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  1. > smurfs shaco in S2

    > botlane cait takes aftershock and pantheon support with press the attack

    > smurf on team

    > level 18 when enemy jg (camille) is level 12, chall cs numbers and 1 kill per minute and my team still manages to throw it... unbelievable


    "all 5 enemy players after game (that they won cuz cait+panth went 3/39): JG DIFF


    i hate league of legends

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    2. ZXrage


      >using AP shaco

      you are the real cancer

    3. kolni


      my build is tiamat-greaves-dusk-IE-ER-Stormrazor (or GA) and finish Rav hydra so it's crit shaco with some lifesteal + dusk burst

      sometime lethality shaco when i get really early leads like tiamat into greaves then duskblade trinity force ghostblade and GA and then the blue (tank) hydra to finish to get earlier spikes with dusk tri than IE+ER and then instapop any adc regardless of build with ghostblade completion and complete the tank hydra to supplement the trinifity force stats a bit more

      i also play cinderhulk sunfire cape liandries shaco so i guess it can count as AP but it's really tanko isn't it, making use of the passive and not the stats similar to gankplank does due to his ulti and liandries synergy

    4. kolni


      this is third party called Blitz, i use it to track avg CSing and stuff (hasin-game overlay so I can know in game when I'm on par with my goal) and since I'm a Shaco one-trick I use their importable item builds for Plat+ and Runes so I don't have to google them in lobby when I'm forced onto another pick - it's legal and encouraged by Riot

      there's also a lot of matchup tips that I really value

      I know enough about champions to know what ability to max against what matchup now but before it was super helpful to have a mini-champ guide pop up to give highest WR runes for situation and item build, selecting pro builds if you wish and automatically doing relevant item pages and show skill order. matchup strong and weak points to get a gameplan.


      took me 30 minutes in practice tool with Ashe and I've won lane with 50CS and 2 kills on average at 15min 7 games in a row, first timing her today because I saw LPL playing her meaning she's strong into the meta and I got a skin for her, only having maybe 50-60 Tristana games total as my only bot lane games played since so I'd say it works really well for me when it comes to learning

      I'm also smurfing so there's that - but I'm basically a silver player on anything but Shaco mechanically with Plat+ macro but ADC is very different. I pick Vayne top and solo win the game at 15 but in botlane you need to rely on your team for 20min before you can do something of value and that's new to me - worked every game so far but scaling off of gold rather than levels is something I'm used to with Shaco and my farm heavy playstyle (8CS/M at 20 avg in JG, 7,4@15 in lane) fits pretty well. 


      Hawkshot is such an OP ability too man, push the wave in and you can literally view every enemy jungle camp with one ability to 100% know where their jungler is, even if you don't see him the amount of places left to be are so slim that they are basically guaranteed


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