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  1. Anyone know where to go to see how many points you have for the tank rewards thing? Thank you.

    1. clownshoes2


      Not the campaign, the month long thing....I'll try it anyways...

    2. flare_phoenix


      Top Tankers? -> community tab

    3. sans1939



      You can use this site:kwim:

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  2. clownshoes2

    JP II or Ferdi?

    I loved the ferdi. Played right it can be devastating, even in tier 9 and 10 games.
  3. clownshoes2

    Type 64 help

    Personally, I find turret rotation is really slow when trying to circle in stronks.
  4. clownshoes2

    Type 64 help

    Play it only in stronks until your crew is up. I find, as a shitter, that BIA is a must on this thing.
  5. clownshoes2

    New Mod Policy

    That isn't out of the realm of possibility. WG may have actually done some research that shows that a large percentage of players that have quit (Potential paying suckers customers) because of their perception of mods/cheats in the game.
  6. clownshoes2

    New Mod Policy

    Of course they haven't mentioned. Because of this reason, I think it would be a good idea for a clean install so your client doesn't trigger any anti cheat software they may or may not have. Not that WG can spare the player base but a mass banning isn't out of the realm of possibility.
  7. clownshoes2

    New Mod Policy

    I'm doing a full reinstall just to make sure...
  8. clownshoes2

    New Mod Policy

    I thought autoaim+ was only so you didn't have to put your teeeeeeny little cursor over a tank, you could just click near the tank and it it would lock. I didn't know that you could modify where the shell pointed too....
  9. Ok, so I'm setting up an account for my kid. I have to play it to get him line to go up so his WN8 won't be total shit. Currently running a 428 after 16 games....

    1. clownshoes2


      He`s 8, he doesn`t give a shit...His dad does :P

    2. SIRJ4MES


      Funny. My son is also 8. Started an account for him. He dont play so much though. Rather playing Minecraft. And now we have purchased Xbox One.

      But we went russian heavy line. And maybe we go american medium too.

    3. clownshoes2


      Ok, that sounds good. He got hooked when I let him play my batchat in one game. He got 2 kills. He had some help but for the most part it was all him.

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  10. clownshoes2

    T28 Prototype

    Def worst tank in the game to grind. Awful. Just do your daily and move on.
  11. Lol, 17 bucks for a TOG....No thanks.

    1. garryallen


      OOORRR, 51 bucks for triple tog. HELL YEAH

    2. Assassin7


      i got mine for free for completing a mission or something. dont even remember. I've never even played it. 

    3. garryallen


      Find two more togs, and hope you don't get tier 7, ois or any good tanks, and you should have fun as long as it isn't a landslide victory.

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  12. clownshoes2

    Need Platoon Mates

    Ok, hopefully some of you guys are online when I am. I'm on NA east (I can play west) from approx 7:35PM EST until 10:30-11pm EST. All blue's/purples...I won't steal your damage. I simply need non mouth breathers to platoon with and not lose the game in the first minute. Thanks,
  13. clownshoes2

    Need Platoon Mates

    thanks guys!
  14. Is there any update on WN9?

  15. So what is the update today all about?

  16. clownshoes2

    Showing Map Rotation in the Client?

    UPDATE! So my clanmates and I last night decided to give all the game modes a try. We clicked them all on. Funny thing. We only got assault 2 out of the 15 or so games and our MM was fucking retardedly good. No Encounter mode funny enough.
  17. clownshoes2

    Showing Map Rotation in the Client?

    Maybe so, but if you only play standard mode, you will mostly only see a max of 3 maps a night. Some overly repeated. Nothing worse than getting Ensk south side in a light tank 4 times in a row when you're trying to spot 6 vehicles and stay alive.
  18. clownshoes2

    Battlefield 1 - Open Beta

    I just registered....hopefully I get it.
  19. clownshoes2

    Showing Map Rotation in the Client?

    I have an about WG gets of their wallets and put ALL nine maps in rotation at one time. /Thread
  20. clownshoes2

    Razer Kraken Headset Problem

    The azio still sells for 100 bucks or so. Same as the razer, at least that's what my google searches showed.
  21. So I've got a Razer Kraken 7.1 headset. The headset doesn't consistently work. I need to jiggle the usb connector when it's in the port to get it to work. A)No it's not the ports, they work fine with everything else. They will work sometimes, then not work others. The synapse software is up to date. Any help would be appreciated. B)Yes I googled this problem and didn't find anything. C)No there is no warranty left.
  22. clownshoes2

    Rheinmetall Skorpion G

    Not for 63 dollars CAN. over $100 for the ultimate....Nope.
  23. clownshoes2

    Razer Kraken Headset Problem

    No, the Azio GH808 headset I bought for 15 bucks on kijiji is the worst piece of shit. The Razer is a close second.
  24. clownshoes2

    Spotting lag

    I've been saying that for years now. I've had tanks pull over halfway out around corners, shoot me, THEN they appear. Spotting checks...what's that?