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  1. same, swamp back might just be enough to get me to log on again
  2. I like Tiger I the best, T29 is free real estate but Tiger I is just better at farming. You can't lock an area down without armour to work with but the huge HP pool against most of the guns means that until you start fighting tier 9s you can just trade your way into a decent impact on the game I played both before the 357MM changes so that might not apply as much anymore but the T29 topped out at around 2k while the Tiger could get much more out if you let go of the notion that you are a heavy tank when there's tier 8s or above in the game at around 2400DPG as the gun still works at range and you can farm on vision gaps (since that exists at these tiers) for pretty long. I doubt that DPG is doable today as tier 7 MM barely has a HP pool now
  3. I state it pretty much every time someone questions the point I made in something gameplay-related
  4. They are both broken but in different ways, both allow players to far exceed thier expected outputs though so both need to be balanced I think 279 is less of an issue as there are fewer of them, but it is too retard proof to be a tier 10 Chief is just as easy to play IMO.. you just have to learn maps and the game is the exact same on that map every time you play it because you're too difficult to deal with - you could nerf this tank by nerfing it's gun dep to -5 and woopdidoo it stops being so problematic
  5. 4k dpm is pretty disgusting but everything else about it pretty much yeah, shell velocity especially is so off compared to any other tank.. you pretty much have to guess your way into hitting moving targets at 500m and that still comes with like a 50% chance of hitting the target at all it's the only reward tank (and tier 10) left for me to mark though so the completionist in me doesn't want to let go of it
  6. since when did the fcm get FOTM status? what changed it's still xp pinata to play against

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    2. GehakteMolen


      yeah, FCM seems even more rare as CDC

    3. churchill50


      I went back and tried mine again lately due to Equipment 2.0. Even with Bounty V-Stab + Bounty IRM, the gun is infuriating.

      It's sad. The tank has so much going for it. 1500 HP, great mobility (51kmh top speed, 23 power/weight), DPM, pen, gun depression, view range, shell velocity.

      But it all goes to waste due to how infuriatingly derpy the gun is. 

      The only good thing you can say about it is that it's better than the AMX CDC... But that doesn't actually mean anything given how bad the CDC is.

    4. kolni


      that's kinda strange considering my memories of the FCM was mainly just arty problems and felt that the gun was good way back when it was one of the "good" credit farmers back in 2015 or something when I started getting good at the game but I guess now compared to guns like the Caernarvon or Progetto it just sucks ass

  7. t-54proto best tank available, that tank has literally never been bad and still got buffs on buffs on buffs jt88 will earn you credits but are credits really worth more than your desire to not kill yourself playing it?
  8. 3marking the T95E6 is still the giant wall it's always been and every game makes me want to kms
  9. kv5 is such a stupid tank but holy shit the dream MM games are fucking ridiculous how hard you can solo carry

    literally just RRR and fight 5 people head on and come out... winning

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    2. Rexxie


      they did but mostly it just fucks t6s

      kv5 is one of the most hilarious t8s in the game lol

    3. echo9835


      Get a friend in an FCM 50T to push the KV-5. Or two if you really want to go all out.

    4. kolni


      No, it's a shit tank but it is a very very fun one when it works

      (it's like a 3/10 tank)

  10. No. 1 line has trees you can knock right near building corners and double bush (with hard cover if you get blinded) as their 1 line has to overpeek to shoot you so they get lit by G3 and can't actually attack you - sure you're stuck there for a while but you can easily get out once people stop poking. It's similar to the Ruinberg middle rush in that sense, it's a play that literally makes you pinned but the position is still strong so being pinned isn't really as bad as it looks. (That one actually sucks though, there are ALWAYS better ways to play that map but for weak players it's a strong option since they just need to keep track of two directions to play the game - but for Muro that's not the same as you can actually get out, the pin is MUCH stronger and you have bushes to vision abuse so it takes much longer to deal with you) It's a play that locks the lane down completely if you know what you're doing (double bushing is a must), problem is if enemy starts moving through middle and into the ditch (you get boxed in) but by that point enough time has passed that I've already dealt my expected damage share and can start trading my HP for damage and end up with a good game. This is all under the presumption that you have enough pen to farm any tank in the game (TVP etc aren't great there, but put a 907 there and it's going to solo win that flank) Entire K-line has so many bushes that you can also kite that push out days on end if it doesn't happen too quickly, and as it's such a passive position you can always run west if forest can't be defended anymore South side has the advantage on the map IMO, but the game revolves around whether north wins forest faster to box south in to bottom west quadrant or not, if yes, north wins but there is so many easy ways to slow that down - or focus on winning west and you are again on even terms Literally a free good game south spawn for me, north spawn less so as you are forced into trading much sooner to gain ground and that means you open yourself up to retard yolos that end your game - and you need a high HP count to prevent italian/BC/TVP shitters throwing their game away to kill you and you generally need to respect that if you want to stabilize your gameplay quality
  11. 37 game win streak in rapid chess 

