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  1. spamming 907 with iOptics and optics directive i can safely say 

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> damage equipment on 3/4 maps

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<< on every other map

    (map rotation luck makes the mark much easier with this setup, but 6k averages get much harder without the gun being as reliably OP, instead of 6k-6k-6k-5k-4k-8k game streaks it is 3k-3k-12k-6k-8k-0,5k

    markable both ways, one is easier if you are good, the other if you need luck

    with optics loadout you are pretty much forced to let pilsen and abbey through because you can pick up so much easy spotting on them, bannable maps left are basically fjords, overlord, empires border, minsk, kharkov or airfield

    also a HUGE playstyle difference when you have an extra 60-70VR more, no russian med can ever outspot you in a bush, stuff like mountain pass, fishermans bay and murovanka become literally a free wins just by going places and not even firing

    prokh is give or take, i'd rather have the better gun to hit the hill shots over being able to spot some of the 1 line stuff from mid unspotted

    malinovka is only without lights, otherwise it's worse


    (gonna be testing other tanks as well later on, btw Designated Target is the third best PERK after Sixth and BiA)

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    2. kolni


      ... the crossing? with 500vr you spot literally anything that isn't a light trying to cross, only thing outspotting you is already in a bush and if they fire they also get lit and generally die for it

      poking the mountain ridge corner from south spawn generally nets me 1,5k assist per game as an average, that + two shots of my own and i'm at a 2k start 30 seconds into the game with 400 damage taken at most, making the rest of the game much easier to play out (only need to deal 4k with a 1600 HP pool instead of 6k with a 2k one)

    3. kolni


      needless to say i only think this applies for tanks that can actually go aggressive

      907, 430u, is7, 113, obj 430, and some other stuff

      limited pool of usefulness


      (it's busted on ALL TDs though)

    4. Sapros


      So when do you pick ivents over ioptics? Thinking of tanks like 430u/277/a5/Chief. 

      Also what would you say it's generally the best equipment directive? 

      Thinking stab or vents if using ivents?

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