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  1. XP farming means securing kills, going for kills over damage also increases your win odds imo, but it fucks ur dpg more than the one shot because it cuts down gametime
  2. i mean.. there are good spots to play but not with 3 arties on westfield, you get lit too much on those spots to survive the arties so you settle for a passive play where you rely on your skillset to have a good game, you can’t make a set play with so little information as the middle of Westfield gives you, so that’s the best advice I have its hard to be constructive while generalising, passive play is hard to review as a generalisation on certain maps because it only applies to super specific conditions that you’re going to meet like once every 50 games on that map (aka once every 1k+ games = not worth the time and effort) a replay of that only gives you that tidbit of info, honing your decisionmaking on the map instead makes for better practice in my opinion, at least for the maps where set plays just don’t work well enough for good games(westfield, airfield, minsk, studzi, sand river and so on) set plays simplify the game but they also limit your amount of decisions to make as you perfect them, which is a good thing most of the time but kinda bad sometimes too
  3. nah that aim time is just not acceptable for anyone caring about their sanity
  4. The city angles are hard to play because you will poke into crossfires no matter what you do, either the TDs or meds get shots on you and the spots are used every game without fail so I’d suggest playing the northern part of the city to prevent south from getting render on you Also very little to actually fight there, but I still play the same way on 2+ arty games, north spawn has a much better middle imo, i get good games there but from south i get very tricky situations to play most of the time because you just don’t have any other way of surviving on the map otherwise I think you just have to try things out, it’s a passive play that you play along with and not where you dictate what happens so you need to learn how to respond to things happening and while it’s gonna suck short term it gets better later on when you can actually respond right away in the right ways takes a while to get there but there are no good quick fixes to making plays like that any easier to do, just keep it in mind every time you get westfield with MM that makes you want to play middle that you should try things out when you can afford to try it to get a hands on response to what you’re doing
  5. IS-5 is a tank creeped into oblivion + never offered outside of CW (afaik) and that combination makes for stupidly difficult requirements, both in MoE and mastery if you're the only one playing a tank more than a few games you can basically manipulate the tank average into your own averages with a high quantity of games - which is almost always a bad idea if you are already above the average cutoff
  6. when it comes to being as cheap as possible in this game you save up credits for 11 months and blow it during christmas, repeat next year
  7. how to avoid tilting as a tryhard: distance yourself from emotional investment - while treating the game like life and death sure gives you a good attention span towards it but it'll also cloud your judgment every bad streak of games meaning you're letting your emotions dictate your gameplay quality figuring out ways to prevent your cause of death/bad situations for next time is all you can do after the mistake has already been made, most of these tend to be very specific but once you get them down you can start looking at the map with a much better sense of gameflow in the end since you just keep adding stuff important to know about the map in its current situation ^ focus on this and it should be easier to keep a neutral attitude towards your previous bad game look at hard facts port mortem, keep them simple when reasoning as to why your game was shit and find an answer, don't blame the game/enemy tank/gold/serb/rng for what happened but rather think about something actually useful like why you died, what should've been done instead and so on until you get reasonable answers like "pushing here blindly with X and Y positions unspotted makes this play dangerous" and make note that you need position X and Y in this situation to be spotted or made sure to be unused for this play to be a good idea etc. > go into next game. this type of thing tends to get specific but go over the game until you find a lapse of judgment from your end and work your way from there into a better gameplan - this is probably the biggest source of useful non-written info the game gives you if you stick to it over time as you will get much better at predicting outcomes with better gameplans and more efficient at doing it. low risk low reward plays are still better than high risk high reward plays if you start comparing their results (at least to me they are) because low/low plays don't kill you - obv low/high plays are best but when unsure of what to do, take the high percentage play and you save yourself a lot of frustration, especially on maps you're unfamiliar with its terrain on (knowing which houses are solid, what rubble tanks the entire shell and not just slightly lower its pen and the general elevation differences is beyond my knowledge at least on this many maps), playing more cautiously helps you make better decisions when you often run into situations you're unsure of how to play out on those maps once you're tilted you are, don't brush it off but admit it right away to start speculating as to if you feel like this mistake ruined the session - if so then just quit and try again later, no reason ever to play during sub-optimal circumstances if you don't need to arty - start tracking their reloads and poke before their reloads are up and try to wait until the arty fires (most preferably on someone else doing the same thing you are) until your next poke to keep yourself from being lit and in a reloaded arty crosshair at the same time i normally just quit whenever my anger gets the better of me, first time that happens means at least a 2h break these days i only really tilt from being focused unreasonably, like tanks not shooting the easiest target they have, or not focusing a low HP autoloader in the open but rather the hulldown full hp tank poking (me) etc, things that should be working, looks like they're working, acts like they're working, but don't. you just start accepting the stuff you can't impact and get with the programme there. maps, mm, rng are all things you can't really control so it's a needless source of pressure you don't need, when these things happen you can't really do much to change them but play along and if you really got screwed then you simply drew the short straw, everyone gets those once in a while. when that happens you still have a reason as to why the game was bad, and when it's out of your control then there's no point dwelling on it at all. mostly it's about self-criticism and some confidence, tilt prevents you from using either which are both vital aspects of skill refinement and it absolutely destroys your attention span and keeps autopiloting to focus on processing emotions instead tl;dr better understanding of the game prevents tilting put yourself in low risk situations over high risk even if the payoff is much worse, take the short term small loss over "risking it" every time and you should automatically start going into wr of 58+ imo stabilise gameplay, every action should have a reason for it and that reason should be good enough to warrant the action recognise when it's time to quit focus is required to improve but not to play well - autopiloting means that the game isn't your primary focus currently going on inside your head so remove the other distractions if you want to learn more efficiently sound assumptions let you skip steps in favour of tempo understand why something's happening and it stops getting under your skin eventually
  8. WELL T95E6 req went up 700 in 3 days (probably because I'm the only one playing it and mark has updated ><) so today it dropped from 90 to 87 with 2 10k combined games... 


