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  1. mMA35Of.png

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h8ce4iz2arafhzg/AADN3AJSR8cwHZDUO2ZcukGOa?dl=0 > replays, they are nothing special (just me figuring the udes' numbers out and trying to get comfy with siege again tbh) but it's the first time i'm playing a swedish medium and it just wound up feeling pretty natural so here's to hoping i can keep the development up at this pace

    anyway this is me trying to test the numbers´and "learn" as much information about the tank as possible and drawing conclusions so the gameplay might look weird at times but everything but the mali death was pmuch intended, 

    really felt like an easy time every game,, but i can't for the love of god figure out the shell velocity? is it fast.. slow? it is terribly unreliable as of now for me, really nice tank to play tbh all things considered



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    2. kolni


      getting there..

      udes day after.png

    3. kolni


      the apcr round also makes the heat sizzle sound, is it supposed to?


    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      idk, the shell sound upon hitting reminds me of the hitting things with AP/APCR in arty.

      That tank would be beast with a higher pen HEAT and a bit better shell velocity.

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