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  1. Would you say the game has improved over the last 6 months? 

    I think it might be the first time the reception seems to have trended upwards for WoT since like 2014

    1. Expendable_Lad


      Based on the last few years - I've been playing more tanks in the last 6 mos than any other time in recent memory (RIP personal life). I still have a ton of "what the faaaaaa?" moments seeing 48%ers in bourrs crushing it and getting gold spammed in my 8s by tier Xs - but yeah, I feel you on this. 

  2. This is mostly theory since I've played very little since eq 2.0 but i stuck with single loadouts on everything that doesn't have a quality significant to warrant the bother of a second loadout which most mediums/heavies don't. camo TD's and lights definitely do and I think field mods are a huge buff to those classes but almost all mediums and heavies have such a predefined optimal way of play that unless you're very mobile with burst they all want the same things out of their equipment which is short of swapping specific aim equipment for other aim equipment i just never felt inferior going w
  3. The trick to this is zoom>aim down>W before you poke and NOT during and you’ll get it down eventually
  4. Didn’t like any of the previous ones simply because they could have been done better in obvious ways but I kept having really good games almost no matter how I tried to play them so no harm no foul.. would have tried to abuse the E6 mark through vision abuse if I realised how easy assist farming was earlier on Might see some players try the VK this time around
  5. It’s worth the time in a reward/effort ratio if you’re prepared for how gameplay looks in every ladder across every game. It’s pretty brutal if WoT’s been your only game since gameplay doesn’t look like this since people that want to compete get paired with a lot of casual players every game. In Ranked that’s not true. It’s just a total waste of time without effort so while you’ll still be paired with objectively bad players they’re going to resort to whatever method is the most effective to win. It’s been ridgeline poking as the trading pattern is straightforward and hulldown tanks d
  6. Yeah if you want big games easily that setup works, personally ran it full gun equip and sought out the tier 8s (where you can fight them without tier 10s, if not then seek the easy damage until the map opens up) in tier 10 games and for the other MM I just never had any trouble finding damage since I’m very used to playing lower alpha guns I played it as a mid-range farmer or a chokepoint with very heavy trackspam, next shot’s only 5-6 sec away so I would always go for that if I felt confident about not getting punished as a repkit is worth more than 230 damage against pretty much everyt
  7. Bofors used to be Sweden’s biggest weapons manufacturer, grew up an hour away from their main office. Pretty sure Alfred Nobel ran the company (Nobel prize guy) until they started making gun powder, used to be a steel mill before that. Company grew very aggressively due to arming Sweden during the WWs and exporting to some degree. Pretty sure BAE owns the division that makes heavy armaments now as Bofors dissolved some time in the 90s. Very typical tank for Sweden, almost everything was designed to operate on scandinavian terrain. The direct translation of Tornvagn is ”Towerwagon” wh
  8. Honestly don’t even see it as a problem, it will miss shots point blank and is as accurate as an artillery while HE splash is a lot less effective I would much rather fight 15 of these things than a mix of Progettos/Borrasques because it’s an artillery without bird’s eye.. I would rather play the Sturer Emil just as is a tier up than this thing The RNG to make this work is so bad that it’s just going to near impossible levels only to perform as a normal tier 8 and nobody’s going to get around that no matter the player
  9. Yup it’s going to get nerfed really hard in a few patches I think, feels way too strong both playing as and against right now and every time that happens it’s 3 months of being exactly that until enough people spent time on the line to nerf it into unplayable for the foreseeable future tier 9 also felt really nice, only have 4 games so far but enjoyed it
  10. one of my best freestyles for suuure

  11. cjfudbc.png

    this tank Gladge

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    2. kolni


      Nah might somewhere down the line though, off stream for #1 HoF first

    3. hazzgar


      Please stream. I was going up nicely, even had a 2k base exp game but then got punished with the 91% curse. 

    4. hazzgar


      Noticed one silly thing about this tank. Full gold spam, without any boosters and it still makes money. Even when buying consumables at full price. WG is shit at balancing this part of prems since prem shells on 200 alpha kpz07 cost around the same.

