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  1. Welp... think that’s the end of my gaming


    8 fractures... cross draft closed a car door on it


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    2. CandyVanMan


      Wish you a speedy recovery, it will most likely be fine, been through quite a few broken bones, and they usually heal up pretty well.
      Just remember to do your physio as soon as possible, do not skip this, that's the most important factor in recovering from stuff like that.

      Did you break only the bones in your hand, or did you fuck up your wrist too?

    3. M4A3E8sherman


      Shit man, that sucks. Sometimes there are times in life where it seems like the universe is actively digging nuggets out of its cosmic ass and flinging them at you as you walk around.

    4. 8_Hussars


      Here's hoping for a full recovery.  Just follow the doctors and therapists direction to the letter.

      I shattered my elbow playing ice hockey (4 plates 26 screws) on my dominate arm almost a year ago.  Lost a lot of mobility and I managed to play again, but then again i'm a plateaued shitter.

      I stay away from meds in general and scary meds in particular.  EMS offered me Morphine or Fentanyl for the plane ride.  I opted for morphine but it made me made me nautious.  The doctor prescribed Oxycotin for recovery.  I half filled the script and took them occationally to sleep (and returned more than half) otherwise played the stoic.  Honestly, in my case broken ribs were much more uncomfortable. 


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