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  1. Rewatching Joukamachi no Dandelion. I like this show way more than i really deserves for some reason.
  2. When you do more damage with an almost stock T29 than the T9s on your team... Must be NA East:nanoserb:

  3. Garbad, is the Obj. 430 not worth the grind? I may have made mistakes going to it, have I?
  4. F This whole thing has gone from silly to autisitc voted PNTSU
  5. That is an answer I can live with. Well reasoned and not attacking. 1) I don't build gaming computers that much, I mostly build Audio Production and Video/Graphics rendering systems. Firewalls/Servers I don't touch. Too much can go wrong, and I don't have the certs, nor do I want them, to understand the demands those systems need. 2) Trust me I know what you mean by most games don't work well on Quadro, if at all. It takes a lot of work to get it running. 3) As for power, I always preferred more head room than needed. I'd rather drop 200 on a solid tank of a PS now and not worry wh
  6. Just to start: Knowing this we have a baseline to build a system with. Baseline, meaning begging. Meaning this is all still very open. First, who in hell, in this day and age would run a Pentium 4? Knowing full well I mentioned this in a GAMING forum, not to many gamers are going to build a system not using an i5/7 or AMD X6xxx or higher CPU. So mentioning a P4 processor, meant for workstations 8 years ago, is digging for an excuse to rip on the idea. You even acknowledge the obvious differences in these CPUs (age, cores, architecture) meaning that you aren't willing, most likely, to
  7. From seeing what's going on around here lately with the number of people updating their systems, I thought I's offer some advise on new builds and upgrading older systems. While I may only be average in tanks, I do know a lot about computers (I spend 12 hours a day working on them) and have built a large number over my life (last count was about 70 or so). There are a few guidelines I use when building a system from scratch and updating a system to like-new. The build - How to select parts: This is ultimately the hardest part of a build, and the one you should spend the most time on. Putt
  8. Thanks. The reload mods... that's the ingame. I have no mods installed. So I guess I'll uninstall WoT... The capping idea was to draw the opp. closer to the cap so that they had less space to work with and to the enemy team in general to react. The thought on the wait for the T32 was that I wanted him to commit comming around the hill by the cap to expose him to arty and anyone cutting across from the forest. I didn't expect the arty to be that close, or no-one to leave the forest, so it was a calculated risk. It could have paid off badly, so I lucked out. I definately got luck o
  9. http://wotreplays.com/site/1598068#murovanka-poi_poi_oniichan-amx_13_75 A decent game, lucked out on some kills. Thoughts for an old KURO member? BTW, did you freeXP the 1375? It doesn't appear in your profile.
  10. Sadly I find myself listening to the Haunted Shores EP more than any Periphery release, but Harrison Fjord and Prelude/Bombfare are way more interesting
  11. Did you not see the bands I listen to? I said scare, not give me a stiffy.
  12. You should see their music videos.
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