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  1. 37 game win streak in rapid chess 

    yeah i found a new main game


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    2. flare_phoenix


      qgd/kid are solid openings, if you want send me some games and I'll offer some analysis

    3. kolni


      I doubt I'll reach heights of that kind and I don't have the aspirations to, since climbing is slow I've tried playing computers and even moderately difficult ones wipe the floor with me but I wipe the floor with ~1400 players so I'm sure I'll hit a wall soon enough.. and I wonder if it'll be like League where it stops being fun when I stop dominating.. time will tell

      Yeah, looks like Carlsen's getting caught up with too though, Airthings Masters was hell of a tournament to watch

    4. ProxyCentauri


      To stay at Nr 1 in the world is f&kin hard and everybody will get some ups and downs. Carlsen isnt getting any younger
      and to stay that crisp sharp I have a suspicion you need to be relatively young. Point is- before Carlsen Norway pretty
      much sucked at chess. Sure there were a couple of obscure Grandmasters but way down the rankings. Denmark and
      Sweden have always had better chess culture. With Carlsen came this insane boost so that a lot of talent who otherwise
      probably would be doin smth else entered the chess community here. ATM we pretty much smack up both Sweden and
      Denmark- not only due to Carlsen but because another 5-10 guys also are decent. Anyway- GL with your chess

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