    yeah i found a new main game


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    2. flare_phoenix


      qgd/kid are solid openings, if you want send me some games and I'll offer some analysis

    3. kolni


      I doubt I'll reach heights of that kind and I don't have the aspirations to, since climbing is slow I've tried playing computers and even moderately difficult ones wipe the floor with me but I wipe the floor with ~1400 players so I'm sure I'll hit a wall soon enough.. and I wonder if it'll be like League where it stops being fun when I stop dominating.. time will tell

      Yeah, looks like Carlsen's getting caught up with too though, Airthings Masters was hell of a tournament to watch

    4. ProxyCentauri


      To stay at Nr 1 in the world is f&kin hard and everybody will get some ups and downs. Carlsen isnt getting any younger
      and to stay that crisp sharp I have a suspicion you need to be relatively young. Point is- before Carlsen Norway pretty
      much sucked at chess. Sure there were a couple of obscure Grandmasters but way down the rankings. Denmark and
      Sweden have always had better chess culture. With Carlsen came this insane boost so that a lot of talent who otherwise
      probably would be doin smth else entered the chess community here. ATM we pretty much smack up both Sweden and
      Denmark- not only due to Carlsen but because another 5-10 guys also are decent. Anyway- GL with your chess

  12. u can have 95% wr’s by 3PlatJ’ing at tier III as pretty much blue players. tier average exists and service Record exist to verify level, inflation is a thing at low tiers a bot likely mechanically outplays new players enough for a positive winrate isn’t something i would dismiss as possible. not at high tiers cuz bot can’t macro.
  13. i think a smart player realises that sometimes not doing anything is the most effective thing, as when you decide between 1v1 kill with heavy HP trading or playing it slow for the team. take time is a way to lose agency with heavy forced traiding at some point, so avoiding them is to ramp up the game. If you want to win you have to initiate a LOT on your own, but fot DPG you need to decide if an early aggressive move va slowplaying one (low risk vs close to guaranteed) is where you start solving these positions and develop it further to up your own tempo and can better predict the outcome to basically make shortcuts that gives you more agency. The best have the agency of ~3 tanks as avg I think so that’s the agency I can account for If the move is a winning move gives me more time to create a situation i want to be in and have as a plan for a game that goes as planned. Use the agency to translate it to a lead. Remember the response to your weaknesses though and get tid of them one by one. Improve your positioning assume the opponent plays well. At least equally. always with purpose, can’t say why you do it? can’t explain why? - get rid of it minimap every 5s - muscle memory, make it one not moving could be because you are pinned, or pressured and then camping has that reason. You CANT move withojt making your situation worse, so you do nothing. It’s the best play, no? Time passing is the most effective way to ramp up damage; is when you camp. You can reasomably get to this conclusion by prediction is how you create good condotions out of a specific example I try to make happen. use this type of thinking to separate your camping from your forced positions, those might not be mistakes either so consider always If there’s a better way to do it, you want to find it before you get in the scenario in randoms again, so you know what to do to win If someone else thinks of it first, they might be further along or have a better team than you thought. Wrong guess? - remember the sequence and look at why it’s going wrong to find the point where your move starts to become a losing one . Find that point, go through replay and think of better moves and try them in randoms and continue finding good movement patterns and a timing feel to understand agency and why it matters when you want a win since you testran them already, I remember most of the strong answers to what i try to do so i know how to shift my agency to max my DPG out. This means you can increase them both ways at the cost of the other. Learning when the other way was better is the most efficient way to improve your decisions. One moment in a yes or no decision has decided games, so that is damage you can squeeze out on your own - in theory. This is how you learn maps. It’s how you start to understand how much you can do in a 2-3 second time window before it happens. It’s basically where I find endless improvement as very few games are ones I consider perfect. Usually something somewhere was better, finding them is how you polish your set play book. You do a LOT at the same time If you take the time to make this a quickly decided process. It’s just testing a situation but knowing its strongest move when many are good ones become questions you also end up asking when polishing map responsen. Just do it on games you felt were winnable that weren’t. Find the way to counter your move to decide If it’s likely enough an enemy does it as a response to my move. Overloolking something? Polish. if this made sense to you then you will improve just by doing and thinking these ways but If you didn’t then it becomes a LOT of different ideas that are coming together as responses to earlier moves for an advantage. This is what I imagined up as applicable to every scenario and as many you can get in, and how I think when something isn’t working. So it’s the easiest list of knowing how you answer is a good general question in the more spirit of a smart player. That things like this is how you improve the games that weren’t perfected. Most Maps always need continous adjustments but some really work over time too, so you can’t not improve by doing what i wrote
