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  1. clownshoes2

    To those who quit...

    I see what you're saying but warm vagina > video games any day of the week.
  2. clownshoes2

    To those who quit...

    I SHOULD quit this game...lost a marriage because of gf isn't really fond of video games (Honey, why would you play video games when you could have sex with me), and when I move in withe the new gf its going to be REALLY hard to play this getting in the last hurrah over the next few months before I have to quit for reasons....
  3. I was up past midnight last night and I had the same experience OP. No matter what I did I couldn't make it work. I had a game on Lakeville, I told the team to leave valley alone and what do they do? Potato to the valley and all die and we lose. Fucking losers.
  4. clownshoes2

    Exclusive tanks = good or bad?

    What sucks is that they won't release the tanks for beta testers or pre release sales. How about, fuck those people. Here is a simple calculation....if less than 10% of those people have actively played in the last year, then the tank should be re released for sale. I want a mutant god damn it.
  5. clownshoes2

    Can the Su-152 and up line camo snipe?

    I was outspotted by a matilda on cliff in my t67. Full camo crew, binos, camo net, behind bushes....awesome.
  6. Welp, my stupid ex is meeting her lawyer today to hopefully sign the separation papers...god damn it, I hope the bitch signs...


    1. clownshoes2


      She signed the papers....fuck me...thank god!

  7. clownshoes2

    I'm Back Baby.

    It was more of an in jest comment as there have been many retirement threads, then a year later they come slinking back.
  8. clownshoes2

    I'm Back Baby.

    Lol...they all come back. Someone should pull his retirement thread and rub his nose in it. "I swear to god, I'm never coming back!". This game is like crack. They found the formula...
  9. Women are fucked. So, in the course of a few hours last night, I went from sexting, talking about my ex wife with my new gf, to breaking up, to "never contact me again", to "I had a great time with you", to "Call me", then back to we are together again....What the actual fuck. I can't even...

    1. UglyBigD


      takes two to tango

    2. orzel286


      No women - no problem. And more exp!

    3. clownshoes2


      Now we are back together, she's coming with us to Toronto, She's buying me a bed (stupid ex wife is taking mine when she moves out this weekend), and we're planning on buying a house. I mean, as far as I can tell, this isn't crazy pussy, because she doesn't do crazy things, she's just really worried I'll leave her (her first husband cheated on her and her second husband choked the shit out of her).

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  10. clownshoes2

    Artillery - The Bigger Picture

    Who said restricting the shitters from buying them? They just can't play them. It gives them something to look forward too.
  11. clownshoes2

    Artillery - The Bigger Picture

    Why can't we just have gateways. No more getting to tier 10 in under 1k games. want to play tier 10, put in 5k battles at tier 7 and up. When you have games where the people in the matches all over over 20k games, the games are fluid and move and are less campy. The games where players have under 10k games are sitfests...gateways....
  12. clownshoes2

    wottactic Alternative

    I remember the days when callers would just ping the map during countdowns...It feels wrong using these tools.
  13. clownshoes2

    NA East Share My Salt

    I'm a shitter and will do what you tell me to do. Add me.
  14. clownshoes2

    Future performance batchat

    Sorry, I just can't argue autism today. You don't get it....that's on you. Sorry man. I'm out.
  15. clownshoes2

    Future performance batchat

    This isn't about getting good. Well, indirectly it is. The reduction in mistakes will lead to better performance. But once again....If you're not purple, you'll get punished *edit* harder than a purple will (IMHO) /edit* for mistakes in this tank.
  16. clownshoes2

    Future performance batchat

    You're missing the entire point of what I'm saying...I'll go slow. WE AREN'T AS GOOD AS YOU, WE MAKE MISTAKES. IF YOU ARE AS SHITTY AS US, YOU WILL GET PUNISHED IN THE BATCHAT. I don't know how else to say it.
  17. clownshoes2

    Future performance batchat

    No, what I'm saying is that if you mistimed your reload, or get caught with 3 shells in the clip or whatever, you'll get punished without killing the TVP and he'll dump his shells into you and you'll limp away. The point is the Batchat is extremely hard to play. You have to be careful. That's the point. Don't look at it from YOUR eyes, look at it from his. He's not 3212 WN8, you are.
  18. clownshoes2

    Is XVM worth it??

    This so much. XVM used to be a fucking bitch to install and get running right. Now it's easily installed and it's being used against the players that never helped anyone else install it, use it, or tell anyone about it. XVM focus is real.Even at Green when I get into games with all red/yellow players, they literally throw themselves at you trying to kill you. Makes for lolz when they do it one at a time.
  19. clownshoes2

    Future performance batchat

    Being a green shitter who owns the batchat I can tell you this. One even minor false move in this thing and you will be punished, and punished HARD. I can't tell you how many times I've been caught reloading when I thought I had time, or miscounting shells in the clip. Run into a Skoda and tell me how many hit points you'll walk away with. Just know what you are getting into going up this line.
  20. Fucking M103 is boss. Why the hell has no one told me about this gem? M103 with heat spam is lol. 1st classed it on the maiden voyage.

    1. woe2you


      Conq especially, cos it has roughly the same playstyle but does it better.

    2. clownshoes2


      Like many other tanks in this game, you just have to be careful with it. As top tier tho...ooof, it's good.

    3. westybig


      tier 9 tanks are strong in general but as for heavies the m103 is the weakest of the bunch, this dosent make it a terrible tank but it is defiantly the worst out of the lot

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  21. clownshoes2

    T-22 to be nerfed

    WG needs to give the T-22 the Type 59 treatment. One big nerf, then secret nerfs where it's turned into a shitbox that no one plays.
  22. I'm not a purple. I am fully aware that I don't have the skills to pull this off.
  23. clownshoes2

    World of Tanks : Revisited

    Lol at the return...they all come back. This game is like crack.
  24. I don't know how it would work or be implemented... I have been in some matches...lower tier yes....where my tank simply cannot damage higher tier tanks. It gets to a point where my shells will simply not do any damage. Personally, I think all shells should do SOME damage, all be it small, if you hit a tank. Maybe there is a different way to work this. I`m not to sure. Secondly, buff my 59 back. Same goes with other tanks that have suffered mobility nerfs...Fine, leave the shitty gun, or bloom, or whatever, but at least give me the ability to flank and get to the sides or rear of a tank.