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  1. Might be Putin's NA account for whenever he's over visiting, don't let him know he's bad
  2. It isn't bannable to be retarded and play the game stupidly, if it was no game would ever make it big because only 3-4% of gamers would be able to play it in the first place someone sitting in a bush on redline doing nothing is just as useful as the teammate next to u because they are all garbage anyway, just dont pay them any attention (they are literally the brain function equivalent of what a Taco Bell toilet looks like so paying them attention is pointless) and focus on your game merons will always be merons and thinking anything different will only cause you further struggles
  3. Nice one, it's insane how good the PTA is right now
  4. Tanks are too accurate, 0,4 wasn’t uncommon on tier 10 heavies back when the IS-4 was good. IMO when the game was at its peak in quality. Blame the russian playerbase for being braindamaged alcoholics for pushing the game in the pixelsnipe/CQC direction because they genuinely like that gameplay
  5. i might do some replay requests soon since the kanker gameplay has calmed down a little since the patch

    tell me which tank u want replays of and i'll play a 10 game session and upload it in a thread somewhere

    only tier 9 and 10

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    2. sohojacques


      I’ve been meaning to rebuy the WT auf whatever for 260 sneaky missions. Show me how to play it Kolni.

    3. Snoregasm2


      T-55A (I know it's good and you'll probably enjoy playing it - interested to see how aggressive you are in it, as it feels like I get worse results the more aggressive I am in it, contrary to a lot of Russian meds)

      Tvp 50/51 (how to play it in this meta, feels like it's been one of the worst losers from the armour creep/map meta)

      Object 277 (feels very awkward to use for me, no hull armour but shit gun dep, and the speed often hurts rather than helps if you get too aggressive)

      T-100lt - (not sure if you play lights, but would be interesting to see how you farm damage in such a scout based tank)

      907 - (to see how you use the armour more than anything else)

      I'm sure there's more but the list above should be plenty for now. I feel like it's Christmas :tanfiesta:


