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  1. gQVEfjf.png

    ah seems i still got it, had replays turned off and reset the session mid session cuz i had a shit game like i normally do to untilt but 3 games of 6k avg are missing :( 

    done without improved equips and firefighting directive, this tank is 100% 5k dpgable and the non-believers will be cleansed eventually

    its so fucking op and tier 9 MM is easy mode :serb: 

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    2. kolni


      Those were mostly 3 arty tier9 5-10 tier 8 mm games on random maps

      no assaults/vision maps

    3. Ham_


      Wait Leo PTA got the 420 alpha buff too, what the fuck that's insane

    4. Audax_Bellator


      Without a doubt my go to feel good fun tank. That gun is a laser and the mobility and gun depression allow it to flex anywhere and play anywhere.

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