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  1. Strangely it will probably end up on arty, they only really need 6th sense and bia on the commander so 3rd choice. And the long shell travel time from arty nest to arty nest means they might actually have a chance to react.
  2. IS-7 with turbo grousers and removed governor is rapid!

    1. CandyVanMan


      And you'll be able to reach your position almost as fast as a 277 that isn't gimped with a meme setup.

    2. crapcannon


      I rarely see the IS7's out there anymore.

  3. Would the E5's new buffed soft stats at .06/.13/.13 allow it to drop vert stabs for a turbocharger? Rammer-vents-turbocharger might actually give it the ability to be a tier 10 M54.
  4. If they can make enough of a profit out of people converting XP to free XP on their way to it I'm sure they'll change their minds on that rule. As the poster above said, they managed to fudge in the T208 and I think the derps on the T49 and Sheridan too. More likely they'll give it a 700 HP engine and the 430's dpm, but still it's just speculation and how often do they surprise us.
  5. Baffling to go with a tier 9 and 10 that look identical to a tier 8 prem, when that sexy beast could be in there.
  6. Didn't one of these have a 50B hull back in 2012?
  7. They have tanks for tiers 8 and 9 easily, there's a few concepts bouncing round for what was medium gun tank no. 2 which eventually led to chieftain. The cleft turret one with the American T140 (gun from from the T54E1 tier 9) is a shoe in for tier 8, for 9 there is the the mock up with the pike hull. For tiers 4 and 5 there are tons of candidates, its tiers 6 and 7 is where there is a problem, there are tanks with armour but with no guns bigger than the 75mm from the Sherman, Listy found some behemoth O-Ni esq tank with 400mm of frontal armour armed with a 75mm...... Unless you go
  8. There is no incentive for the masses to play, without a credit reward or an intermediate attainable with a bit of effort reward. Wargaming cunningly placed their delicious carrot on the moon for Joe average, which has a knock on for everyone else. Entering a domination game at 11pm UK time last night I find that purples are in the majority on both teams, all presumably trying to get 15000 damage against elite opposition, the frustration was very evident. Putting one of the glut of tier 8 meds they are yet to release in for 15 or 20/30 would have kept the carrot in reach for all. It didn
  9. Playing the test certain tanks are going to be broken at first, I struggled to pen an e5s cupola with my obj140, ditto for IS-7 and E-100 lower plates. They need to actually reward aiming/knowing weak spots now and give many of these tanks genuine frontal weak spots, either that or redesign maps to make flanking viable.
  10. Surely there is going to be big problems with armoured tanks coming out of this, an angled E75 lower plate would be near immune to everything bar T10 TD gold and even then that's less a 50% chance to pen. What will they do when everyone whines than an E75 can snapshot say a leo, while the leo has to aim for a tiny cupola and still missed fully aimed thanks to rng. Are we going to end up a year down the line with laser accurate mediums making stats like accuracy, aim time and dispersion irrelevant. Along with probably giving heavies absurd dispersion, we might as well be playing two differe
  11. Wows style over pen for apcr might be a good idea, shoot a paper tank it goes right through and out the other side. It then only deals 50% damage, so using it actually becomes based on judgment/skill rather than spam.
  12. This is just what the game needed rather than mountains of premium tanks, something for people to discuss and debate, a little more depth adds so much more to the game. Also why no perk/skill to increase turret traverse seems like a no brainer to me.
  13. What's the chances of them changing it to an actual T-62, with the 115mm as a rival to the Chieftain with its L11. There were these shots leaked on FTR last year, in the 2nd picture it definitely doesn't look like the U-8TS http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/08/06/upcoming-hd-model/
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