  14. Ah, fuck another CW reward to mark before I can quit This one I actually want to play though, so there’s that..
  15. I doubt much of this will even make it into the game, while I have wanted new crew skills for ages I think it’s too big of a change for most of its players who take the current system for granted. Imagine crew skills you manually activate, super many that could be useful but implementing them would put the game in shambles. League recently reworked their entire item system and it’s likely going to take the entire year before it will stabilize. Many of the changes sound good I think, but putting them in all at once changes the game too quickly for the playerbase to adjust and WG isn’t exactly known for their capabilities in understanding their game so the skepticism is probably validated. The targeted audience has always been the casual player, so how will a casual player react to having so many new changes to understand every time they load up the game? I suppose there’s a possibility the casual player simply won’t care and WG betting on that. I’ve never been a fan of change for change’s sake and a LOT of these changes look like just that but there are good ideas in there too. Hopefully they realise what those are. Also, remove grand battles and bring back clashes between nations. Small tech tree lines and france (ebr and autoloader heavy) are a problem but now we have so many tanks that this actually could be a fun game mode that isn’t just ”russia wins”. Also, Port? Really? PLSGO and stay go.. Stalingrad and Hidden Village are more than welcome back though.
  16. QB literally streams in a vacuum where people think he makes good in game decisions. No one to blame and that’s okay, but then he goes on berating MoEs as a measurement of skill because he’s not able to complete them which is just excuses excuses excuses. Skill I used just as an example of a large fanbase, himself (the player) is fine and plays his way (but the way he got his stream going was ugly) but his fanbase really ran rampant when people tried to stop him from rigging marks (Mihai got lots of hate for spamming the E6 because skill’s followers were playing it with the explicit intent of dropping the req (doing no damage on purpose in game)) he couldn’t complete on his own. Not his fault that his viewers love their pitchforks - but picking up on himself and pointing at things to direct it is what I’m getting at. Skill hasn’t done that, but Foch made a living out of it. The Ben Shapiro of WoT
  17. I wasn’t. It was directed at the topic. I am, and I didn’t generalise. I specified. I had that happen simply for being on the opposing team of someone who spent his entire gaming career path whining. You think a player like that cultivates a healthy fanbase? When you make excuses of your gameplay due to an element that would have killed you regardless if it didnt exist half the time makes you a really bad source of content - and giving it a platform is how you get to that point. Skill and QB are in the same corner, just because they have large platforms doesn’t mean they do anything useful with them, they are not obliged to do so either but there’s a responsibility to at least not fuel the fires. I can be full of myself because of the player I am requires me to be. Humility and anonymity don’t blend. Online gaming requires you to think you’re unbeatable to be unbeatable.
  18. I’d really have to try it to have any idea of how this performs, outside of the original autoloader gimmick I typically don’t like any of them but I think it’s interesting if they make it so there are situations (and enough of them) to have a unique role that makes it insanely strong when balanced on the knife’s edge. Strv is really the only gimmick that works that way right now as all the others are either redundant or broken (italian) so I doubt it’s going to be any kind of fun to play
  19. i rmb rolling this guy in my tier 8 Mutz against his full hp 113 and he lost the 1v1 on flat ground i also got him to fire gold against me several times without shooting it back his fanbase was also equally shit, afterwards i had both ingame and twitch PMs about slitting my wrists i can't think of a player more similar to hardest1 than sirfoch, the only good thing he ever did for the community was the chrysler thing but everything else was just so boneheaded and passive aggressive that i could never understand the appeal of watching someone pardon their performance by gimmicking themselves yeah of course i'm gonna run track slower if i chop my foot off you retard
  20. The Queen's Gambit thoughts:

