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  1. if there was an improved rotation mechanism equipment piece i would swap it out for my M60 optics and over vents

    i've felt that turret rotation has always been so far behind aim and reaction that i could aim at half the speed of the swipe and still end up identical in result for years - while it's not optimal i actually wonder if there's mechanical ceilings to push because of it now

    those rotations times are likely not worth an overall boost or gun buff, but i would certainly try it out just to see how much mechanical room there is to grow then vis a vis missing the vents/optics

    m60 has got to be the clutch tanks of clutch tanks to do it in if anything, no?

    1. kolni


      tried it with pta and removed rammer for a game (rld felt too bad so not worthwhile but felt like nothing could go anywhere but straight) but in something (idk if they can even mount) like the E4 and addon for 60TP and stuff where turret rotation really is a big dealbreaker i can actually see it being a semi-viable equipment piece - an option for slow turrets in favour of vents like meds have had with optics since forever)


    2. GehakteMolen


      improved rotation is hands down #1 for tds i think, it buffs both hull turning speed and turret runing speed AND the bloom, only rammer comes close (there are specific tds which might not need it, say E25, but 95% of the rds needs rotation)

      What i wonder is if rotation can replace v-stab, on something like a maus, the bloom is ok, the turning is awefull, here the trade of a little bloom for more turning looks worth it

    3. kolni


      my idea wasn't that it'd replace v-stab, it's that it'd replace vents for those tanks

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