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  1. Writing a pretty extensive topic on improving for higher level players (2000+wn8 above) but it'll apply to everyone, just that those people will comprehend it better. 

    If there are any questions you'd like me to include, I will as long as the topic isn't finished by the time it's asked. This is a general improvement guide, so nothing map/tank specific, but larger concepts. (Improving situational awareness for example), if there are any: ask!

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    2. ZXrage


      I'd actually be interested in learning when you should be playing to your tank's disadvantages in order to make up for team comp/deployment disadvantages (i.e. trying to brawl in a squishy because we have no frontliners or sniping in a heavy because there isn't a second line to punish peekers)

    3. H4NI


      How to avoid tilting sessions day after day. My sessions in last month are either 45% or 75% wr :babyrage:

    4. kolni


      It's finished, just waiting for mods (since my mod CP isn't working properly) to post it as an article rather than a thread that disappears

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