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  1. 23 minutes ago, hazzgar said:

    Why do you think it's harder? It simply doesnt reward shit campy playstyle. It will make ranked less cancerous.

    Someone with a higher skill level may have an influence on changing the outcome of a game. If someone with a lower skill level just loses all the time they'll stop winning and therefore not advance.

    Just saying.

  2. Ok guys follow me.

    What would you guys think about the map dragon ridge being brought back with the new tanks and the current meta.

    Suspend for a bit past experiences with this map. Just say it was brought in as a new map.

    What would you guys think? I think it would be pretty hilarious with all the terrain elevation changes.

  3. 2 minutes ago, SchnitzelTruck said:


    1. Make new account

    2. Play 10 bot training battles and get 10k wn8 (the first 10 count for wn8)

    3. Invite BotSlayingUberMensch to clan

    4. Repeat steps 1 through 3


    /!\ WARNING /!\


    /!\ WARNING /!\


    Also your clan is gayer than my ball clenching silver tights and purple banana hammock 

    You say its gay like gay is a bad thing. we all bleed red.

  4. 3 hours ago, Zepherex said:

    No they aren't lmao. Pretty sure at this point this guy is trying to get kicked for calling out his clan. :boomdoge:


    Why is this an emote ^^ ?


    No, I've been trying to recruit guys that are good and NOT dicks in pubs and make things better but hey, that's not what they want, so now I have to find purple rerolls.

  5. Shifty, we have rolled over our player base. There are many new faces. BUT, I digress, apparently getting rid of sub 1500wn8 players and replacing them with 1600+ wn8 players and higher isn't what management wants. They want inactive Purple rerolls. So, guys, I may be a bit salty about it, but hey, if you have a purple reroll account that you want in a clan...hit me up. Because scrambling to find players for CW battles at the 1 min mark is SO MUCH FUN!

    9 hours ago, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

    You guys are better than this

    No, we were TRYING to  be better but purple re rolls with 1 tier 10 are where its at apparently.

  6. 20 hours ago, GehakteMolen said:

    What nerf?

    The only ``nerf`` it got was the thing you posted in 8.2 (dec 2012), type 59 was added in patch 6.7 (sep 2011)

    And it was not a nerf, since you removed all the buffs it ALSO got:

    Type 59:

    • Increased the traverse speed from 45 to 46 deg/sec.
    • Reduced the gun dispersion during vehicle rotation by 5%.
    • Reduced ground resistance by 10%.
    • Changed the Norinco 12150L engine tier from IX to VIII.
    • Repair cost of Norinco 12150L engine has been increased by 22%.
    • Weight of the hull increased from 15,400kg to 16,478kg.
    • Armoring of the Type 59 turret increased from 104mm to 130mm.
    • Armoring of the Type 59 hull sides decreased  from 65mm to 60mm.
    • Reloading time of the Type 59 100mm gun increased from 8.0 sec to 8.7sec.
    • Increased the aiming time for the 100 mm Type 59 gun from 2.86 sec to 2.9 sec.
    • Increased the damage value of the Chuan bei-412 shell from 230 to 250 points.
    • Increased the penetration value of the Chuan bei-412 shell from 175mm to 181mm.
    • Increased the damage value of the Chuan chao-412 shell from 230 to 250 points.
    • Increased the penetration value of the Chuan chao-412 shell from 235mm to 241mm.
    • Increased the tower traverse speed from 45 to 46 deg/sec.

    Less ground resistance to compensate the weight increase, gun handling buff (small, but so is the aim time nerf) and turret armor buff vs side armor nerf

    Type 59 owners are the biggest l2p crybaby of the whole f***** game

    1. It never got nerfed
    2. It was stupid good, and the best spmm tank WG ever released

    It sucks at damage farming, but so what, who the f*** care for dmg padding? a Type 59 farms winratio like no other tank...

    Type59 is shit. It's garbage now. I fucking hope and pray WG puts in on sale so all the 59 fanboys can spend 200 on it then bitch that it's a pile of shit.

  7. 14 hours ago, Epic said:

    Foch makes unprofessional review of chrysler that is more "fuck WG" then anything else. Ph3lan asks Foch to take it down, doesnt do it, gets threatened with copyright strike, now Foch has no choice and takes it down. That information gets public, and head of WG EU community apologizes for it and states copyright strikes are not something WG EU does. All seems fine besides some youtube shitters picking up on the story.

    Now WG NA makes a statement to please the SJWs of kotaku by commenting (on an issue that is none of their business) saying they would still take actions against hate speech and homophobic content. Which ofc was not true. Jingles resigns as CC (despite reassurance of WG EU that they wont do copy right strikes, because WG NA fucked up)... Global statement that WG will never censor criticism (as long as it is a professional vid) by abusing copyright strikes, and more information about P2W state of the game (and what not) coming during the grand finals upcoming weekend.

    Thanks so much epic...then why do I keep reading things that Foch was making homophobic statements. Smear campaign?

  8. 17 hours ago, BlackAdder said:

    You played that sack of shit? You aim aim and aim, then you miss and reload about 13s...

    No, I mean in any tank I'm in. I can't tell you how many fully aimed kill shots either miss the tank completely or don't pen or don't go where I not even close. Yet some shitter can just roll around snapping tanks at 400m.

  9. On 2017-01-11 at 8:25 AM, PieterJ said:

    maybe because it was his first damage? Also, you don't get a message that they are banned. They just stop moving and stop spewing bullshit in chat....

    I've had 2 different scenarios happen to me. I've accidentally done team damage to a  teammate on their prior team damage and I've been auto banned 1 hr and turned blue because of being on enemy cap. I thought team damage while on cap (theirs and yours) turned you blue instantly.