    4. nabucodonsor


      Stock IS4. Only HE

  6. 0.4 no thanks i think everything but leo 1 has too shitty acc
  7. I’ve decided to go on hiatus again, not liking my gameplay enough/gameplay in general. Feels like I’ve regressed a little just in a few weeks again, will still be here and answer things but I’m not interested in playing when I don’t meet my standards. Not really sure if it’s got to do with me or something else, also don’t want to bother finding out.
  8. I actually wouldn't mind an aggressive HP buff to everything. Say 20% at tier 5 and below to rid of some oneshot-memes, and maybe 15-10% above on higher tiers. Gives you longer games which I honestly think nobody would mind, and would increase quality a bit more. That said I think it's the only change necessary, the change will scale better for armoured tanks unless you change alpha to match the HP change, but then it's pointless. With some bigger HP pools the 400-500 arty splash isn't as problematic, high alpha TD value goes down a little bit, more uptime (takes longer to kill) so active spotting, being the first to push, and trading gets easier across the board which I honestly think could be a very good thing for new player experiences and low-tier players while not ruining the top tier experience. The change proposed is honestly too aggressive. It tries to solve too many problems with WoT without considering its gameplay implications.
  9. im not a physicist (which isn't actually important to this), i asked you to explain further so i could see the connection which you didn't so where does that leave us? i asked you to explain and you aren't, you're redirecting would it be narrow minded to assume that someone is gimping themselves by not using one of their two legs to walk? i think it does, and while it's stretched to an extreme you are still presenting a similar thing. not using the tools at your disposal but instead working around it is the very definition of gimping yourself lol i called you a meron because i think you are, trying to shit talk other people without any evidence to support what you're saying along with obvious contradictions that a player that desires competition never would have. either you're lying about your skill level or you're actually a genuine meron, no other way for someone to do what you're doing
  10. lights have been busted in fl really long so this change really makes sense... but wg doing something sensical? i smell shenanigans
  11. i dont see how extending a simple symmetry into a complex one has absolutely anything whatsoever to do with this but if you care to elaborate im all ears on what you wrote though it really doesn't matter, if you are good enough to 3mark them without gold you are good enough to perform well above with it so why don't you? this is the game and your attitude towards it doesn't make sense since 3 marking is a competitive element to the game, and if you dont want to load gold then you're gimping yourself which goes against every sort of competition in history lol if you care about 3 marks but still hold to your pub retard gold sucks values you are a walking paradox my friend
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yt4uvmde5uqt5gr/AACIgwLSx_kpVAx3PSiZpQiga?dl=0 replay links for the ppl who want to use those instead, nothing's muted but a lot of people don't like my music choices also the odd grille/pz7/tvp game in there while bc dead session stats but some games are missing, they're probably around average tho (from bottom to top in order) this was a bit more focus on spotting in general, honestly the bc is just so incredibly bad at dealing damage reliably that i actually think the best way to play it is like a light with an mt hp pool much to my frustration there were so many fv183s out today after the black market sale and i haven't played in pretty long so i decided to just power through it anyway despite getting penned by just a ridiculous amount of them
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bzoezjugvm5kmyy/AADKJZUGAC-ULllw8fYpBFfOa?dl=0 <-- replay pack i posted this as status and since i play with replays off in general i normally don't save replays but i think it'll actually do more use here, this is one of the sessions were i felt that i was nearing the peak of how good the game can be in several of the games so there's honestly a lot to learn from them, but still very many mistakes that could be worked on etc might be willing to go over them with analysis from my PoV if needed will have my replays on again for a while and share some useful ones here if i get around to playing a bit more
  14. while they do matter they are also very overrated they matter because it's a parameter you can improve on infinitely, but having played so much without them they really dont play as big of a part as made out to be the big hump is to get over not having sixth sense, it makes for a totally different game because you have to guess and react to anything that could spot you but past that and you won't notice everything else very much 90s CD rep kit made the repair skill a lot less useless, i only do one engagement in that window so my kit'll be back up anyway most of the time so the repair skill really goes down in value camo is probably the most notable skill you can learn in game imo, after you get past playing without sixth sense then having camo really is noticeable, while everything else is sort of playable without with a stock 100% crew i'd say my dpg goes down less than 600 on t10s across the board, which is still very far from bad performance
  15. <- grinded his rerolled account on his fresh dpg 907 with an 80% crew instead of playing TBs/SHs because fuck grinding crew XP lol i will say that the grindy nature of this game is a positive, if it’d be like other F2P games where you could just buy everything to skip the grind entirely a lot of wots value would drop.. here the XP needs to come from somewhere which means that you have to invest time into the game and not just money this training thing wont matter tbh, the people good enough to reroll for stats have done so already and everyone else has their garage pretty well set by now, honestly cant count on new players in this game lol i dunno who’d suffer through low tiers to grind their way to the t10 gameplay that isnt even good
  16. B9GD9xF.jpg?1

    85-95 in 9 games.. lol

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    2. Snoregasm2


      Thanks for uploading. I really liked how you played Mines - that map is fucking cancer at higher tiers but you managed it really well. Do you often go to that hull down spot? Seems a great place for a Russian med.I really noticed how you approached the end game (stage 3/4) - you were a 1 shot the entire time, but you still actively pushed and hunted damage. Your movement towards the hill completely neutralised the Swedish TDs whilst allowing you side shot on the Type 5.

      I also noticed that you never 'pushed' early game, i/e/ you didn't risk your HP for key spots. You basically played PvE - where your team went, you used them, but you didn't let the team use you. E.G. on Prok you took what damage was there without needlessly risking yourself spotting. When your team pushed 1/2 line you followed, and put yourself more at risk as it was now stage 2. As soon as it was clear it was a lost flank, you noped right out of there (very impressive - I find it hard to retreat from there once pinned down). But you still showed balls - I would never rush the Kragnvan knowing that the Skorpian was camping at the back. You even missed your first shot but still killed both.


