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  1. platoon with a light (ebr preferably for easy early damage) and a high alpha td, td holds his shell until stun connects (this gets ridiculously easy if you play tier 10 tbh, two stuns together with an FV TD and you only have to focus on damage from there on if they manage to pen both) - CGC or T92 cuz splash radius is basically a necessity to get consistent damage out on arties, i think all my SPG15-4s were done with GWE this way, but with a tier 8 light because those were max back in the day at tier 9 i'd recommend the foch for it and probably 1390 (it's pretty good now tbh). intraclip from foch is good enough to keep firing if they don't remove the stun along with permatracking 1390 to set up easy stuns beforehand - m53 or gwtiger this way you can focus on big splashes for the bigger part of the game, the idea is that the LT establishes vision control so the TD can move up and get its damage out early so you have time to rack up damage without having to waste more shots on stun assist than necessary (it shouldn't take more than 3 shots if your platoon gets rolling early
  2. no need to do any special strats for this type of mission tbh, the least painful way you get through these rng-missions is by playing games as normal because 5 internal modules is something you will end up hitting eventually if you can get enough high damage games out to get lucky on rng along with the damage required to realistically crit that many times. i'd say every 5th hit is an internal module on average but i haven't played in a while so might be a bit off but i think it's a realistic ballpark the fastest way is picking something either very high RoF or high caliber and preferably a useable HE round, my personal bet is high RoF because it's much easier to get reliable damage out on higher tiers but low caliber guns dont have good he rounds so i'd say high RoF gets better with skill level since you'll need like 25 shots+ penned to realistically be able to crit internally 5 times with smaller calibers a skill that's pretty much gone lost in the past years is aiming at modules since the armour/gold relation in the game has become so easy to play with but it's one that makes the mission considerably easier if you have it mind constantly while trying to do it, it has the side benefit of being somewhat good for gameplay in general too (not a dealbreaker really, i made do without it this far) for examples take a look at EJs gameplay, outdated but that guy wasn't just aiming center mass like most people still do. Whenever you fight something that has weak modules (62A ammorack, KV-5 radio operator, Tiger II engine (buffed now but still easy), pta ammorack and the list goes on), aim for these parts instead of center mass when you have time to aim and the mission gets a lot easier, make use of tracked targets to hit modules somewhat reliably it does require that you learn where the modules are placed (this is something i legit have never done, just like i never bothered to look up weakspots lol) and you need to unlearn some reflexes while aiming at certain tanks. viewports are an exterior module so cupola shots do not benefit you whatsoever in service of the mission so you'll wanna aim elsewhere when you can easiest way to trigger a lot module damage to a single tank is through fires, it's almost always a guaranteed 3 modules/crew if the fire is allowed to burn, this is the opposite approach of high caliber guns as RoF matters more when specifically trying to create fire damage, that's half the mission if you're able to do it eagle eye helps with tracking the mission live, makes it easier to know when to go for broke on the mission and when to just play it out as normal to not waste time, deadeye obviously helps with module damage (doesn't work with he ammo though, basically useless for arty) i'd also advise against doing it in tier 10s, tier 10s tend to have better crews on average so it's a higher chance of facing people with preventative maintenance and safe stowage and tier 8s and below tend to have easier layouts for module damage i'd recommend the wz premium td if u have it, high enough damage potential to do the mission reliably and also decent caliber enough at tier 8 with a HE round that'll basically be a guaranteed crit if it hits on lower tier target
  3. the tricky part was basically getting good at guessing where you'd both have a target to pen for 5 or so shots before relocating and also being in position on time to do it, because this thing is slow af with a wierd ass gun arc without being especially accurate and the aim time combined make for one insane dev joke xD so it was a struggle, but keeping 2k was easy, keeping 3k was hard and i didn't make any real progress unless i had a great game to boost it up signficantly in a single game (basically 5k+ required) because a higher average was unsustainably hard for me. now i started replacing my bad games in a session with better games than good, which ramped up the progress fast enough to feel do-able. idk what i did really i just thought that im gonna play really well now and letting your teammates die is the easiest way to rack up damage in this tank so i gave up reload for timing more often than i didn't so it'd result in me farming the guy suiciding because he thinks the game is over most of the time (and always for free when it did), repositioning for another enemy-fuck-up and then trading my HP for 2-3 more shots against the swarm (you get 2 shots of potential damage most of the time) and the rest of my gameplay was entirely around matchmaking because you'd slot pennable and unpennable tanks together and see where you're likely to shoot stuff that won't just laugh at your pen frontally along with getting 8-10 shots off per game that are good and on target while focusing on tanks it can reliably pen still took me 200 games as a tier 8 from 88% to 95, last time i was basically not having any bad games whatsoever was when i did the 907 mark post-HD for the first time, but that session took less than 30 games to do 85-95 without a single game being above 10k combined and one above 9. Just to put it into perspective a CW reward tier 10 was genuinely easier in almost every aspect until everything clicked every game in the ISU, then it was a walk in the park just like the 907 that was a terribly grindy challenge until you never autopiloted a single game and 0 micromanaging mistakes ever, afterwards it felt easy too because the last session really was, every game was easy from start to finish because you always knew what to do on almost any map and when you had to take a chance you kept winning the coinflip too, wasn't until you got both your best performances and your best circumstance aligned to keep that mark above par regardless of the game and keep having enough good games to boost it up to allow for mistakes or make real progress when a tier 8 premium TD mark drops a full 2% on 0 dmg above 89 and yes i found that out the hard way no i dont feel like going into it again
  4. enough 3k+ games in a row mixed with some higher dmg games to eventually boost it up to keep the mark above 90 and then a killer streak of 4-5 games at 5k+ back to back from 92-95 ~200 games of grinding total but since it was done in one session (kewei style woho) it'll just be easier for me to tell you to imagine the scars instead of me describing them started at 88 and never actually dropped below that, but the climb from 88 to 90 took almost as long as 90-95 lol i think i had one or two single games out of 200 that wasn't above 2k damage during the entire session which kinda emphasizes the point of consistency pretty much
  5. its consistency that matters, u rly notice it when u try the hard stuff like chieftain because you simply cannot have bad games if you want to climb upwards then so you force yourself to consistently get these games for a long enough period to climb the mark high enough, in reward tanks this climb can take like hundred games of 6k+ games just because of how slow the progression is, and because of how far you drop off of a single bad game you eliminate as many of them as possible as they are the bigger problem than not having many blowout games that really boost it on the other end of that.
  6. okay so this is a reply to a replay reviewee, i realised i actually haven't talked about this much and im too swamped with assignments to actually make something topic worthy out of it and cba doing wot content rly but for those who really do have an interest in improving the read should at least be interesting, it's also what i'm working on and what i currently think is the solution to hitting 5k dpg in a tier 9 without cheating and going to the RU server to do it XD this probably only applies for the 95th percentile and above though

