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  1. it is so sad to see that some people can be this delusional and still be allowed to take part and influence the world
  2. you strike me very heavily as a flat-earther
  3. being a good player at world of tanks is first accepting rng and then making it your bitch
  4. hey kolni finals are coming up you should study

    me, with a hordeolum and a need to study:

    28h wot session with the sole goal of:


    mark is around 3,3k, it sorta makes sense because you can farm so well if you shoot sides but holy shit this is by far the most frustrating tank to play in the game, half the tanks you face are literally unpennable for you


    i have some sleep to catch up on, but it's nice adding this to the collection since there's only 2 of these marks on the server now :doge: 

  5. the isu130 did not get the memo about new matchmaking, 25 games in that and 20 in t55a today and the isu had more t10 games


  6. the only meaningful pattern shown was that prokh was the least common map in the game i'm dropping different ones based on what i'm playing, but i think i'd kill studzianki or minsk so i never have to see that garbage again everything else can be sort of playable but those two maps are just goddamn aids every fucking game
  7. sadly this is probably one of the few places on the internet where you won't find people trying to hook up unless ur rexxie
  8. 6kBjj9H.jpg?1

    now this is the wr i'm cool with :doge: 

    can't tell if it's a good or bad dpg either, tank feels pretty good sometimes and really shit sometimes :frenchy: 

  9. iI9FHsp.jpg?1

    dropped a little damage to boost the wr with more aggression, helped the wr go up a bit but still satisfied.. will go back to hard damage farming again now to get the #1 DPG (just over 4k)

    gambled the middle rock from south spawn on lakeville twice that didn't work which trashed my dpg hard (one 0 dmg game and one 1k)


    really not satisfied...

    1. Enroh


      Nice. Is that NA or EU?

    2. Kolni


      EU, about 100 damage from #1 dpg (slodderV8 has it), should be able to beat it but honestly i've felt so cheated playing this

      the start was the worst i've ever had in anything, and the end kept trolling me with triple arty and bad maps


      could have finished this at 60 or so but the amount of fires, arty memes and general bullshit really made me feel like the game cheated me out of top dpg rather than me playing poorly

      i only have 4-5 games that i felt i played bad in, but i have about 10 or so games where i got trolled out of a good game so it felt unfair

      at least i got the wr up a bit by playing more aggressive, but it definitely had an impact on the dpg

      i just couldn't stand having a 50%wr with a 2,8 damage ratio so went a bit more aggressive

    3. Enroh


      Mid on Lakeville is either feast or famine though if they have arty and a decent scout. 

  10. this made me so fucking sad


  11. exiting queue whenever it goes over 15 seconds actually seems to get you better MM, been doing it today and playing tier 9s made me top tier much more often than while not doing it

    might just be coincidence but it actually seems to work, shorter time in queue could mean MM placing you with more leniency until the queue gets longer and it starts to adjust to put you in batte faster the longer the queue goes, which means worse MM

    obviously just a wierd superstition, but it actually seems to work which is just ridiculous lol


    1. Haswell


      MM starts shoving you into unfavorable templates after a while, so queue jumping will improve your chances of staying within the "good" templates. :doge:

  12. 1EPs2Vq.jpg?1

    this tank is just so fucking insanely good, but i've easily had the worst bunch of teams while playing it, would actually reach 4,3k i think if i had better luck with teams as it's my average when teams don't roll over.. 

    second mark at exactly 50 games, and teams are starting to get better but holy shit i don't think i can fix this atrocious winrate even if i play insanely well until 3rd mark :feelsbad: 

    dpg should be up to 4,1 when i'm done though as crew skills are getting better which should be top EU and NA, but playing 100 games to get on leaderboard instead of marking it at like 65 games... idk.. tryharding for numba wan sucks sometimes :doge: 

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    2. hazzgar


      @Ham_ this happens to me when I try to 3 mark light and other tanks that require your teams not to melt around you

    3. Kolni


      @SIRJ4MES haven't played it, but relying on side bounces is pretty stupid and your frontal armor is garbage so you can't properly outplay but have to rely on RNG to do the work which honestly makes it a really shitty tank for me

    4. _Steve


      I've got 3,3k/70%, trade? :kappa:

  13. maybe now with a 350 pen T-54 with a 62a turret i can finally beat stefans dpg
  14. still a bit too early for me, i played during this time but not seriously will try it out though, square render range will be fun to abuse again
  15. your second monitor is now your main monitor
  16. urgot jungle is the sole reason im not playing this patch
  17. akali was gutted to the point she had her rework changed to total uselessness because she was so dominant in pro play (she was 43% winrate before the nerf in soloqueue) so she won't be needing nerfs i didn't see it, accepted it recently tho
  18. 6 arty pens in 12 standard B games :babyrage: 

    my dpg would be so good if i didn't play the game with 500hp to use every game :feelsbad: 

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    2. Kolni


      yeah i just quit it, fuck dpg whoring :doge: 

    3. sohojacques


      Arty might not be good a winning games, but it’s great at removing huge portions of my HP. 

      What can you honestly do with 3 arty on a map like Fisherman’s Bay in a bottom tier HT? Yolo Wheeled Vehicle spots me at the start of the match in my Caravan AX. 3 seconds later I’ve lost 1200 hp. Fun game.

    4. Balthazars


      Glad to know I'm not the only one who seems to get penned depressingly often by arty when playing the Standard B...

  19. this is like irelias 5ms nerf in league sure it’s a nerf, but it literally won’t change anything the amount of situations where this nerf matters are too few this’d be like nerfing wheeled tank top speed by 1kph a qol change is more needed than a nerf, since the nerf is actually needed more regarding he ammo rather than arty since the stuns are fine but it does too much damage while making you useless unless in cqc, he does too much damage overall and nerfing it would put arty in a bearable spot again a qol change that is needed if he stays the same is stun-immunity for 2-3 seconds after using kit, this is a specific scenario but double stunning right after using medkit is such bs.. it’s a huge quality change but impacts the game very little at the same time you still take damage, and stuns but the difference is that you at least have a window the size of your aim time to get something done before you can get stunned again for using your medkit
  20. Ph0neL2.jpg?1

    this was a decent first battle of the day :doge: 

    think ima call it quits already bois

    (no i did not forget to black out the username, playing this acc for free u merons)

  21. apparently vbaddict has logged 84 different wot account logins from this computer lol, how many alts do u got? :doge: 

    1. hall0


      Around 20+. But can't tell exactly cause I lost my excel sheet with all the log in data. 

  22. 41 games for pta 2nd mark, wonder if i can make 3rd sub 50 if i channel my inner carbondaddy :doge: 

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Is it worth playing? I played the Leo1 on the test server a while back and I enjoyed it a lot. It is the only reason that makes me want to come back to the game. I noticed it was pretty good (though only with iVstab) as the extra mobility over the other mediums helped it a lot. But mostly it was fun to play.

    3. Kolni


      im tryharding my ass off and i'm barely breaking 3,7-3,8 in it, e50 is an easy 4,2 for me and so is the t54... it's not great but it is a fun tank, arty being able to reliably pen you really sucks dix tho

      it is unique though and miles, miles better than the 30p despite what common consensus is

    4. nabucodonsor


      MMmm I hav played the t54 recently and even if it is strong I dont like it. ATM I feel that fun>strengh so then I might finish the grind. Stuck at the HWK so we will see how it goes.

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