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  1. Random drug screening at work: (false) positives for EDDP, Buprenorphine and Fentanyl (all very heavy painkillers) together with the prescription stuff I have

    I was legit spiraling down a "my life is over" trip wondering how I'd explain this one.. result was sent to lab analysis for further investigation and thank god they could see that parts of the profiles necessary to be legitimate were missing.. those were some rough fkn 3 days of hellish anxiety knowing i didn't do that but thinking i was going down anyway


    1. Ham_


      this is literally one of my nightmares damn

    2. Folterknecht


      In Germany we had an underground neonazi "terror group" (2 men + 1 woman) causing havoc some years ago ("NSU"). After they were dealed with their DNA suddenly surfaced in a murder/rape case concerning a prepubescent girl. The press ofc went amok, after a few weeks it turns out the same laboratory that handeled the terror group also worked on the murder/rape case of that girl.

      They ofc had nothing to do with the murder/rape.

      Respone from the legeslative? Hot air - no requirement for independent verification.

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