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  1. Does anyone have an idea on the next up coming XP conversion sale. I really don't want to grind the Mauschen and I hate the VK100.01, fucking stinks on ice.

  2. Are NA wot servers down? I get a server does not respond error

    1. TheChang


      They were, but they seem to be back up now.

  3. Can someone point me to a thread of how to raise one's personal rating? What are some things I need to be doing?

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    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      In other words, playing well.

    3. kolni


      You could do that ^


      Or you can do the by far more casual and credit saving unranked TBs with shitlords

      (get 2-3 decent players to carry the rest of the shitters that should have like an average of 2-4k PR)

      once you get a nice TB Elo and then a good winstreak you can easily net up to 50 points per game (but you can also lose that much just as fast during those streaks)


      that is currently the only real way to break 13K PR as far as I know, RU server has broken 17K, and the only one I've seen with close to 12k without having TBs played is Decha

    4. clownshoes2


      Yuck....TB's......Thanks for the Tip Kolni...

  4. Does anyone know the link to the website to check ratings on the tank mastery? I'm curious on my position on the E100. Says the mission is complete.

  5. Is there a thread on the Advent codes? I've been collecting them but I can't figure out what to do with them.

    1. ZXrage


      Wait for Christmas, then input the complete code in the premium shop

    2. clownshoes2
  6. anyone else having problems on east coast server, logging in and such.

    Whats the east coast server ip to trace?

    1. ZXrage


  7. Is there a thread on the upcoming mod policy and it's current bans? Only a couple hundred people have been clipped so far...Thanks...

  8. Anyone know where to go to see how many points you have for the tank rewards thing? Thank you.

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    2. clownshoes2


      Not the campaign, the month long thing....I'll try it anyways...

    3. flare_phoenix


      Top Tankers? worldoftanks.com -> community tab

    4. sans1939




      You can use this site:kwim:

  9. Ok, so I'm setting up an account for my kid. I have to play it to get him going....best line to go up so his WN8 won't be total shit. Currently running a 428 after 16 games....

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    2. clownshoes2


      He`s 8, he doesn`t give a shit...His dad does :P

    3. SIRJ4MES


      Funny. My son is also 8. Started an account for him. He dont play so much though. Rather playing Minecraft. And now we have purchased Xbox One.

      But we went russian heavy line. And maybe we go american medium too.

    4. clownshoes2


      Ok, that sounds good. He got hooked when I let him play my batchat in one game. He got 2 kills. He had some help but for the most part it was all him.

  10. Lol, 17 bucks for a TOG....No thanks.

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    2. garryallen


      OOORRR, 51 bucks for triple tog. HELL YEAH

    3. Assassin7


      i got mine for free for completing a mission or something. dont even remember. I've never even played it. 

    4. garryallen


      Find two more togs, and hope you don't get tier 7, ois or any good tanks, and you should have fun as long as it isn't a landslide victory.

  11. Is there any update on WN9?

  12. So what is the update today all about?

  13. Someone want to let me know when the NA servers are back up?

    1. Rexxie


      3 hours from now iirc

    2. clownshoes2


      Ok, thanks, I'm not usually home on patch day. It's my week off and the shitrats are still asleep. Figured I could get some quiet games in....

    3. Tarski


      I can verify that NA East server is up and running. 

  14. On vacation for the week. Trying to ignore my kids and relax a bit...any purples want to platoon and carry me.I won't drag you down...promise.

  15. I've had it. So close to blue but, fuck it. Teams melt in front of me. Nothing better than getting into position only to find your team down by 4 tanks.

    Playing for fun now. By playing for fun I don't mean not trying, I mean I just don't give a shit about stats anymore. This is supposed to be fun, it's not fun anymore.

    1. TheMarine0341


      About damn time :D 

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI
    3. clownshoes2


      I have a T49. I'm just tired of being gimped by forces I can't control. Teams literally melt in front of me OR I get maps that are completely useless for the tank I'm in.

  16. Japanese Vehicles and Discounts this week, but Chi Nu Kai isn't on sale.


  17.  aaaaand, I'm still getting stuck on the updating crew portion of the login. I even did a fresh install this morning...

    1. peregrine


      Disable ATS and BRR from adu?

    2. clownshoes2


      Ok, I will try that. never thought of that....

  18. Aaaaaand, apparently my game gets stuck on the updating crew portion of the load in screen....thanks WG you bunch of russian inbreds....

    1. graukatze


      empty your res_mod to only contain an empty 0.9.15 folder. fixed it for me.


    2. clownshoes2


      thanks, I will try


    3. clownshoes2


      It worked once but I can't load in again...fresh install it is for me!

  19. Welp, my stupid ex is meeting her lawyer today to hopefully sign the separation papers...god damn it, I hope the bitch signs...


    1. clownshoes2


      She signed the papers....fuck me...thank god!

  20. Women are fucked. So, in the course of a few hours last night, I went from sexting, talking about my ex wife with my new gf, to breaking up, to "never contact me again", to "I had a great time with you", to "Call me", then back to we are together again....What the actual fuck. I can't even...

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    2. UglyBigD


      takes two to tango

    3. orzel286


      No women - no problem. And more exp!

    4. clownshoes2


      Now we are back together, she's coming with us to Toronto, She's buying me a bed (stupid ex wife is taking mine when she moves out this weekend), and we're planning on buying a house. I mean, as far as I can tell, this isn't crazy pussy, because she doesn't do crazy things, she's just really worried I'll leave her (her first husband cheated on her and her second husband choked the shit out of her).

  21. Fucking M103 is boss. Why the hell has no one told me about this gem? M103 with heat spam is lol. 1st classed it on the maiden voyage.

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    2. woe2you


      Conq especially, cos it has roughly the same playstyle but does it better.

    3. clownshoes2


      Like many other tanks in this game, you just have to be careful with it. As top tier tho...ooof, it's good.

    4. westybig


      tier 9 tanks are strong in general but as for heavies the m103 is the weakest of the bunch, this dosent make it a terrible tank but it is defiantly the worst out of the lot

  22. 3 hours sleep, 2 pots of coffee, running on fumes, considering a bump of crystal to get me through the day....fuck. The things we do to get a partnership in the company.

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    2. clownshoes2


      You'd be surprised how many people do drugs guy...I do structural investigations and I go into a lot of apartment buildings...Nothing but weed from at least 30% of apartments on every floor.

      It's a plague.

    3. PrivateBert


      I know.

      Also I don't see occasional weed smoking as a problem, because it causes no physical addiction and not much harm to the body and mind.

      Totally different story than meth.

    4. clownshoes2


      Occasional weed smoking...not using disability as a crutch to get welfare and smoke weed all day long because you're too lazy to work.

  23. Sooooo, any idea when 9.14 is coming out?

    1. leggasiini


      tomorrow (or friday, TAP is slightly confusing since its also tomorrow on RU and EU/NA is 1 day later)



  24. Does anyone have a link to the full movie Fury on youtube. I need something in the background at work.

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    2. hayhay58c


      i buy all my movies legally at the store

    3. Assassin7


      I rent them from a video shop

    4. clownshoes2


      A simple no would have sufficed... ;)

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