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  1. WiygeUH.jpg

    had probably the worst start to any grind in a very long time, dpg 2800 after 20 games (don't play on anti anxiety meds - note to self) hovered around 4,2 for the last 50

    all in all i like the tank, feels like an up to date t-54 in almost every way, lower heat is noticeable but i personally don't think it's got the same potential as standard b or PTA even if it had 330, but it's by far the best armoured medium at the tier for that particular playstyle, a 430 that can pen stuff pretty much

    might redo this now that i've got some time on the tank, 4k is guaranteedly doable for me (barry has 4,2), especially since i'm super unsatisfied with the DPG

    mark was stupid easy lol and it's been well over 24h since release so the moe has updated already still :jebaited: 


    (barry is looking for a fresh one to tryhard on (with improved 0+ directives) so if ur EU and want a #1 DPG on your acc, pm, its for free obv)

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