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  1. Pearl River coming back into rotation? It honestly looks like they didn't butcher it either... finally a good map addition since Windstorm (yes it was good, meta just went the wrong way first 6 months of the map before people understood how to play it)

    1. dustygator


      Looks pretty, but I'm wary that the hilltop village are might be too strong. There are enough alternate paths (and the map is bigger) so hopefully it won't end up like Mines where rushing and controlling the hill in the first 30 seconds completely strangles the opposing team.

    2. kolni


      Positions with alternate routes mean risks too, you can't cover all of them so that leaves them vulnerable

      North still the area to play in basically everything unless you're very mobile IMO, I'll still be going north in PTA like I did in Leo 1 when the map was still in the game

    3. PityFool


      I have fond memories of going north and 2 WTF E100s peek out and delete the entire flank.

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