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    T95 3 mark challenge, rip me (COMPLETE)

    Question....Optics over vents? I thought all TD's were blind and vents would be more viable. Just asking so I know.
  2. clownshoes2

    T95 3 mark challenge, rip me (COMPLETE)

    Ok, fine....I get're human, you need sleep.
  3. clownshoes2


  4. Someone want to let me know when the NA servers are back up?

    1. Rexxie


      3 hours from now iirc

    2. clownshoes2


      Ok, thanks, I'm not usually home on patch day. It's my week off and the shitrats are still asleep. Figured I could get some quiet games in....

    3. Tarski


      I can verify that NA East server is up and running. 

  5. On vacation for the week. Trying to ignore my kids and relax a bit...any purples want to platoon and carry me.I won't drag you down...promise.

  6. clownshoes2

    Lakeville - valley push is a still a thing on EU.

    I find quite the opposite on NA, you mention valley and they all go there, just to fuck with you. The pubs are going to do whatever they want to do regardless of tank comp, percent to win, whose on what team or whatever. You get enough mental midgets on your team, they will go valley, guaranteed.
  7. clownshoes2

    World of Codes

    Anyone have a WoT invite code. "My Son" wants to start playing so instead of him ruining my stats, he can be a 45% shitter on his own. But then again, he was 6 and got 2 kills in my batchat in his first game ever, so, there's that...
  8. clownshoes2

    It's Time To Change Things Up- Workout Edition

    I just lost over 50lbs. You know what the secret less move more. No more sugar, reduce the carbs. Eat clean, meaning, if you don't make it, you don't eat it. Your meal portions should be very small. You can do workouts and stuff, but if you want just start out with basic pushups and sit ups. Go for at least a 5k brisk walk. As an almost 40 year old guy here are some things to avoid. Crossfit and running. If you want to be like me with destroyed hips, shoulders, back and ankles, you'll do all that stuff. Swimming is one of the best ways to drop weight and tone up.
  9. clownshoes2

    New head of PP and goodbye

  10. clownshoes2

    Question on game play and lemming trains

    Rule of thumb from what I've read is conduct the train and be ready to move back to cap for resets and damage farming
  11. I've had it. So close to blue but, fuck it. Teams melt in front of me. Nothing better than getting into position only to find your team down by 4 tanks.

    Playing for fun now. By playing for fun I don't mean not trying, I mean I just don't give a shit about stats anymore. This is supposed to be fun, it's not fun anymore.

    1. TheMarine0341


      About damn time :D 

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI
    3. clownshoes2


      I have a T49. I'm just tired of being gimped by forces I can't control. Teams literally melt in front of me OR I get maps that are completely useless for the tank I'm in.

  12. clownshoes2

    Another T8 French Premium

    The point of my comment was not so much about credits or stats....WG had INTERESTING premiums. Now it's just a copy/pasta of other vehicles. It's boring. Even if the premium tank is "not bad", there is no want/desire to get the tank because it's a clone of another tank. BORING. If WG really wanted to spice things up, they'd start re releasing old premiums that were never available like the mutant or MTGLS or other weird ones. Take away the pref MM of those tanks (if they had it) and re sell these things. I'm now open to even releasing the Type59. Make Premiums at least interesting.
  13. clownshoes2

    Another T8 French Premium

    WG is just getting stupid now with the premiums. Remember the days when a new premium created a it's just like Meh...
  14. clownshoes2

    Expected Values updated to v27

    is there an easy place to see the changes that were made?
  15. Japanese Vehicles and Discounts this week, but Chi Nu Kai isn't on sale.


  16. clownshoes2

    Expected Values updated to v27

    My overall went from 1542 to 1581. I'll take it.
  17. clownshoes2

    Recent movie you watched

    Try Dear Zachary.
  18. clownshoes2

    Mods not working?

    Once again. I had no idea this was added.
  19. clownshoes2

    Mods not working?

    I'm kinda liking vanilla...I think the only mod I'll install is a zoom mod, that's it.
  20. clownshoes2

    Has anyone noticed the client?

    I just want the mutant. /rant
  21.  aaaaand, I'm still getting stuck on the updating crew portion of the login. I even did a fresh install this morning...

    1. peregrine


      Disable ATS and BRR from adu?

    2. clownshoes2


      Ok, I will try that. never thought of that....

  22. Aaaaaand, apparently my game gets stuck on the updating crew portion of the load in screen....thanks WG you bunch of russian inbreds....

    1. graukatze


      empty your res_mod to only contain an empty 0.9.15 folder. fixed it for me.


    2. clownshoes2


      thanks, I will try


    3. clownshoes2


      It worked once but I can't load in again...fresh install it is for me!

  23. clownshoes2

    To those who quit...

    Once a day is overkill? I'm almost 40 and my gf and I banged twice before I went to work yesterday...Step up your game breh!