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    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h8ce4iz2arafhzg/AADN3AJSR8cwHZDUO2ZcukGOa?dl=0 > replays, they are nothing special (just me figuring the udes' numbers out and trying to get comfy with siege again tbh) but it's the first time i'm playing a swedish medium and it just wound up feeling pretty natural so here's to hoping i can keep the development up at this pace

    anyway this is me trying to test the numbers´and "learn" as much information about the tank as possible and drawing conclusions so the gameplay m,ght look weird at times but everything but the mali death was pmuch intended

    really felt like an easy time every game,, but i can't for the love of god figure out the shell velocity? is it fast.. slow? it is terribly unreliable as of now for me :feelsbad: 


  2. hX06IQA.png?1

    wonder if i can beat stanlock...


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    2. hazzgar


      @kolni is the tank as good as the PTA and Standard B?

    3. kolni


      above standard b but below pta

      it's an E6 at tier 9.. but good and well balanced

      you kinda have to play it perfectly for it to like.. work at all in the first place it seems, you can't have attention directed towards you, you just play and quietly heatspam your way into making their push into you not so good anymore 

      if you get spotted people just pay too much attention to you to let farm them for free, so i track meme ppl every game, nobody beats you in a straight up DPM war, and nobody beats your 6s+ 360 rather than 320 alpha combo when it comes to permatracking -> just do it and use a corner to make them unable to shoot you back,  dgaf about arty and just farm down whatever's free until the game opens up and starts letting you make choices that aren't just answers to the enemy gameplan, something that generally won't happen naturally in this tank

      either people are going to try and combat you or not, and it just feels that way in this tank to the extreme - some times this tank is so broken i can't believe it as you genuinely can outmaneuver tier 10s on flat ground in your TIER 9 and win DPM fights even with first strike on the enemy side and a tier 10 HP pool against you - but then there's the other side of it which is where you just can't commit anywhere without risking your game on it or where your team won't let you farm because you made the call of hanging further back etc. this is by far the most passive medium in the game i think

    4. kolni


      360 alpha lines up really nicely with the tier 10 medium tank HP pools too so you get pretty confident in one tier 9 against one tier 10 situation, and some pretty insane carry pants here and there

  3. 4ppf9bq.png

    yup - it's busted

    1. mistervanni


      that 1900 avg xp over 5 games...

    2. kolni


      had a 2,1k XP Leo PTA avg over 9 games :serb: 

  4. plenty of 7v7 games today streamed, some esl teams and players

    1. mistervanni


      watched some, did u play too?

  5. 187 games since my last prokhorovka

  6. spamming 907 with iOptics and optics directive i can safely say 

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> damage equipment on 3/4 maps

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<< on every other map

    (map rotation luck makes the mark much easier with this setup, but 6k averages get much harder without the gun being as reliably OP, instead of 6k-6k-6k-5k-4k-8k game streaks it is 3k-3k-12k-6k-8k-0,5k

    markable both ways, one is easier if you are good, the other if you need luck

    with optics loadout you are pretty much forced to let pilsen and abbey through because you can pick up so much easy spotting on them, bannable maps left are basically fjords, overlord, empires border, minsk, kharkov or airfield

    also a HUGE playstyle difference when you have an extra 60-70VR more, no russian med can ever outspot you in a bush, stuff like mountain pass, fishermans bay and murovanka become literally a free wins just by going places and not even firing

    prokh is give or take, i'd rather have the better gun to hit the hill shots over being able to spot some of the 1 line stuff from mid unspotted

    malinovka is only without lights, otherwise it's worse


    (gonna be testing other tanks as well later on, btw Designated Target is the third best PERK after Sixth and BiA)

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    2. Sapros


      So when do you pick ivents over ioptics? Thinking of tanks like 430u/277/a5/Chief. 

      Also what would you say it's generally the best equipment directive? 

      Thinking stab or vents if using ivents?

    3. kolni


      vents on almost everythihg

    4. Sapros


      ivents + vents directive then? how'd you rank directives in general? 

  7. wait for a 500mm ufp and 150mm thick side armour

    with mic and cam, commentating a lot i guess

    1. echo9835


      Interesting to watch you play.

  9. sgvLANB.png?1

    starting to think i was created for this game

    1. Haswell


      I'm starting to think everything you touch will get nerfed.

