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  1. anyone have a spare league acc? (euw or eune)

    got to witness first hand of a balance team rivaling wot in incompetence... 14day suspension for telling a guy to stop trolling and focus, without any foul language  :notlikethis: 

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    2. Assassin7


      Im fucking level 25 now and suck ass. Im getting seriously pissed off at it. I suck at CSing, and apparently I just flat out to less damage than other people and Idk what im doing wrong. Im even following the exact builds my friends who are gold-diamond players are giving me and have been trying to mimic how they play the same champs and im still getting fucked.


      Playing garen and lux mainly. Played a lot of yuumi but started getting bored of her

    3. kolni


      i play lethality shaco tho so boxes are cc only, no ad scaling, it's just too much synergy with q to play shaco ap imo, boxes and r have great ratios on ap but your gameplay is much more unreliable unless ur playing it in a lane because you'll have to finish both tiamat and runic echoes before building duskblade, it takes too long and duskblade is too good on shaco to not build even while ap, duskblade gunblade proto runic lichbane (sell tiamat late) and sorcery boots is the build i've gone on shaco, protobelt first in lane otherwise tiamat-runic-dusk-gunblade which means you're playing hybrid for most of the midgame, but until protobelt is completed you don't really have any tankiness so you can't initiate fights, only assassinate people facechecking or catching them when they've pushed lanes too far

    4. kolni


      ap shaco needs a lot of control wards or duskblade to set boxes up because you can only place 1 ctrl ward and you're gonna have to run sweeper to clear out support wards so nah, ad shaco>ap shaco

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