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  1. Dante definitely forgot to include the obligatory course of Calculus 2 in his inferno... feel like I passed but goddammit I've been mentally ill for years and that something with a defined set of rules that is totally all about understand is the thing that seems to drive me to madness the most is even more confusing'

    Why does polar functions confuse me more than existiential questions? That it does it just makes me even more bitter

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    2. nemlengyel


      With all honesty, I think I forgot half of the damn thing by the time I walked out of the exam room...

    3. Wanderjar


      My Calc (and physics) professor wouldn't allow anything but a basic calculator OR a Graphing calc program that you wrote yourself on a laptop. no graphing calculators were allowed because he hated them for some reason

      Guess what I used for my final? 

    4. kolni


      im setting everything related to that class on fire if i passed

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