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  1. Dam WOT are doing me sleep 4h peer day :( dam this game!

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    2. Tigass


      I know :( .. and after 4h sleeping i have to go to work :\ .. only can sleep nice in the weekend :P

    3. Shifty_101st


      ORRRR you can not stay up till 3AM playing pixel tonks :)

    4. MissNurki


      pixel tonx> everything

  2. Looking for help to improve my gaming. I start to play this in July and im loving it . I want to rise my stats to ofc. My main target is get green before the end of the next month . I have some lack of tanks because play only 2 months . Done the german line WT E100 , keep the WT e100 , WT PZiv , Rhm and Marder38 . In Russian line have KV1s and IS " actually farming this one to get Is3 " . Have to the cancer FV tier 6 arty . Have teamspeak but my ingles isn't very good to speak but can understand nice. Im Portuguese .
  3. 350000 , Russia love tanks .. Well i think WG should give the same to all... When i decide to leave the game i will leave , Wg can give me x2 or x5 XP or credits that week my decision will be the same..
  4. Goes to my KV1s , my new line after complete the german TDs "WT E100 "
  5. Thanks Dlur , nice explanation . Dont imagine that NA have less people that EU playing this . Well hope for inc missions that give me some silver , is pain in the ass farm so many silver
  6. last week you get x5 all week , we get normal week , 2x first victory only
  7. Well comparing with another games i have played the game provides equal stuff in specific time , in this game is the first i see so much differences . And without any special motive. The x5 XP all week and to EU servers only 2x the weekend is a stupid difference. Some people talk about racism in facebook WG page for example , so i think im not alone in this question. Im just trying to get some motive to so much difference .
  8. Is free but give better stuff to one server to another is unfair to the others ! Your mother give a better gift to your brother you like it?
  9. But is unfair to EU players like me . I just buy my first TX and has a pain in the ass get silver for it..
  10. Im new , im noob and i dont understand why NA servers get so much better bonus , missions that EU servers . Last week NA server get x5 all week for exemple with some various missions that give silver , and EU servers get x2 3 days and some crap xp missions .... Why is this diference ? Im new player , im thinking to buy a Premium tank to make some silver but after see this diference i just lose all the motivation of do it..
  11. Hi guys , first post in the forum and in the more loved tank that i have in this moment. I'm very noob , i have 1~k battles , i only have this line decent and my rating is bad ... I read all posts completely but i have a question to expert guys like you all are . I have rammer , camo net and telescope on equipment and first crew skills are 6 sense in commander , the rest all Camo , the 2 im working on it and i put camo in commander to the rest i don't remember . I considerate a study guy , i read a lot and im trying to get better all the time. I miss the weak spots of tanks for now , know 5 o 6 most . So the big question is .. Ok im noob so better 128 or 150 ? And any advice on equipment and skills ? Thanks for the time. ps: btw the rating in the sig and avatar isnt right. I have almost 900 wn8 don't know why were show up so low
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