  10. this was a good jam, didn't use my mixer so was kinda weird having isolators instead of faders

  11. 8fO2t66.png

    literally more damage than the rest of the team combined?

    who needs teammates pt 2

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    2. kolni



    3. echo9835


      you should have done more :doge:

    4. ZXrage


      2 hours ago, kolni said:


      if only there was a sad react on this forum

      damn 1k xp on a loss

  12. kolni

    IS-2 Shielded

    IS-2B Shielded B - Black skin without the camo value and no ability to put on - 99EUR bundle
  13. sbc9pBQ.png

    who needs teammates

    1. kolni


      10k would've been half the teams hp lmao

  14. Fuck I’ve been made
  15. just show them my sig they'll probably explode

    fnatics new mid laner

  17. I'm assuming this is for fast, unarmoured tanks because otherwise you wouldn't have any reason to ever play these areas outside of Prokh Paris: West: There's a treeline you knock down along the building wall to spot the heavy cross and double bush yourself if you are comfortable with the bush range, good for free opening damage if going south isn't really an option - pretty obvious and easy to blind though even if it's generally safe but players with a brain knows how to counter this pretty hard East: don't go there, it's almost always a bad idea Malinovka: NW: Only use the bush if you are starting to win the hill, otherwise you can't stay there whatsoever, use it to clear out enemy balcony and to start digging out base/map corner, drop down to water if you're getting heavy attention, wait for hill push if your hp is low to farm up more from there SE: Only at the very start of the game to spot what's going hill early (if you need to know what's going to go hill) or only cross through it to take ditch early (need balcony cover and preferably TDs near base in vision range) if you can't go hill in something fast and unarmoured/lightly armoured Later in the game only use it when hill is won, can't get there or stay there if people are left on hill Prokh: North: Use the rock to cover yourself from TDs moving into 1 line right at the start of the game and spot the slower stuff crossing at least somewhere - free shot, gameplan changes depending on how much you see, always assume 1 line is crowded, preaim the LT counter for the E1 bush as in doing so increases your chances of your LT making it there, 1line ridge at G1/H1 is a counter to you, if anyone's there you need to move further east to play the mid and shift attention to dealing damage on hill until your team starts spotting the 1 line again South: Do the 1 line counter in everything (even M46 can do it so mobility isn't really a huge issue) preventing the LT from getting there means you can play the mid out much more aggressively, and without doing so then playing this far up will get you spotted by that LT every time it's there, makes it much easier to play against the hill from this side as you can only get spotted from things poking the mid if you cleared E1 bush making the mid very, very easy to play out afterwards - you get more damage dealt on the hill from this side generally but 1 line is harder to farm (there are some safe spots out of render/in cover) so adjust your focus for where the damage is very often Ensk: I only ever see value in going there on encounter, and even then it's generally not the better option Have VR advantage? Play tracks early. If not then city is almost always best for damage regardless of tank on both sides. North I go windows in everything early, preaim the tracks crossing to the building if nothing immediately pops up in the enemy windows to farm, I generally farm it until it's dead (you can knock the tree down and poke without getting spotted before firing) On encounter you won't do much from the 0line bushes, it's not far enough away to use vision on at tier 8 and up and there are way too many angles to keep track of stay safe - the adjacent city area is even better in soft tanks, but I tend to again play tracks if I have a VR advantage (play far back to keep the distance within firing but able to spot range) or move into city
  18. subtle rigging guys...


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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      how tf do you even 4k assist average?

      Are they rigging in 2s? Splitting the assist and damage every game? 

      On our server, there is only 1 guy rigging for the mark and the others in the same platoon are spectators. 


    3. Balthazars


      Yeah, the 4k average assist really stands out, I can't even fathom how that is even possible with rigging, let alone in normal circumstances.

    4. mati_14


      I was checking that yesterday, like how tf this isn't getting banned?

  19. kolni


    i found the tier 8 prem to be very, very fun (the one with flat UFP, whatever it's called) but I absolutely loathed everything else i also found that double firing is close to pointless unless you are unspotted and with these guns you never fight in that range anyway probably the only tier 10 i'd consider a complete waste of credits
  20. lol t44 is super busted what are you people on about
  21. C90854E7-6C2D-4843-B3BE-6B7863778343.jpeg.04e546f051fd8050e09a1b8c43769e26.jpeg

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      I've seen that quote on reddit too many times in the past week

    3. kolni


      people use wot reddit? :doge: 

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      Not from wot Reddit, that place shouldn't exist >.>

  22. It is much slower so it can’t play the range game as easily
  23. Camo rating isn’t a number they tune while releasing, it’s calculated on height almost exclusively this is also pretty funny considering that the M60 basically whoops every single tier 10 but the Strv at actual vision games (VR>>>>>>>>>>camo)
  24. man i go AFK a week and i miss all chat? goddammit my idea of golden age WoT was whatever the patch was before the HD E5
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