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  1. Been struggling with tier 10 since coming back - jesus christ this is awful. If you don't play something OP you feel like a tier 9 in a tier 10 game. 

    Got an account with a 0 game FV215b that I marked (69 games, just barely 4k dpg lmao) - wound up running the equipment piece that prevents fires and the same directive after the same amount of fires as amount of games in a 10 game session (got lit 3 times in one game...) but after that I never got set on fire again. Totally worth putting those up and giving up vents so you can actually use the HP without a fuel tank fire. Been noticing that a lot of casemate TDs are running new equipment as well (7.5s was pretty much enough RLD to permatrack anything until it dies and it is not anymore. It's closer to 6, so I'm assuming it's the equipment since it also varies heavily.)


    907 yoloing with optics+directive is sort of working, I'm keeping 85 but getting good enough of a session without a derp to fall back down after climbing up is so rare with how common the absolutely worst maps are. I have played 8 times the amount of Erlenberg as I have Prokh (assault and encounter enabled), I also get a lot of Kharkov and Abbey that keep showing up too and these maps are just too poorly designed to get a good enough gameplan to fulfill the damage requirements. There's just no play that works well enough. 


    I tried tier 8 as well, and it's like a different game played on the same board. You get away with so much stupid shit because of gaps in view range and the overall skill level. It makes me feel like my mechanics are super clean as I can poke in to tanks pre aimed at me and fire, pull into safety/unpennable angle before they fire - but at tier 10 that is just wishful thinking. 


    Long way to go, I hate being this derpy in game quality which is what I'm going to work on but tier 10 is so ass..

    1. hazzgar


      I feel you. T10 is horrible right now while t8 is comfy because you know what to expect. The games in t10 are a bit inconsistent and it pisses the shit out of me. Most of the time they are super slow but sometimes you have to chase damage as some dum dum gets away with shit he shouldn't have or when the whole  enemy team positions in such a way that farming them is near impossible

  2. 14/30 games on Fjords/Erlen today... what the actual fuck wargaming

    1. hazzgar


      This is more and more common recently. Really not fun for 3 marking. I get 3 mark variation but going +/- 7% in a day is a bit silly when you get 2 maps over and over again. 

      Also are you constantly getting the same spawn? I remember getting only north spawn redshire for 2 months. 

      I remember getting 4 Karelia defense spawn in 6 games when I was marking t-92 like a month ago. Ironically the results were not good because my teams all went to the sides and 0 tanks covered mid as the new meta for losing defense.

  3. that is5 buff needs to go through tbh, that tank is so aids to play that the only possible reason to play it now is by selecting the wrong tank loading into battle 121b kinda iffy tho... rest are actually perfectly fine imo depending on what WG means by complex turret armor
  4. Uni work officially submitted and only grammatical/small math errors that need fixing for a passing degree in data engineering.. so I've got a lot of time on my hands now. 

    I decided to commit back fully, only playing tier 10. Tier 9 is still the same, 4kable- but tier 10 is very different since I really quit maining the game. I came back to check my level - and mark the new rewards (Chief was a bitch but 279 was fkn easy lmao no clue what that fuzz is about) and then AFK until I had some free time again usually for about a week every 2 months of stuff I can focus completely on things like this,  it's too much freshware to play every now and then so playing in bursts always does the trick for me - but now my games have been so infrequent lately the past year that there are 3 maps I still have absolutely no clue what to do on, parts of maps I literally haven't visited or can even orientate firing angles at, and mechanically refining still needs work. Decisions made that can only be assumed as lapses of complete intellect happen and my awareness has gone down to roughly 10% slower. Lead preaiming predicting (a third step to pre-aiming where you predict your shots needed lead for as much aim time to happen as possible between swapping aim dot positions is a skill that I can still do on reflex and sometimes all the other parts are also there - not just all of them simultaneously like they used to. Doing this status mainly to mark the date of the commitment so I can go back to it and see the the progression of how long it'll take to get that good at T10 again - estimating about 3 months until 5K DPG on the non OPs but holy shit man, tier 10 is hard now. The difference between tier 9 and 10 (which used to be the closest) is now the one most far apart. looking forward to the grinding process, it's limit testing for now a while until the limit testing turns somewhat reliable into consistent which requires a pretty extensive game count. Wonder what it'll end up being.


