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  1. Would you say the game has improved over the last 6 months? 

    I think it might be the first time the reception seems to have trended upwards for WoT since like 2014

    1. Expendable_Lad


      Based on the last few years - I've been playing more tanks in the last 6 mos than any other time in recent memory (RIP personal life). I still have a ton of "what the faaaaaa?" moments seeing 48%ers in bourrs crushing it and getting gold spammed in my 8s by tier Xs - but yeah, I feel you on this. 

    2. CandyVanMan


      I think the game has gotten better the last 6 months.

      Field mods was a nice QOL improvement, the last few maps added have been above average, recon mode or whatever it's called has been pretty nice, hell, I even like the addition of tier 9 for frontlines.

      I've played more this fall than at any other point since probably 2014.

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