      On Lakeville, I was amazed how you dealt with the Chinese TD who rushed you in the middle. It's not that you killed him, it's that you did it taking 0 dmg whilst ensuring that enemy in the middle got 0 shots on you (you only took splash from arty). The level of micro is insane, and probably can't be replicated, but I still wanted to call it out. Later on, as with all the games I watched, your assist damage comes almost by accident - you're hunting damage and you get spotting damage as you do it - you're not actively scouting or spotting (again, treating it like PvE and doing your own dirty work without necessarily relying on teammates).

      Sorry for the long comment - i intend to replay properly to your high level gameplay topic. 

      If anyone else sees this, watch the replay pack.

    3. Kolni


      I'd say that the Studzi game was almost all luck. My initial thought when they started proxying me was that my game was over (at like 94,5 at the time so a little pressure that got into my head right off of the bat) but noticing how many people we had in the back I knew I was safe at least. No way they could push me as long as I sidescraped the Cent and eventually forcing him to overpeek. The issue was that I was stuck though, as long as they kept proxying me I wouldn't be able to do anything. Luckily they got bored and started taking damage and eventually fell back so I could start untying the area and break the stalemate. 

      Most of the assisted was intentional, on Mines I was the one lighting their entire middle and I'm arty safe so I can pe permaspotted, so I just keep them lit for arty long enough and it'll eventually start shooting it. IS7s will get penned in their UFP trying to sidescrape me eventually, so I'd wear them down no matter what either through assisted by arty or by my own damage. It's a hard situation to put yourself in but a very good one, if you can be the only one being proactive but still safe is when I get my really high damage games. Sometimes odd assist numbers just come up without thinking of it, but I think that's just a result of playing the game the way I do. 

      Regarding the middle meme on Lakeville I obviously just should've double-tracked the WZ and sidefarmed him as it'd been much easier but I was feeling confident so I wanted to see what I could pull off lol. I accounted for at least taking one shot of damage from him though, otherwise straight to double track. 

      Lakeville was also lucky damage-wise, didn't think the game would be any good after such little action early on.

    4. Snoregasm2


      I thought on Mines the spotting was a happy side effect - re-watching it, I can see you peaked more than you needed to, so yeah, good spotting work. 

      On that note, I saw your view range was slightly less than max - i assume you use vents rather than optics as a result? All my high level meds run optics instead - it is mainly because i hate relying on teammates for spotting and often have to do it myself (or at least I feel that way - maybe I should change). Is that something you do for all tier 10 meds, or just the Russian meds/140?

      Another thing I noticed (i've watched the rest of the games now, including Studz) was how decisively you push when you decide that's what you want to do. I think a lot of players like me (nowhere near your level, but fairly good at micro/other stuff you mentioned in your topic) are timid when pushing, because we remember times when it went wrong/we died due to lack of teammate support. Essentially, we're letting emotion/past tilt get in the way of the correct play at the time. I think (correct me if i'm wrong) you push so well because you actually have such a macro understanding/awareness that even though it may look like a risk, it actually isn't. Your push on Highway is a case in point - you went at the Jagd E 100 and Badger, because you knew there were no base campers and that they couldn't counter push. It's really helpful watching what you're saying in your topic in real time.

      Your worst game was probably Minsk. I personally block it as it seems so random pushing the 1/2 line (do you always do this in meds?) - you have no real idea as to what's there until you're there (a little like the hill on Serene Coast) - which maps do you block, out of interest?

      I liked to watch your opening moves in each of the games. On Sieg, for example, I often go to E8 at the start from North spawn, but it is very hit and miss. I thought your opener was much better for a Russian med. How much are your opening moves dictated by arty? Studz for example was a very safe opener (yeah, you got a little lucky, but tbh it is hard for them to push if you have back campers), given it was both arty safe and not going into the trench to potentially get yolo'd. 