    1 hour ago, Kolni_GodofTanks said:

    i haven't watched these yet (i will during the week, got some assignments to hand in first) but another thing i thought of is that your decisionmaking is very straightforward, searching for the "right" answer is obviously great and what you should do but when you are faced with multiple choices is where you seem to struggle making up your mind or when information is scarce (this situation requires passivity though, that is a good habit imo) is when things fall apart. 

    how often do you deviate from your normal gameplay on a set map?

    think about identical games during load in and first minutes of deployment, same map and line up of all 30 tanks and where they'd go except yourself etc. In how many games would you play these games out identically on average? A player like Decha (considered best on the server for a very long time) would play the same exact game over and over to infinity basically once he found one that holds his standards. Would you deviate from time to time to gather more experience, or settle for good instead of exlinear gameplay to potentially reach greater games? Being creative, recognising a situation where something bad is actually good etc are things that don't come by trying to perfect your gameplay in the way you're currently doing I think. It makes the essonemic part of the game very messy since you've venturing into deep waters but i think it's good to keep in mind that sometimes things like queen sacrifices are good, not bad but learning how to recognise those situations is very hard (i'm still working on it)

    a lot of the streamers i watch at roughly similar level play every map identically when the lineups are similar simply because they know it works, they have answers to what's happening so that's what they go with. the idea im thinking about is more of putting yourself in every situation (eventually) so you have answers to everything, but at the same time obviously doing it in a high quality manner so your gameplay doesn't turn into shit at the same time haha.. eventually i think this leads to more options in general and how you break through to next level. my next level is 5k dpg'ing tier 9s and that is just not possible with my gameplay right now. this means refining how play every single area of every map out, not just ones that are meta so that you can make use of them too at a level well enough to reliably outplay. comfort matters a lot and playing city in lakeville for example is a huge discomfort for me because i always played the map differently with good results, but the city has value too so i should learn how to play it so i can play every part of that map well, not just the ones i prefer to play

