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  1. So, I'm sure most of you have seen by now FD_UP is falling apart. F
  2. clownshoes2

    How does the 183 line work these days?

    Will you get to keep the 183?
  3. clownshoes2

    Dragon Ridge Map

    Ok guys follow me. What would you guys think about the map dragon ridge being brought back with the new tanks and the current meta. Suspend for a bit past experiences with this map. Just say it was brought in as a new map. What would you guys think? I think it would be pretty hilarious with all the terrain elevation changes.
  4. clownshoes2

    How does the 183 line work these days?

    whats happening to the 183?
  5. I don't hate it. The effort vs. reward is too great. I shouldn't be exhausted after 3 hours and I'm only at rank 3.
  6. Someone with a higher skill level may have an influence on changing the outcome of a game. If someone with a lower skill level just loses all the time they'll stop winning and therefore not advance. Just saying.
  7. clownshoes2

    WN9 candidate prototype

    Very true.
  8. Just my 2 cents but as a shitlord it was really hard to get Rank 5. Now they've made it harder to get to Rank 5 or whatever. The shitters just aren't going to play. Just my opinion.
  9. clownshoes2

    WN9 candidate prototype

    So it's safe to say WN9 is dead and I should stop hoping?
  10. Does anyone have an idea on the next up coming XP conversion sale. I really don't want to grind the Mauschen and I hate the VK100.01, fucking stinks on ice.

  11. W is currently recruiting inactive purple rerolls! Even if you only have 1 or 2 tier 10's that's not a problem. Only on once a week for a few hours? Not an issue! So come see me on our TS and we'll get you right into the clan!
  12. clownshoes2

    [_-W-_] Wolverines is recruiting!

    That's because I'm a sloppy party bottom and I love being bred.
  13. clownshoes2

    [_-W-_] Wolverines is recruiting!

    You say its gay like gay is a bad thing. we all bleed red.
  14. clownshoes2

    [_-W-_] Wolverines is recruiting!

    No, I've been trying to recruit guys that are good and NOT dicks in pubs and make things better but hey, that's not what they want, so now I have to find purple rerolls.
  15. clownshoes2

    [_-W-_] Wolverines is recruiting!

    Shifty, we have rolled over our player base. There are many new faces. BUT, I digress, apparently getting rid of sub 1500wn8 players and replacing them with 1600+ wn8 players and higher isn't what management wants. They want inactive Purple rerolls. So, guys, I may be a bit salty about it, but hey, if you have a purple reroll account that you want in a clan...hit me up. Because scrambling to find players for CW battles at the 1 min mark is SO MUCH FUN! No, we were TRYING to be better but purple re rolls with 1 tier 10 are where its at apparently.
  16. clownshoes2

    [_-W-_] Wolverines is recruiting!

    Lol. No autism. We just want inactive purples to raise our stats. Because stats win CW.
  17. clownshoes2

    WG - >9000; Playerbase - 2

    Type59 is shit. It's garbage now. I fucking hope and pray WG puts in on sale so all the 59 fanboys can spend 200 on it then bitch that it's a pile of shit.
  18. clownshoes2

    opinions on sirfoch being censored?

    Thanks so much epic...then why do I keep reading things that Foch was making homophobic statements. Smear campaign?
  19. clownshoes2

    opinions on sirfoch being censored?

    I can't find a concise rundown of what happened. Was it the scathing review that got Foch censored or the "homophobic" comments?
  20. clownshoes2

    Expected Values updated to v30

    Oh, ok, mine took a jump....I'll take it.
  21. Are NA wot servers down? I get a server does not respond error

    1. TheChang


      They were, but they seem to be back up now.

  22. clownshoes2

    Canadian thread eh

    Fat Julian is best Julian!
  23. clownshoes2

    How to T28 Prototype

    Ok, I made an investment. I sold my t25/2 and crammed my 4 skill hellcat crew into the T28 Proto. I was filled in on the basics of this tank. Front towards enemey, slow, no side armour, all of that. My first 5 or so games were decent. almost 60% win rate, almost 2k DPG. For all it's faults I could make it work. Now I'm about 17 or so games in and I'm at 47% win rate and a little over 1300 DPG. My hit ratio is over 80%, my KPG is over 1, but the faults of this tank outweigh the pluses. That's not to say that this isn't a good tank but I'm struggling right now. I believe my equipment is rammer, GLD and camo net. halp plox!
  24. clownshoes2

    Sandbox opening again soon

    No, I mean in any tank I'm in. I can't tell you how many fully aimed kill shots either miss the tank completely or don't pen or don't go where I not even close. Yet some shitter can just roll around snapping tanks at 400m.