  17. you understand that i have played wot for 5-6 years and that it has undeniably played part in running my mental health down the gutter right? i dont make sense on a more srs note tho i prefer meds because they all overperform for me, heavies and even some TDs have much more enjoyable gameplay but im just a much better MT player since the last 30k games or something are 90% mediums if you’d include the 50b among them.. ppl like carbon are good at everything and you have some ppl that clap my ht dpgs pretty hard but get clapped back in meds ive been drifting away from armoured gameplay entirely lately (nato meds and paper tanks mostly) because that’s where i relatively perform the best 50b/e50m/leo1 etc are tanks that right now i dont see anyone beating me in (busy with finals rn tho so am very rusty as gametime lately is low), 50b perhaps if Val has a go at it as he’s probably the best player on this forum right now but he plays armoured gameplay generally and destroys my dpgs there, and watching him play there isn’t any server variance either, ANZ server small AF but the gameplay looked just the same with small differences (both good and bad so it prob evens out) i just capitalise on my strengths, sure spamming nonstop chieftain/279 only will get me higher DPGs but relative to other players im just better at playing without armour, while other players are better at leveraging armour than i am i’ve always liked using the map to dick people over rather than relying on micromanaging, and then mobility is much more valuable than armour, but my way is not the best way to play the game i think. but i refuse to become a meta slave and i play the game how i want to, and it’s honestly not a handicap since i cherrypick tanks that let me play that way rather than playing meta tanks unconventionally
  18. Nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope
  19. there is a giant design issue within the core game that sadly wont go away open areas that use terrain rather than buildings are intended for mobile tanks, but with it obviously comes arty since they won't be able to hit fuck all anywhere else (except for pilsen cuz LUL hit by arty inside buildings xd) so the corridory shit just shafts mediums and lights even more because they'll be the only thing for arty to shoot at literally no reason whatsoever to play lt/mts in 2k19, and for every map designed past 2014 this issue stands.. the newer maps all have only one open area where arty can reliably hit without having to aim between buildings or pixelshots so i'm honestly just considering moving away from meds entirely since there's just so many maps now that you get handicapped in gameplay simply because arty is a hard counter to what wg wants medium tanks to do, lights can get away with spotting stuff on some of these maps and dodge arty with mobility but mediums really suffer from arty on the newer maps the previous iteration of kharkov had this issue too, and the new one will as well the old kharkov north area was actually decently made, the issue with it was that it was the only place arty could fire so any exposure made it insanely hard to trade well, and while i haven't tried this one yet (so won't comment on the area) the minimap tells the same story.. even if the area was decently designed it'll automatically turn sour whenever arties are involved.. the good thing about this map specifically is that it seems to be almost half the map at least, so you might just be able to not get shot at as much by it if you limit your exposure (also a problem with meds though, combat range is too close to not get lit to fire and with sub 10s reloads you'll be permalit pretty much everywhere on the map unless you snipe at the buildings) im also not a huge fan of some the building placements but i'll probably check it out later and see if the terrain might soft nerf some of the long range firing lines with hard cover but it's wg so i wouldn't hold my breath also just by looking at the minimap i found broken hulldown spots already XD
  20. didnt like stb way too much to keep track of to utilise the tank properly, it's a mess to play well.. much like strv gameplay it takes so long to get used to that it's just not worth the investment for me.. it probably has its moments but im just not gonna put it in the effort on the leo side of things though i already liked it a lot in this meta (wierd i know) and it was massively overperforming for me, might just replace 50m and 50b for favourite tanks in the game if it makes live.. leo1 already kinda took the e50m since e50m isn't considered armoured anymore, and having a gun accurate enough to reliably not even be able to miss is something i really value calling leo 5k dpgable if it hits live
  21. unless you’re actively trying to improve (basically treating the game as you would school etc) then there’s no reason for a feelsbad
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