    What I'm doing is the 7th 907 mark to start, spamming until completion (starting at 65%). It's not as good as it used to be in the games current state so it's going to be harder than ever. I've played heavily past week purely limit testing (yoloing ilke a fucking monkey in the 907 with iOptics and directive since I had like 500 of them from event to see the possiblities. 5k combined even in this meta with 530VR is still fairly easy to hold, but I now went back to iVents and rammer directive to see which one progresses more quickly. (I decided to spend 600 bonds on demounting the iVent and use bounties for this so I can swap playstyles at will)

    Everything but Carro/that WZQ and 777 and E6 have been done,  and I can't get my hands on the WZQ/777...  

    Now I'll stick to one account only btw, makes tracking so much easier. It's on this account I've done all the hardest ones and have everything important but listed above, which have all the CW rewards marked but E6 and VK72, I've done half the T10s on the acc already so it's a great starting point for pure tryhard.

    I guess this is my job now for 3 months.. cool ... been a while since it was :D 



    1. Tman450
    2. Vindi


      Big congrats to you man for uni :-) On a sidenote, a big undecisiveness is that this game for me, also thought about coming back and start a new account or something (a new acc on ebay with 1 tier X is like 15 euro so not a big deal) but I also invested many hours in league and since I found a support main to play adc with I kinda dont want to waste that. I thought about moving to EUW next season mainly cuz EUNE is near unbearable with this many aram players. A fresh start would be nice in both games but since I also got promoted and have to write my thesis I doubt that I will make any serious decisions in this year..

  5. a 47%wr W1321bounced 6000 off of his turret off of me spammng gold and minrolling.......

  6. what if u could have duplicate tanks in the garage to rotate?

    i'd love to have a secondary instead of having to wait for a game to finish

    2 907 and PTAs so I can just grind without any downtime whatsoever....  sounded great until I realised this just made botting up a tech tree a whole lot quicker



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    2. ikitai


      That is why I have both types of 13-57.

    3. Panzergraf


      We need a Schwarzpanzer 58 Black

    4. kolni


      i also only exclusively play single tanks, use the death timer to fiigure out improvements

      went from a shtiter to a 5k player in a single stream today in that process

  7. so the e100 turret is just unpennable now? 907 heat 23/17/2 flat

    1. Panzergraf


      No, mine definitely still gets penned by both HEAT and premium APCR if presented flat.

    2. hazzgar


      Now it's RNG dependant though for some reason I think RNG got worse recently. I get fully aimed shells go more often to fuck knows where on 0.3 tanks and even my m60 with 350mm heat has issues with flat angle e100

  8. Save all bonds you possibly can for improved equipment. If you've been away that long you've probably missed out on the bounties (same as iEquips but is dismounted for gold instead of bonds). They come in bundles too, so save up 9k at a time and buy two pieces - repeat until you have enough. Using them on anything else without bounty equipment to rotate is just pointless, this is the most efficient way anyway Put IEQ on tanks you will remain playing. 600 bonds for all 3 to dismount is a lot. As an example I have 7 full sets now, 5 of them are on CW tanks and 2 on my random tanks tha
  9. the Kunze Panzer... somehow this wound up in my garage lol

    Kinda like it? Feels like the tier 8 RU in terms of damage capability, 4k is super easy for that platform

    what I don't understand is why they gave it siege at all.. I've tried it but I have literally never gotten use of unless it is shooting down at someone in a ditch without having to drive down there myself (Redshire middle basically)

    Pretty sure they could remove it and this would play identically, totally pointless gimmick?

    1. echo9835


      Wargaming school of balance strikes again!

    2. churchill50


      Personally, I would have preferred they didn't give it siege mode and given it better accuracy instead.

      The siege mode is absurdly situational, but better accuracy is always nice.

