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  1. borrasque has 40% camo stationary?? this cant be real

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    2. hazzgar


      @sr360 yeah I was curious since I finished my missions and don't need bounty GLD on my arty but yeah VS, Vents and IAU work well for me. Cursed with 91% and now dropped to 88-89% after getting punished for that 7k damage/2050 exp game with steamrolls on ensk. 

    3. GehakteMolen


      hmm, thats rly sucky aim time, yeah, i would put optics / lnes and last slot gld (i think and no stab) i personally thing improved aiming is a waste on almost every tank, for med / heavy its imo always stab / rammer, and last slot rotation / turbo / vents / gld, depending whats sucks the most (tds can be played so different, hard to generalize)

    4. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen IAM is amazing on autoloaders tho and imho since it affects your accuracy at all times makes a big difference. 

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