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    2. echo9835


      If you guys can get me a rental code I can fix this...

    3. Haswell


      Is this easier or harder than your ISU-130 suffering? :doge:

    4. kolni


      easier because here i have at least one other player to compete with, in the ISU130 I was the only player playing it on the entire server during those weeks (setting a 2week timer on me to complete it or i would have to compete against my own last 100 over and over rather than other players' which is like triple as hard

      but t95e6 is actually not such a shitty tank as the isu130, so the req goes up accordingly (they both suffer huge DPM/shit gun combos that you can barely use though)

      you can keep a 5,5k-6k combined session on an E6 with the right map rotation pretty reliably, and that's where the mark is, i'd just have to hold on to one for long enough to get the mark, but a bad game is a full% down and those happen more often than to keep the moe rising as of right now

      undecided whether i should just git gud and power through or play it smart and just not play it for a few months and autocomplete it when MoE's updated back to it without two people trying to 3mark it in the its 14day MoE eval, req can literally only go down from here


  9. Playable? Yeah, grinding through them isn’t painful Relevant? T29 and Type 62 are. Tiger I suffers from the meta and gets progressively worse but there still isn’t a tank that does the same things better than it in its tier, even if it’s kind of bad it still has a role in the game. The other 2 are outclassed by same tier and nation prems in literally every important stat so there is zero point in using them besides progressing further in the tree
  10. cant believe i forgot the number one rule to not play on patch day

    t95e6 mark from 94 to 89 :feelsbad: 

    1. echo9835


      Look on the bright side, now you get to play the tank even more!

    2. zipritch


      why does it do that

  11. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t31ggldsqd4dont/AADY8lT-QlLggQ-mwX9YLE6za?dl=0


    replays for anyone who wants them, this tank sucks soooo much man and the req is the same as m60s but with a shittier gun and much less mobility.. 

    but morning session was pretty sweet, doubt i can do better than this level of play in this tank..

  12. damn no one told me the E6 gets 4k+ dpm when it’s maxed... geez 

    1. kolni


      ... and it still sucks somehow

    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      Probably why no one told you. 

    3. kolni



      i changed my mind after taking a break

      then i got meme'd cuz this tank can't hit for shit and then i changed it back

  13. i88PKnB.jpg?1

    did it again after the buffs, expected more resistance but this went smooth af lol

    now to kms with the e6

    1. Snoregasm2
    2. Wanderjar
    3. kolni



      @Snoregasm2 first games i've played since marking m60 so about a months break, so gameplay is a bit shaky, couple games with rly bad decisionmaking that set me back a lot

      %start was 78

  14. new install, what sound settings on what are you supposed to use if you want absolutely zero game audio except the gun firing etc?

    1. echo9835


      Everything but Vehicles I think. Effects is map stuff like pre-game explosions and walls and trees crumbling, Ambiance is birds and shit in the background.


    techno trance from yours truly, (don't dj high, but it went fine sorta :serb:)

    1. punishersal
    2. Vindi


      oh my days i love this, insta download, its great set for lol too!

  16. 110-140 ping to NA, guess im coming over to show who's boss :P 

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    2. Wanderjar


      shit. i give up

    3. Enroh


      rip non-meta tank MOE reqs now....shitters be like "wtf i needed 2500 for 3 moes now I need 4500?" :babyrage:

      HAHA - good to see you back buddy

    4. BadLuckCharm


      What the.... now that's just seal clubbing, for you.

