage and eventually fell back so I could start untying the area and break the stalemate. 

      Most of the assisted was intentional, on Mines I was the one lighting their entire middle and I'm arty safe so I can pe permaspotted, so I just keep them lit for arty long enough and it'll eventually start shooting it. IS7s will get penned in their UFP trying to sidescrape me eventually, so I'd wear them down no matter what either through assisted by arty or by my own damage. It's a hard situation to put yourself in but a very good one, if you can be the only one being proactive but still safe is when I get my really high damage games. Sometimes odd assist numbers just come up without thinking of it, but I think that's just a result of playing the game the way I do. 

      Regarding the middle meme on Lakeville I obviously just should've double-tracked the WZ and sidefarmed him as it'd been much easier but I was feeling confident so I wanted to see what I could pull off lol. I accounted for at least taking one shot of damage from him though, otherwise straight to double track. 

      Lakeville was also lucky damage-wise, didn't think the game would be any good after such little action early on.

    4. Snoregasm2


      I thought on Mines the spotting was a happy side effect - re-watching it, I can see you peaked more than you needed to, so yeah, good spotting work. 

      On that note, I saw your view range was slightly less than max - i assume you use vents rather than optics as a result? All my high level meds run optics instead - it is mainly because i hate relying on teammates for spotting and often have to do it myself (or at least I feel that way - maybe I should change). Is that something you do for all tier 10 meds, or just the Russian meds/140?

      Another thing I noticed (i've watched the rest of the games now, including Studz) was how decisively you push when you decide that's what you want to do. I think a lot of players like me (nowhere near your level, but fairly good at micro/other stuff you mentioned in your topic) are timid when pushing, because we remember times when it went wrong/we died due to lack of teammate support. Essentially, we're letting emotion/past tilt get in the way of the correct play at the time. I think (correct me if i'm wrong) you push so well because you actually have such a macro understanding/awareness that even though it may look like a risk, it actually isn't. Your push on Highway is a case in point - you went at the Jagd E 100 and Badger, because you knew there were no base campers and that they couldn't counter push. It's really helpful watching what you're saying in your topic in real time.

      Your worst game was probably Minsk. I personally block it as it seems so random pushing the 1/2 line (do you always do this in meds?) - you have no real idea as to what's there until you're there (a little like the hill on Serene Coast) - which maps do you block, out of interest?

      I liked to watch your opening moves in each of the games. On Sieg, for example, I often go to E8 at the start from North spawn, but it is very hit and miss. I thought your opener was much better for a Russian med. How much are your opening moves dictated by arty? Studz for example was a very safe opener (yeah, you got a little lucky, but tbh it is hard for them to push if you have back campers), given it was both arty safe and not going into the trench to potentially get yolo'd. 

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