    if you could PvE WoT into playing a fully predictable game, how much time would you spend progressing on your current idea to make the game as good as possible vis-á-vis expirementing to see if there's actually a better option is probably the short way of putting it, you might have a great poker hand that's worth investing into but it's easy to get blindsided because someone had an even better one, that's basically where my thoughts on this originated

    but this is something that im working on myself too, so i cant really give a lot of good advice, im just sharing my experiences and how i feel about the game rn


    i think this type of thinking is the key to really busting out big games from time to time, high consistency is possible to keep but for that level it still isn't above target (5k in 9s) so then you need to make your killer games even better ones if you start to fall off in your averages, breaking 10k+ in tier 9s is very uncommon and i think it has to do with things like this because you can absolutely do it, i'd even wager you can do it at least half as often as doing it with tier 10s but it's just much harder and this is currently the idea i'm having that is most likely able to see my goal completed


    TL;DR: you might want to look into limit testing, ppl do this in high elo soloq in league (sort of frowned upon because the results vary widely but the pros do this all the time) simply to see how good they actually are, it's hard to know what to work on and improve if there's nothing really challenging you so you compensate a little bit to see if you can level the field enough to make the fight fair even if you are clearly the better player, but still outplay them on skill and how far along you can do that until you start losing so you actually get a good grasp on how many liberties you can take in a game simply because you're that much better (skipping vital steps and power for tempo advantage that results in a better situation later). In League one aspect of limit testing has been the value of vision, where the line of mechanical skill and general awareness/instinct in total visiondarkness starts to faulter when proper vision isn't established etc and the results are pretty interesting which is why I'm trying it out in WoT now

    to put it in wot terms (since i dont know if u even have a clue about league) it'd be finding the exact point of how far up you can play in regards to enemy/teammate positionwithout it actually being dangerous so you can walk that fine line with confidence instead of settling for slightly below it all the time for acceptable results.



    deep wot meta stuff here but xD

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    2. kolni


      why do u even care aren't u a  forumbot anyway, do they even care about those things :kappa: 

      but spoiler added

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      is the tl;dr "push lakeville valley in your grille 15 once just in case you need to know how to do it right in the future" because that's what i got out of it

    4. kolni


      the real tl;dr is to grow some balls and test your limits

  7. will this actually scramble your tanker ID or just your username? if it's just the username then XVM will literally work as normal can't forget that so much data is already stored, many players data will be decently accurate of the data they already have for a very long time forward, just out of archives since almost every single active wot account has played a game with someone using XVM you need to scramble user IDs (the number sequence to ur account page on the main website) ingame, but can you actually do that since that is what links you to your account? otherwise xvm will not disappear, they'd have to ban the mod for that which is unlikely
  8. anyone have a spare league acc? (euw or eune)

    got to witness first hand of a balance team rivaling wot in incompetence... 14day suspension for telling a guy to stop trolling and focus, without any foul language  :notlikethis: 

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    2. Assassin7


      Im fucking level 25 now and suck ass. Im getting seriously pissed off at it. I suck at CSing, and apparently I just flat out to less damage than other people and Idk what im doing wrong. Im even following the exact builds my friends who are gold-diamond players are giving me and have been trying to mimic how they play the same champs and im still getting fucked.


      Playing garen and lux mainly. Played a lot of yuumi but started getting bored of her

    3. kolni


      i play lethality shaco tho so boxes are cc only, no ad scaling, it's just too much synergy with q to play shaco ap imo, boxes and r have great ratios on ap but your gameplay is much more unreliable unless ur playing it in a lane because you'll have to finish both tiamat and runic echoes before building duskblade, it takes too long and duskblade is too good on shaco to not build even while ap, duskblade gunblade proto runic lichbane (sell tiamat late) and sorcery boots is the build i've gone on shaco, protobelt first in lane otherwise tiamat-runic-dusk-gunblade which means you're playing hybrid for most of the midgame, but until protobelt is completed you don't really have any tankiness so you can't initiate fights, only assassinate people facechecking or catching them when they've pushed lanes too far

    4. kolni


      ap shaco needs a lot of control wards or duskblade to set boxes up because you can only place 1 ctrl ward and you're gonna have to run sweeper to clear out support wards so nah, ad shaco>ap shaco