    Is it weird that Beth Harmon is the only person in the world I can relate to in any real way right after the first tournament in ep2 and onward? Before that I have no real relation as my parents are awesome and wouldn't trade them for anything

    Obsesssion over something sometimes is so hard to describe, like how can you convey why it draws you in? Great show, obv I don't consider myself anywhere near similar to chess players or this good at my field, but I could place myself in pretty much every situation and genuinely feel what went through her head as mine would be the same.

    Is this an elitist thing? The invincible arrogance is so familiar to me that it's uncanny, and how the tables turn when you're wrong is so spot on that I can't understand how you can manage to convey this on a screen when I have never even been able to put these emotions into words out loud - ever? Being beaten in a game of pure skill is the worst feeling in the world in my world.

    Kudos to Kaspov for legit bringing the mindset of top level competition chess in as a subject - to a tv show. Real GMs have recognised the games in the series. The games aren't total copies, but the opening theory in chess is so strong today that the first 5-6 moves of most combinations basically have a name and players typically play openings out until a variation comes along, and that's where the actual chess game begins. For chess players the actual games aren't just a duel, but a real chess game of talented players. Kaspov made variations of some of his favourite games to create the scenarios of  fictional drama, but these games are authentic chess games. (Agadmator has covered 3 of the games and it's actually high quality chess as a nod to real players to view and analyse). I don't understand chess well enough for this to matter, but to put in the effort to make sure that those who do are allowed to is just great writing. Compared to below, things like this make me appreciate content much more. Community is another show I like simply for its attention to detail, regardless of how funny it is.


    (Not related outside of consistency within the rules of a TV-show itself)

    I used to do this with Yu-Gi-oh when I was a kid. Fully aware of this being a kids show, however they were adamant on being consistent with the gameplay. I played meta so I kept swapping my deck when the game was F2P on Dueling Network.  Whenever the show showed the hands of a player and I held all the pieces of the field/hands I could 9/10 times play the cards in a better way than the show which always bothered me a lot. Every spin-off until ARC-V had this problem until 1 player actually played the game like a meta player would (Reiji). That made me really happy as I learned from watching supposedly entertainment, I didn't have to study to learn and there was no rabbits out of hats to clutch a win. This character would wipe the floor with everyone in the show in a round or two if not for plot armour, but when I sat there with all the cards to piece strategy together the characters were so unbelieveably stupid except him. They literally all still are. I don't understand how the game creators can understand the game so poorly that not only do they fuck the rules up but I haven't touched it in 10 years and I would still wipe the floor with every character the show ever produced with that 10 year old deck. How can you balance cards but not know how to use them?

    (In the show someone discards a card as cost for using an ability, and the card they discard is a card that lets you draw twice for no cost (Pot of Greed, literally the only card in the game you ALWAYS play as soon as you have it). Using it in the other order is literally kindergarten things and that shows don't follow their own rules drive me crazy). Every time they show the hand of a player I go crazy because they play not only wrong but badly, so much missed quality out of stupidity from the ... creators.... 



    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Isnt she supposed to be autistic? I haven't watched the show. Iirc you were diagnosed as autistic and those kind of behaviors are fairly common. Probably why you relate to the obsessive and headstrong nature of her character.

