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  1. okay so this is a reply to a replay reviewee, i realised i actually haven't talked about this much and im too swamped with assignments to actually make something topic worthy out of it and cba doing wot content rly but for those who really do have an interest in improving the read should at least be interesting, it's also what i'm working on and what i currently think is the solution to hitting 5k dpg in a tier 9 without cheating and going to the RU server to do it XD this probably only applies for the 95th percentile and above though

    1 hour ago, Kolni_GodofTanks said:

    i haven't watched these yet (i will during the week, got some assignments to hand in first) but another thing i thought of is that your decisionmaking is very straightforward, searching for the "right" answer is obviously great and what you should do but when you are faced with multiple choices is where you seem to struggle making up your mind or when information is scarce (this situation requires passivity though, that is a good habit imo) is when things fall apart. 

    how often do you deviate from your normal gameplay on a set map?

    think about identical games during load in and first minutes of deployment, same map and line up of all 30 tanks and where they'd go except yourself etc. In how many games would you play these games out identically on average? A player like Decha (considered best on the server for a very long time) would play the same exact game over and over to infinity basically once he found one that holds his standards. Would you deviate from time to time to gather more experience, or settle for good instead of exlinear gameplay to potentially reach greater games? Being creative, recognising a situation where something bad is actually good etc are things that don't come by trying to perfect your gameplay in the way you're currently doing I think. It makes the essonemic part of the game very messy since you've venturing into deep waters but i think it's good to keep in mind that sometimes things like queen sacrifices are good, not bad but learning how to recognise those situations is very hard (i'm still working on it)

    a lot of the streamers i watch at roughly similar level play every map identically when the lineups are similar simply because they know it works, they have answers to what's happening so that's what they go with. the idea im thinking about is more of putting yourself in every situation (eventually) so you have answers to everything, but at the same time obviously doing it in a high quality manner so your gameplay doesn't turn into shit at the same time haha.. eventually i think this leads to more options in general and how you break through to next level. my next level is 5k dpg'ing tier 9s and that is just not possible with my gameplay right now. this means refining how play every single area of every map out, not just ones that are meta so that you can make use of them too at a level well enough to reliably outplay. comfort matters a lot and playing city in lakeville for example is a huge discomfort for me because i always played the map differently with good results, but the city has value too so i should learn how to play it so i can play every part of that map well, not just the ones i prefer to play

    if you could PvE WoT into playing a fully predictable game, how much time would you spend progressing on your current idea to make the game as good as possible vis-á-vis expirementing to see if there's actually a better option is probably the short way of putting it, you might have a great poker hand that's worth investing into but it's easy to get blindsided because someone had an even better one, that's basically where my thoughts on this originated

    but this is something that im working on myself too, so i cant really give a lot of good advice, im just sharing my experiences and how i feel about the game rn


    i think this type of thinking is the key to really busting out big games from time to time, high consistency is possible to keep but for that level it still isn't above target (5k in 9s) so then you need to make your killer games even better ones if you start to fall off in your averages, breaking 10k+ in tier 9s is very uncommon and i think it has to do with things like this because you can absolutely do it, i'd even wager you can do it at least half as often as doing it with tier 10s but it's just much harder and this is currently the idea i'm having that is most likely able to see my goal completed


    TL;DR: you might want to look into limit testing, ppl do this in high elo soloq in league (sort of frowned upon because the results vary widely but the pros do this all the time) simply to see how good they actually are, it's hard to know what to work on and improve if there's nothing really challenging you so you compensate a little bit to see if you can level the field enough to make the fight fair even if you are clearly the better player, but still outplay them on skill and how far along you can do that until you start losing so you actually get a good grasp on how many liberties you can take in a game simply because you're that much better (skipping vital steps and power for tempo advantage that results in a better situation later). In League one aspect of limit testing has been the value of vision, where the line of mechanical skill and general awareness/instinct in total visiondarkness starts to faulter when proper vision isn't established etc and the results are pretty interesting which is why I'm trying it out in WoT now

    to put it in wot terms (since i dont know if u even have a clue about league) it'd be finding the exact point of how far up you can play in regards to enemy/teammate positionwithout it actually being dangerous so you can walk that fine line with confidence instead of settling for slightly below it all the time for acceptable results.



    deep wot meta stuff here but xD

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    2. kolni


      why do u even care aren't u a  forumbot anyway, do they even care about those things :kappa: 

      but spoiler added

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      is the tl;dr "push lakeville valley in your grille 15 once just in case you need to know how to do it right in the future" because that's what i got out of it

    4. kolni


      the real tl;dr is to grow some balls and test your limits

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