  9. fix that im the god of tanks anyway who wouldn't want me changing the entire wotlabs communities profile pictures into anime avatars again anyway pretty sure solono is still scarred from the death threats he got until he removed me as admin again you think he revealed that to me? just showed me a goddamn dpg pic to make me jelly
  10. not all of them, his chieftain, 121b, sconq and a lot of tier 8s that i simply havent played that he has me beat on tier9s i have him beat across the board now, PTA got buffed so understandable but Im closing in on haglars and on NA with stable ping I am more than confident I can beat it, got close to 5k dpg'ing a tier 9 once and I think NA or SEA with good ping and a PTA is the way to take that record reward tanks and prems he has me beat, but tech tree stuff i have surpassed him on the things i am good at (im a selective player and carbon is a much better player all round, i just excel at certain things VERY well and those things are obviously what I'll leverage) pretty sure my 2 year old 50B dpg is still unbeaten to give a concrete example
  11. this is pretty common by southeastern eu ppl, i have no idea why but might be language limitations? stupid af if that's the case tho lol, this is only a thing from eu people and almost only by eu people with poor english, so idk what's causing them to use the wrong terms when they have the right one on their keyboard
  12. gib if i can reset it and assert my dominance on the NA server like I did the EU server there's plenty of NA people running their mouth on twitch that I want to shut up real bad, fkn mahou/bulba 12yos thinking they know shit about the game when they literally have two thirds or worse of my dpgs on avg also last time i checked being mentally ill is not a reason for RO/ban, so let him keep on with it.. same thing with gehakte and using ´´ instead of "...
  13. changed profile pic to reflect my wot status now that carbon's gone :doge: 

  14. that bush on mountain pass has been used for pretty long (rexxie posted it in the micro thread) and isn't dense enough to keep you unspotted if the enemy at the church has optics at tier 10, you can only fight the 0 line using vision with that bush
  15. 8h DJ session on stream.. damn never thought I'd be able to play for that long without running out of material but, sweet

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    2. kolni


      i was fucked out of my mind though no idea if it sounded well XD

    3. kolni


      moving between genres and still having decent library within those genres is the trick for long sets like that, can't spam only techno for 8hrs u get bored

    4. Wanderjar


      lol nice name change :D

  16. won a 1v3 as a 900 HP TVP VTU (i would never in my life play this tank unless i was paid for it) against 3 defenders. Well technically one Defender at 500 and 2 252Us both at full health. I guess it really is a counter huh, who would've thought! WG was right all along

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    2. FavreFan4ever
    3. kolni


      i play with replay off, no disk space when u have to use flac/aac instead of mp3 for all ur music for DJing :(

    4. FavreFan4ever
  17. It was Itunes that had true randomness, Spotify's shuffle has always been scrambling and not randomizing
  18. what this circumstantial piece of suspision fails to realise is that 90% of the playerbase are coinflip players they even out at 50-ish but their performance varies much more on game to game bases. There is no matchmaker in the world that can foresee how you are going to play your game out unless you play every game identically so it's one hundred percent absolute bullshit that the matchmaker acts this way, even if they have a patent for it there is nothing saying it ever was implemented and you would notice the pubbie has a shit game, then a good one, then a mediocre one and the cycle continues, how is a matchmaker going to place you anywhere close to accurately when their gameplay is too unpredictable to make anything out of but that in the very end, they're close to 50 easily debunked too just run xvm and print every lineup for 100 games and check how the WN8/WR stats on teams align depending on winning streaks make a script that does this automatically and you can just spam it forever, i'm heavily inclined to believe that this is absolute bs from someone completely unqualified to talk about it but just happens to be in a position where people listen ... i do believe that i would feel a difference playing on my old account with highest stats on server vs someone i boosted, but i honestly never did despite the discrepancy in stats, while focus is pretty different mm is always the same and its behaviour really depends on the active queue more than anything else
  19. so what happens when you dont get the winner winner chicken dinner screen in this mode

  20. what happened to the schlong
  21. no this is not new content and it's kaneAAAA all over again
  22. I mean for something more recent.. just watch Floyd dodge/tank hits until the other guy tires out as he starts going on the offensive, that's been his gameplan for most of his career and it is working great Speaking of Tyson, he's a real good example of how a boxer can win on sheer strength alone (even though he didn't win all his matches that way) but how many people can really get that good technique on their strikes, he had the best hook out of anyone so ofc he can fuck people up hard with landing hits but that ain't gonna work for the average gym boy with 20-inch biceps stepping in the ring For a boxer with insane defensive skills (but sadly lacking on the offensive end) Wilfred Benitez is deffo somebody to look up, 3time champion at age of 22 (through weight switching, but still)
  23. u can keep the td shit i dont do that
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