  12. borrasque has 40% camo stationary?? this cant be real

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    2. hazzgar


      @sr360 yeah I was curious since I finished my missions and don't need bounty GLD on my arty but yeah VS, Vents and IAU work well for me. Cursed with 91% and now dropped to 88-89% after getting punished for that 7k damage/2050 exp game with steamrolls on ensk. 

    3. GehakteMolen


      hmm, thats rly sucky aim time, yeah, i would put optics / lnes and last slot gld (i think and no stab) i personally thing improved aiming is a waste on almost every tank, for med / heavy its imo always stab / rammer, and last slot rotation / turbo / vents / gld, depending whats sucks the most (tds can be played so different, hard to generalize)

    4. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen IAM is amazing on autoloaders tho and imho since it affects your accuracy at all times makes a big difference. 

  13. streaming at twitch.tv/yung_xd


    first gameplay in 6 montyhs, 0 battle PTA grtind

  14. Goddammit feeling the urge to play again... 

    EU/RU accounts to sock very welcome, stats will obviously be worthwhile as long as credit drop isn't an issue

  15. funny how u can make house into trance by just speeding it up (+8%)


    1. LoverJoy


      What's the difference?

  16. Yeah I think the trick is to treat them as arty rounds pre-stun change, they should still be more reliable in terms of acc than before but much pickier about the armour it connects with. It’s probably how they should have changed it right away rather than the stun mechanic but since stuns just seem too effective in terms of accumulating impact in comparison so I doubt it’ll have a real change on gameplay.
  17. Could consider them in situations where stuns don’t really do much. I believe this is harder to recognise than it sounds or it would be figured out by now. When the map is completely locked down and arty needs to dig something out is the ideal scenario but it rarely ever happens due to EBRs now so the approach of an arty grinding a flank down to be pushable isn’t a scenario that happens outside of organised play. There I can see it getting a lot of use (especially among mid level skill at T10) I’ve only watched streams of this patch as I haven’t played for quite some tim
  18. I misses that lol, then it’s clearly very very useful
  19. Intuition effect is fine but it’s not anything to play around so that alone makes it very bad. Yeah you can reload a 183 shell to a better ammotype - same for clips but nobody in their right mind is going to swap those shells out to gamble a 10% vs a 30 second reload punish.. in that time frame you can always find a way to fire them and THEN swap to the better ammotype If you’re willing to gamble that amount of downtime on that percentage (if there’s no punish for reloading then the skill has no value so downtime should always be assumed) as part of the gameplay it’s basically t
  20. I’d rate it highly on tanks that’ll take 5-600 from direct hits but significantly less otherwise Getting out of the stun is the big win for running it IMO and that only matters when your mobility allows to get out of splash range -> completely useless on heavies Leo1/STB? Easily better than FF 907 or more armoured? FF will be better General skills still better, VR skills will only be better if you will make use of the extra VR to generate dealt damage higher than HP lost by arty for the tradeoff - easy to do if you understand vision well, not so much if you can’t discer
  21. I always wondered why WoT never had people doing mechanical deep dives. The climbing era was probably the only thing that resembled anything near it where you really took a close look at terrain and how traction worked. 

     WoT is just so incredibly lacking in any sort of information to use for it.

    I for one would really like to know what decides when a physical texture can be fired through. It is by all means possible to do it but the visual/physical texture relation has nothing do with it and there's no real explanation as to why it should even be able to occur in the first place. It's a solid texture your tank can interact with but still fired through. 

    1. hall0


      in the meantime. Soap Rocks :serb:

    2. kolni


      I mean the opposite was true too, the rails cap building on Himmels Atk/Def (dunno if it still exists) was possible to clip into but not fired through - pretty sure it was fixed reasonably fast at least

  22. What I’m referring to is the length of the grind to get on par to not be at a disadvantage simply for having played less. Any account can get a maxed tier 10 in a short time frame and the fairness in it is that it’s the same for everyone no matter when you start. This doesn’t apply to the economy at all though because the best way of getting to a good relation there is already having a good economy. With how the system works you’ll never get around it and there will always be a gap. Before bonds rerolling was just a matter of training your crews back up and XP grinding - so
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