      I've been thinking of picking up a Bounty IAU just for this thing. Not sure about giving up Vents for it, but really the only real issue with the gun is the base accuracy, which makes it frustratingly unreliable. With that being the case, I think the improved accuracy from IAU would probably be more beneficial than the slightly better reload from Vents.

  10. BLjolv5.png?1

    didn't think i'd ever see wot top page again

    1. ZXrage


      All those games and there's WoT with 1k viewers, what happened lmbo

    2. Bobi_Kreeg


      How much did they pay for top page advertisement?

  11. The 705a is all about making a seemingly inconsistent tank work consistently. Your best bet is to spend some time on figuring out your gameplay on maps that you do poorly on and change them. Once that's done your averages will go up and it's normally enough to push past. Slow tanks have places to go on non-city maps as well so figuring out how to use them makes a lot of difference. Key to marking is always eliminating the derps.
  12. there's plenty of skills that could be good and that already align with the mechanics of the game radio/loaders need more skills simply because of the fact that people start having 7-8 skill crews by now and there are skills here that are close to useless the problem with adding too many viable skills is that you increase the gap further between a good crew and a bad one, right now the difference between a 0 skill and 2 skill crew is bigger than 2 skills -> 8 skills and that is a good thing, adding more of them means that this gap gets even bigger and as a result makes 2-3 skill c
  13. It needs more work is all I really have to say about it
  14. I have some thoughts about winning/losing. It originates from Chess, been playing a lot lately. A game mostly, about precision than anything else. In Chess, you are neither winning or losing until a mistake is made. The mistakee is the loser, but the opponent doesn't win. He loses, but the opponent doesn't actually win. He just capitalises on a mistake. There is no RNG there, so precision is what matters. Higher precision means playing better. 

    WoT has RNG, but the same thing applies. You are in limbo until a mistake is made. How quick you are at spotting them is what makes a good player. A good example is the 7v7 Ruinberg defense. This was so hard to win as an attacker as you can hold everything fairly easily. Same as GMs in Chess - everything holds and results in a draw. 


    What about thinking the other way? That you are always winning until you make a mistake? I think it results in super heavy aggression. These are the types of people that fight their way to the top. And the other side - where I am. Passive approach - always in limbo until something shifts the balance in either favour. That's about precision. The former is about mechanics. Obviously they blend, but I think it's interesting to at least entertain the idea that my way of play is flawed, even if it ranked number one at one point. 

    I basically never take unnecessary trades in Chess to try and  keep the board as complicated for as long as possible, mistakes are easier to make there. In WoT - mistakes happen every second but you physically cannot move to capitalise in time on all of them. I'm just curious if there's a method of being there for more of them. So I'm going to play like an asshat to push that limit and try to improve it (WoT). I want ways to push the limits and this is an idea I want to explore..

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    2. kolni


      I think you misunderstand. I'm not talking about rushing in and dogfighting like a CW battle. I'm interested in if the knife's edge could be sharper. The method of sharpening that blade is what I'm interested in, and I think it might be worthwhile to look in new places. 

      Do you ever really know your mechanical limits until you push them to the brink? Knowing means precision, which is what I'm looking for. This is an area I used to be incredibly good at, but with playing less I rely much more on thinking to beat my enemy. I can still win every 1v1 I will ever come across on even ground, even some 1v2s - but 1v3s? No way. Doing them might be bashing my head against a wall, but upping the difficulty might lead to higher efficiency in those 1v1 and 1v2s that I can win in the long run. 

      I think I've mastered tempo as far as it goes, and mechanically I'm about as strong as RNG lets me. Decision making as well, but there's still something that makes me feel inadequate in games. So I'm going to try and find that needle.

    3. GehakteMolen


      Ah, you mean more in a personal way, and less in a meta way.

      Well, i was always of the opinion, that by forcing the enemy to do something, you can force an opening, since, if they have to do something, there is a good chance they will fuck it up, so you can start ``a chain of events`` Especially when they are not in their camp spot yet, and they cant fall back on basic gameplay (like red shire aim for the crossing at start) many people are simply terrible in improvising, or getting out a self dug sh*thole.