    2. kolni


      I was pretty downed writing that, you might wanna re-read if I miswrote anything. (Fixed it a bit)

      I think she has to have something, very rarely does a person only have a single thing on their mind for so long. (I'll keep this spoiler free)

      My autism and other things obviously make me relate to things in this way (manic), but less about characters and more about logical consistency. A windshield that is differently cracked during a car chase (gets worse/better with a new shot) makes me have to turn what I'm watching off that movie. I don't think I do anything else than obsess over things, I just learnt how to swap topics for a while but loose ends don't stop bothering me until I tie them up.

      She is likely either psychotic or a savant. Psychotic episodes don't end unless they are noticed, and they aren't always bad. There's a tribute to Fischer who was quite literally crazy, wasn't long after the Spassky game he went nuts and without spoiling, a chess game in the 60s between the reigning USSR World Champion and the US champion rings a bell.. (Alma calls Benny Bobby in the show). The savant thing might be a Carlssen nod, as he is one. I just got the impression that she loves chess, but hates losing so here we are.


      (An inconsistency though)

      The one wrong thing is about her meds as they, whoever wrote that in, didn't do their research. Netflix always has to have some substance abuse or it isn't a good show in their eyes, but now they just got quite literally the key factor wrong about it. It doesn't actually matter for most of the show >(it can be anything) but very late the actual name of the substance is mentioned which makes it researchable. It's a Bensodiazepine, first one ever made. It helps with anxiety and can hinder withdrawal symptoms along with a bunch of other nifty stuff. However it's super addictive and withdrawal is deadly, so A) cold turkeying a school of orphans probably results the exact same way it does in the show, but with most of them tagging along. and B) The substance Librium kills your brains psychedelic abilities, all bensos do this. It not only clouds your mind, it clouds every perception you take in. (I take a newer version of these daily because of anxiety and if anything it makes things more boring). Never noticing the name makes this more believable, and pinpointing it has no purpose so.. why leave for screw-ups

      You can be having the LSD trip of your life, take a normal dosage of those pills in the show and you will be back in reality within 15 minutes. Psychonauts call this the benso-exit, for when the trip goes bad. Liibrium is off the market but Xanax is very similar (same class, effect etc with a few differences but it's treated for identical symptoms. What surprised me is that I googled this and found no content, yet this is something anyone who has ever worked on intensive mental care facilities should know like the back of their hand. 

  21. as the game deteriorated, so did the sanity of the players that kept trying i Am the world of tanks whisperer
  22. wonder when we'll hit the point where more russian premiums exist than other tanks in the game
  23. didnt get stb to 5k dpg :( 

    i guess this is what plebs feel like


    would you rather have 90%wr solo or 6k dpg every tier 10

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    2. churchill50


      I'm not entirely sure of my answer, since both would be nice.

      But, that question has made me wonder what kind of winrate 6k DPG would get you.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Probably not much higher than 4-5k. Win rate has a pretty high drop off due to factors outside your control.

    4. kolni


      speculating here but: i only think that's true for tier 10s (even though they are implied in op, there's others obv) 

      in tier 10 the HP pools become so large that you can shave off 10k HP off the team in a few seconds as a light tank (Mali super aggressive bush that you could take when enemy team had no light - when that mm existed) and still lose the game. i have literally had this very thing happen to me more than once

      i think at one point HP pools are so large that they simply don't matter but decisionmaking is entirely what decides a game 

      15v15 and decision making between them almost always means that the most cohesive teams win, but still the winrates really stagger at 70 in tier 10, that's still 30% of the games where almost no player manages to carry through the terrible decisions of their own team

      in tier 9 i have made the 80s solo with skoda t50 on several accs but very few games are real carries top damage game , it's mostly reliably having a teammate around to eat shots while i clip, but with tanks that i will singlehandedly decide games with (every 8th or so in the PTA) and generally play a much bigger part in damage wise, on average my WR is still at 72(+/-2) in all the good tier 9s  and 70 is where almost all the t10s i can top dpg charts are at too

      i think when the hp pools get smaller but some guns perform at a similar levels you get a higher ceiling in solo winrates

      80 in progetto, borrasque, renegade and vk looks likely with 3k+ dpgs in them 

  25. this is great, not data i'm interested in but this type of stuff really showcases problems with the game in a very clear way and i think you did a very good job of showing it kolnis stamp of approval
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