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  1. Ok, cool. It's a big deal. Somehow in my head I thought that maybe the purples of old would be able to pull this kind of thing off no problem. At least that's what their attitude portrayed back in the day.
  2. I'm not denying that it's an accomplishment. It certainly is....I'm not taking away that feat at all...My question is more, shouldn't the purples/blurples be able to pull this kind of thing off, more often than not...
  3. I've heard about things like this on the NA server before. Like 2-3 years ago some of the top clans pulled stuff like this, that's why my thinking that this should be something that purples should be able to do....You've only been playing since January 4th of 2014 so you may not have seen or heard about these things.
  4. So it's more of a series of unfortunate events, i.e. splitting forces, bad calls, poor play, that allowed an easier win, all be it hard fought and skillfull?
  5. So, is this an anomaly or a true indicator of skill. I'm not doubting the impressiveness of tier 8's beating tier 10's....
  6. Pardon my inability to read through the autism.....So what you are telling me is that this IS a serious accomplishment?
  7. You're missing what I'm saying....If these guys are all this good, shouldn't they be able to accomplish something like this with relative ease.
  8. So some really good players beat some mildly retarded players....How am I supposed to be impressed? Isn't this something players like this should be able to do anyways?
  9. clownshoes2

    Live Oaks - North Spawn.

    I find that people only go town depending on tank make up. If MM gives teams a healthy dose of heavies, then there usually is a pretty big fight in town. If MM borks and gives many more mediums or some weird TD set up, then town is usually left alone. Just my observations.
  10. clownshoes2

    I don't get the Comet

    I haven't bought it yet. I'm saving my credits for the E3 if 10's ever go on sale again.
  11. clownshoes2

    I don't get the Comet

    You've seen how hard it is to get damage without getting fucked in the ass. I got through it, so can you.
  12. clownshoes2

    I don't get the Comet

    I played it like a support tank. Use/Abuse draw distance. I also used it as a clean up tank to come in and flank tanks that were already engaged. 59 games to get through it. 1971 Wn8 overall and 1137 DPG. Not stellar stats, but for a shitter I made it work.
  13. clownshoes2

    Brussels Attacks

    Believe it or don't believe it, I don't care. If you want to find out for yourself, google it. I'm not your mother. FIFY.
  14. clownshoes2

    Spall-liner on any tank?

    Well, all I'm getting at is that the spall liner as saved me and not done anything at all. Take that for what you will.
  15. clownshoes2

    Brussels Attacks

    I'm not doing your research for you. I've seen quite a few media outlets post commentary articles blaming an environment non welcoming to muslims as the reason for this attack.
  16. clownshoes2

    Spall-liner on any tank?

    I have a SL on my Jagzilla. I find it either works a treat, keeping damage to 250-350 or it does absolutely nothing. Sometimes I don't understand how a shell will land beside my tank and do 250 damage, then another shell lands besides my tank and does 875. But the rage from t92 drivers when they only hit me for 250 damage is satisfying enough.
  17. clownshoes2

    Brussels Attacks

    Now the left wing idiots are coming out of the woodwork saying that Belgium didn't do enough to welcome muslims and they kind of deserved it....WTF is that reasoning? Who deserves to die?
  18. clownshoes2

    I Need Your Help! Wotlabs Edition!

    If you are getting high marks, why do absences count? Who cares how many days you miss, so long as you are getting the grades. Oh, I get it, it's an indictment of the fact that you can pass their courses without showing up. Sorry for your luck.
  19. 3 hours sleep, 2 pots of coffee, running on fumes, considering a bump of crystal to get me through the day....fuck. The things we do to get a partnership in the company.

    1. clownshoes2


      You'd be surprised how many people do drugs guy...I do structural investigations and I go into a lot of apartment buildings...Nothing but weed from at least 30% of apartments on every floor.

      It's a plague.

    2. PrivateBert


      I know.

      Also I don't see occasional weed smoking as a problem, because it causes no physical addiction and not much harm to the body and mind.

      Totally different story than meth.

    3. clownshoes2


      Occasional weed smoking...not using disability as a crutch to get welfare and smoke weed all day long because you're too lazy to work.

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  20. clownshoes2

    Opinions on New Physics

    I think you are over reacting. With the new physics, the tanks dip and move differently during quick forward and backward movements. Sorry you take such great offense to such an innocuous statement.
  21. clownshoes2

    Opinions on New Physics

    I don't know how it's drek? Someone asked, I said I noticed an increase in snapshots hitting me. I aim, let the reticle settle and I can't hit anything. I see the turret of someone playing peek a boo with me turn and they fire without letting the reticle settle and they hit me and critical me more often now. Same thing with on the move shots. I seem to get hit more on the move in small tanks doing 60+ Kms/hr. Thats what I observed. Sorry if you don't agree with it. It is just an opinion after all. Hence the title of the thread "Opinions on new physics".
  22. clownshoes2

    Opinions on New Physics

    I don't know if you guys have noticed this but I have noticed an increase of ridiculous snapshots. Literally shitters can just fire and hit you while you are on the move, bobbing and weaving, up and down over terrain. Same thing with peekaboos, they just turn and shoot and they hit you.
  23. clownshoes2

    Electronic Music Thread

  24. clownshoes2

    How to get a girlfriend (Long Con Edition)

    Guy, I started at 241, I'm 194 now. Even at this weight, chicks fucking dig me now. I dating a 7.5 now. She's skinny, has a waist, shes nice, no bullshit woman. My ex wife was a fat 6, tops. Sure she took it in the ass but she's a mean, evil, narcissistic, controlling, selfish and abusive person. Drop the weight and you'll be droppin panties faster than you can keep up. In this day and age of fat people, you'll pull way higher numbers if you are skinny.