      (like how 90% of the arty player has no idea what to do late game in td mode, they simply never live long enough to be alive in the end and are toally clueless)

      ps: However i think offensive play, aka forcing the enemy to make mistakes, is next to impossible nowadays, your playstyle, of beiing passive, seems to be the superior play now (on most maps and in most situations) except with Ebr, there you can still win by offensive play (once in a while, so far my ebr-90 games are glorious wins, or tragic defeats)

    4. M4A3E8sherman


      This is likely one of the reasons why breakthrough tanks are so hard to balance - they change the dynamic of the game by allowing more proactive action, meaning you are no longer dependent on the enemy team making obvious mistakes in a stalemate.

      You can try to balance them by cutting back in the areas where they are strongest, which often results in them being unastounding in any role, or in the areas where they're just ok, resulting in what is often an unfun and one-dimensional tank. Introducing reasonable weakspots without going overboard would probably be a better idea, but WG is obviously reticent to actually do that

  15. back again :eww: 

    carro 45t a lot of fun tho, sucks it has games on it already but gonna push 5k on it

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    2. kolni


      Depends on what your goal is


      1. 907

      2. STB

      3. 140

      4. Carro. 

      5. 430U



      1. STB

      2. Leo

      3. 140

      4. 907

      5. Carro

    3. lavawing


      8 hours ago, kolni said:

      Depends on what your goal is


      1. 907

      2. STB

      3. 140

      4. Carro. 

      5. 430U



      1. STB

      2. Leo

      3. 140

      4. 907

      5. Carro

      I'm honestly surprised the STB-1 is so high but then again the other L7 meds haven't been megabuffed like it has

      8 hours ago, Bobi_Kreeg said:

      STB, 907, 140, UDES, Carro.

      We obviously disagree on Leotard. :) It has great firepower, great mobility, but not having any armor anywhere on it is..

      Damaaage whore :microdoge:

    4. kolni


      M60 just barely didnt make the cut

  16. yeah i'm done with wot as well - EBRs are just running too rampant for this game to have a single enjoyable possible game anymore so I'm not going to push it

    will still be here every now and then - bye for now

  17. Will do these tomorrow, tonight's my 8th 907 3 mark grind starting so gonna be hitting the grind pretty hard now Edit: the grind already broke me and I uninstalled
  18. uhm... tier 8 is laughable


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    2. LetsMakeTheMagic


      I hate T8.

      Bourrasques gun is nerve wrecking.

      Progetto makes no money.

      Skorpion makes money but it is eternally unfun to play.

    3. M4A3E8sherman



      I find Renegade pretty decent, it's prolly not as fun as the meds or as good for money making as the Skorp but it's somewhere in between in both respects

      The bigger problem is just the game in general and all the retardetry that comes with it

    4. LetsMakeTheMagic


      I tried the Renegade on a friends account. I find the cupola not even to be the biggest issue. The gun drives me nuts. I can't seem to hit any fully aimed shots if I don't run coke. 

      The E75TS is often considered the worse Renegade but it clicks more for me tbh. Wouldn't buy either of them though.

      I forgot the 703 II which is decent. Only weird thing beeing the switching reticle when it switches guns. 


  19. The spirit of trying to improve is the key to actually improving, so just keep things like this in mind and you'll play better. Actions need to have a reason behind them as well - if you can't actually verbalise why you're doing something - you shouldn't do it. This could obviously lead to being ridiculously passive (not knowing what to do shouldn't result in doing nothing), but there's a middle ground here that you should try to find. Play with purpose and some mechanical refinement and you can hit unicum in like a month if you really stick to it!
  20. Processing should finish in a couple minutes I'll do Miros' tomorrow
  21. @Snoregasm2 Game 1: Running away from all fights makes you lose them. Even as they were all oneshot if they all just yolod together you'd die there. Enemy team lost that game, you didn't win it. Game 2: Some split second decisions that were off but otherwise good. Game 3: Great, very very small adjustments in hindsight but I wouldn't have played that any better. Hard to see how besides like a 1-2 quicker second rotation decision every now and then - but in this game they those wouldn't have mattered. It was pretty much a perfect game considering your team. Game 4:
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