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  1. Regarding Designated Target: does it give spotting damage to the things you keep lit but didn't actually light yourself? You're technically the only one spotting them so do you get the spotting for that too or just the stuff you light yourself? If so then this perk is broken op

    1. Ham_


      Unsure- there is a period after the enemy disappears where you still acquire assist damage. It's happens in arty a lot I think.

    2. Wanderjar


      about 2 sec after they disappear



    3. 8_Hussars


      A good question that I have never seen answered.

      Obviously, a tank has to be lighting a target (not necessarily the first tank to light it, but at least sharing) for the perk to activate and extend the spotting time.  Having said that, the DT tank should get all the assisted damage for the last 2 seconds as well as that magical hidden arty and blind fire assisted damage (that never is credited in game), so in that respect its valuable.    

      The biggest detriment is that it only captures a tank (or tanks - unconfirmed) in about a 15 degree capture angle from the gun pointing angle.  Additionally, sweeping the gun around to extend lighting of multiple targets outside that cone was not tested.

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