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  1. i fucking hate not being able to know how long i'm going to be spotted for now, not only is it so much misinformation you have to process but also the fact that you don't know the point when you are safe in the open while playing range games

    i feel like i have to guess if i'm still spotted now even with years on my back learning how to go dark quickly

    if this is part of the game now i really think they should add what each player runs as equipment so you can at least puzzle the possibilities together

    it feels like a fog of war

    1. PityFool


      Yea terrible gameplay decision imo. They should not fuck with spotted timer, or give us an indicator that tells you how long you're spotted for.

      Guessing should not be the only option.

    2. ikitai


      I find it funny to run a designated target crew with the directive and the new commanders vision system. That little red dot that confirms you are still spotting someone helps you keep them lit a ridiculously long time.

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