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  1. i might do some replay requests soon since the kanker gameplay has calmed down a little since the patch

    tell me which tank u want replays of and i'll play a 10 game session and upload it in a thread somewhere

    only tier 9 and 10

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    2. Snoregasm2


      T-55A (I know it's good and you'll probably enjoy playing it - interested to see how aggressive you are in it, as it feels like I get worse results the more aggressive I am in it, contrary to a lot of Russian meds)

      Tvp 50/51 (how to play it in this meta, feels like it's been one of the worst losers from the armour creep/map meta)

      Object 277 (feels very awkward to use for me, no hull armour but shit gun dep, and the speed often hurts rather than helps if you get too aggressive)

      T-100lt - (not sure if you play lights, but would be interesting to see how you farm damage in such a scout based tank)

      907 - (to see how you use the armour more than anything else)

      I'm sure there's more but the list above should be plenty for now. I feel like it's Christmas :tanfiesta:


    3. nabucodonsor


      Stock IS4. Only HE

    4. kolni


      I'll do all of these now since I'm back again and have some playtime

      wont play is4 tho even with full heat its a piece of shit and the only tier 10 non artillery i would call non 4kdpgable


      might split some of the sets into two 5game sessions though since I have a DJ gig coming up and need to prep

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