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  1. I have some thoughts about winning/losing. It originates from Chess, been playing a lot lately. A game mostly, about precision than anything else. In Chess, you are neither winning or losing until a mistake is made. The mistakee is the loser, but the opponent doesn't win. He loses, but the opponent doesn't actually win. He just capitalises on a mistake. There is no RNG there, so precision is what matters. Higher precision means playing better. 

    WoT has RNG, but the same thing applies. You are in limbo until a mistake is made. How quick you are at spotting them is what makes a good player. A good example is the 7v7 Ruinberg defense. This was so hard to win as an attacker as you can hold everything fairly easily. Same as GMs in Chess - everything holds and results in a draw. 


    What about thinking the other way? That you are always winning until you make a mistake? I think it results in super heavy aggression. These are the types of people that fight their way to the top. And the other side - where I am. Passive approach - always in limbo until something shifts the balance in either favour. That's about precision. The former is about mechanics. Obviously they blend, but I think it's interesting to at least entertain the idea that my way of play is flawed, even if it ranked number one at one point. 

    I basically never take unnecessary trades in Chess to try and  keep the board as complicated for as long as possible, mistakes are easier to make there. In WoT - mistakes happen every second but you physically cannot move to capitalise in time on all of them. I'm just curious if there's a method of being there for more of them. So I'm going to play like an asshat to push that limit and try to improve it (WoT). I want ways to push the limits and this is an idea I want to explore..

    1. GehakteMolen


      Rushing and steamrolling in wot is dead (and has been for years) looong loooong ago, in a different time and age, roughly from fall 2011 (6 months after release) when T-50-2 was released and arty got nerfed a bit till roughly when WTF-E100 was added, rushing forward was often the winning tactic

      Campinovka field rush, when north spawn, so u could use the houses in enemy base as cover, was a legit tactic that would win 90% (old example:

      All those fast forward rush spots are dead, how often does rushing hill on karelia win you the game? How often does pushing middle on cliff win you the game? (push  = drive up the ridge and bomb people when they leave enemy base) my average game time for years was like 4 minutes, now after 4 minutes most of the team is still alive. The game truly turned into Camp 2 Win & You try? You die! What we always trolled as meme in (clan)chat, became thus reality...


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