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  1. the Kunze Panzer... somehow this wound up in my garage lol

    Kinda like it? Feels like the tier 8 RU in terms of damage capability, 4k is super easy for that platform

    what I don't understand is why they gave it siege at all.. I've tried it but I have literally never gotten use of unless it is shooting down at someone in a ditch without having to drive down there myself (Redshire middle basically)

    Pretty sure they could remove it and this would play identically, totally pointless gimmick?

    1. echo9835


      Wargaming school of balance strikes again!

    2. churchill50


      Personally, I would have preferred they didn't give it siege mode and given it better accuracy instead.

      The siege mode is absurdly situational, but better accuracy is always nice.

      I've been thinking of picking up a Bounty IAU just for this thing. Not sure about giving up Vents for it, but really the only real issue with the gun is the base accuracy, which makes it frustratingly unreliable. With that being the case, I think the improved accuracy from IAU would probably be more beneficial than the slightly better reload from Vents.

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