  17. just got my first decently sized booking as a dj, feels pretty fucking dank man

    problem is i have to use a moniker, first-last name IDs aren't popular on underground events so the arranger asked me to come up with one and since I'm doing that I'll be thinking of a permanent one.. but i'm drawing a blank.. any ideas? i'd love a funny one, or clever, or anything that isn't taken and also is rememberable

    dj yung makes me sound like a sad boi and i'm not part of that scene anymore and since it's techno/trance fusion i'm mainly playing i probably want something to hint in that direction off of the name as well, i'd love any suggestions how stupid they may be because i've spent the last hour not having a single idea make it past the "does it suck?" culling

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    2. kolni


      guys the 80s spinner names aren't the hots anymore

    3. kolni


      @Balthazars recommended by many in the underground industry, using your own name is a bad idea until you start getting official, above board bookings

    4. Balthazars


      @kolni Fair enough, I had no idea that was your actual name!

  18. i did it the other way around, wouldn't call it the optimal way of playing it but with ebr's being present every single game you rarely get to play primary spotter anyway so i went vents/rammer/optics and went for full damage gameplay just like the lt432 is good at, it's all about not overextending then, playing it more as an agile medium since the gun is lowest alpha in tier with sub par dpm that doesn't really help it rack up damage that means you have to draw games out and make sure you play the long game, meaning you don't always use your mobility to take vision control but use it more as a relocation device when you need to split, use camo and small profile to keep yourself from taking damage while making sure you keep dealing damage one tip is to play reasonably passive until the game opens up, once people are alone and get caught you can just yolo in as the 2nd tank and freefarm, do that enough times and you get some pretty good reliable damage out close to every game while taking every free shot you can find (use your mobility for this, not CQC with other lights) lt432 is a real good tank to practice in a lower tier with easier opposition, identical playstyle at a lower difficulty
  19. the 6th sense directive is pretty useful if you're not comfortable with the tanks camo values yet, if you're poking at 400m without bushes it's pretty hard to tell if you're going to get spotted or not against certain tanks (or peeking blindly) and the extra second gives you a full second to react, with aimtimes being around 2-3 seconds it is actually a pretty difference between taking a shot and not taking one however once you get more comfortable with the tank in question, specifically it's vision/camo ability the directive is close to useless, just like 6th sense becomes much less useful, but short of BiA and repairs i'd still rate it more important than anything else you can skill anyway so there's really no point in not using it having done a handful of marks with atrocious crews (0 skill tier 9 crews mostly before you could get crews to decent levels without having to actually grind them out) you get used to not using sixth eventually and if you simply just avoid crossing risky areas it isn't actually so bad being without it, high alpha bush campers become a problem and you need hard cover almost all the time to keep dealing damage but i thought the experience would be much worse than it was i also thought this was a bug a while back but it's honestly an overestimation of your ability to tell if you're spotted or not, mostly you're permaspotted or just got shot before it triggers, if you die 2,9 seconds after getting spotted it feels like you should've been spotted but don't, at exactly 3 seconds the sense triggers as your tank blows up, think about if this only happens when you die or if you can physically spotcheck with hard cover or camo math because i found that this issue was 100% ignorance on my end and no bug at all
  20. guess first two weeks of this change is the time to 3mark the 279 before the MoE changes go live
  21. t32 suffered the same fate as the 110 and that was a better tank at almost everything in my eyes outside of knifefighting (better than it with small gun, worse with large) 110 had gun handling going for it and a stronger beak but a complete lack of troll armour and in a meta where aim spread was far more centered so that honestly didn't matter much the 110 walked a pretty fine line in terms of relevance but as soon as it had its strengths questioned it fell of a cliff harder than anything in the tier (panther 88 and t343 excluded)
  22. i mean to be fair carbon was doing 3k in the 110 back in the day.. it was good it just didn't have the characteristics to stay relevant with how the game developed.. i did enjoy the tank back then but i'd certainly not enjoy it now pretty sure garbad ranked the 110 above the is3 which was just never true at any point
  23. personally found the armour to be close to useless, not that the armour layout is bad (it isn't) but for how effective the armour is you rarely actually get to use it the playstyle means you rarely ever show anything but your turret anyway so i found the armour on the hull to be overkill, i'd much rather have it stripped of it and better mobility values instead (which aren't bad either, but the tank would benefit much more from that than the armour imo) gold value pretty much killed the enjoyment for me though, going from an m60 with 350 heat to this made it painfully obvious how much impact it has for my gameplay still a 7.5/10 tank though for me, after the 3mark i just ran out of steam to keep playing it
  24. I only use shift. Max FoV and I have x25 turned off along with the sniper mode locked to the shift key so I can zoom in 3rd person with force without going into snipermode. Not only that but I haven’t used any zoom but x8 in sniper mode for well over 3 years. Other people might but I have absolutely no use for any other PoV than x8 in sniper. It works up close and it’s zoomed enough to hit shots at max range. if that’s an issue for some I’d argue their sense is too high, but if it works it works. I also have my arcade/sniper senses on the same tick for seamless switching, but that’s probably more of a me thing rather than a good thing
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